And now back again after 18 years... The new adventures of Galaxy Quest!

Jason turned to face the camera and the caption read: Jason Nesmith as Peter Quincy

A large hand caressed a very pregnant stomach before it overlapped a smaller one. The camera lifted upward to show Alex gently nuzzling Summer as she looked relived. The captions read: Alexander Dane as Doctor Lazarus and Summer Van Ryan-Dane as Doctor Karyia.

Gwen sat at her station and looked up before the camera zoomed in and she smiled at it. Gwen DeMarco as Lieutenant Tawny Madison.

Fred sat beneath a control panel soldering a wire with Laliari behind him holding another device. He passed the sanderling iron to her and she handed him the tool before pulling it back slightly. Fred turned to her and kissed her gently before they both looked at the camera and smiled. Fred Kwan as Tech Sgt. Chen and Jane Doe as Laliari.

Tommy sat at his navigation station inputting coordinates before he turned to the camera, struck a pose before returning his attention back to the screen in front of him. Tommy Weber as Lieutenant Laredo.

Guy walked through the lift doors and struck his own pose to the camera before he continued on his way. And introducing Guy Fleegman as Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol.

The Protector warped into space leaving the screen black.