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WARNING: some language, references to sex (Not explicit), teen pregnancy,

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After 16 years worth of waiting Dean finally had his license. Of course Les still got a license first even after that wild night. But Les had failed the first test he took and, from what he told Dean, he barely passed the second test. Dean had passed the test without getting any answers wrong, which surprised he more than anyone. Of course Dean was happy about the test results because he could forever make fun of Les about it.

Dean had barely gotten home when Les called him. "So how did it go? Do we need to plan another night out in a car driven by a kid who failed his driver's test?"

Dean laughed, "No buddy, but we are so going to Archie's tonight!"

"Wait you passed? How the hell did you pass? How did you pass and I not pass the first time? Are you turning into Natalie?"

"Les wait 'til you hear this. That test you have to take on the computer, well I got 100 percent on it."

"Dean you've got to be f***ing joking! You've never gotten 100 percent on a test. You really are turning into Natalie!"

"No I just studied for a really long time, unlike you!"

"Very funny. Anyway come pick me up we're going to Archie's!"

An hour later Dean and Les were outside Archie's. As they went to our dinner a girl walked up to them. "Hi, my name is June. Do you guys go to Green Forest High School?"

Dean smiled at her, "Yeah, we do. How did you know that?"

"The jacket with the name of the school on it was a good clue."

"Damn I forgot that my jacket says that!"

"Listen I just moved here from San Francisco and I'm going to be going to Green Forest High and I don't know anyone and my mom dropped me off here but she can't give me a ride home. So anyway I thought I could make friends who go to my new school and get a ride home all in one."

"Sure I'll drive you home. But we're going to hang out here for a while."

"That what I was planned on doing."

June and Dean sat talking in the car for three hours. It was obvious that they both liked each other. Unfortunately June had to get home by 11 so Dean brought her home. A few days later they started dating. A month later, they really liked each other and they decided to have sex.

One night Dean's parents went out and June came over. They were both very nervous but they had sex and then June left. "Sorry Dean, I can't risk your parents finding me here or my mom noticing me missing."

"I love you June."

"Love you too Dean."

A few weeks later June came to school looking really upset. She went right up to Dean. "We need to talk!"

"What's wrong?"

She pulled him into an empty classroom and grabbed something from her bag. "Look at this Dean!"

His jaw dropped as he stared at the pregnancy test in her hand.

"It says positive doesn't it."

"I wouldn't tell you if it didn't." She started crying, "What are we going to do Dean?"

He wrapped his arms around her. "It's all going to be okay June. We figure it all out."

Just then Les came in the door, "Figure what out!"

This statement was greeted by more sobs from June. Dean held her tighter and rubbed her back with one hand.

"Shhh... It'll be all right June. Can I tell him?"

"Well he'll figure it out in nine months!"