This story takes place at the beginning of season and I think it would be very exciting if this had actually happened. This is my first fanfiction so please be nice when you review!

It was silent in the elevator as Emily Prentiss slowly approached the BAU. She was shaking in fear; her friends had not seen her since Ian Doyle. Would they forgive her, could they forgive her? She had gone into hiding after the attack, only JJ and Hotch knew she was alive but Rossi had his suspicions. The elevator door slid open and she walked through the glass doors leading to the bullpen.

Making her way to the conference room she could hear Derek Morgan "any issues? Yeah I got issues!" he yelled.

Walking in to the room Garcia turned "oh my god" she gasped.

Seeing their 'dead' friend made everyone went completely quiet. "I'm so sorry, really I am." Emily said hugging everyone. As she when to embrace Morgan she winced and then backed away. Grabbing the side of the table for balance she placed her hand on the side of her abdomen.

"Are you okay?" they said all so concerned.

She sat down then looked up catching Derek's eyes. "I'm pregnant!"

Talking off her baggy jacket and moving her bag out of the way to reveal her swollen baby bump, the whole team was flabbergasted.

"A baby!" Garcia said with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

"Actually twins, a boy and a girl. I'm thinking Luke and Audrey, none of that rimy stuff." Emily said as she rubbed her side once more. "But Audrey's a hell of a kicker, I see soccer in this child's future she's just so strong!" everyone laugh. Morgan was now staring at Emily's round stomach he was not ever expecting to see her again and definitely never thought she would be expecting.

JJ walked over to Emily "how far along are you?" she asked pulling up the chair next to her.

"22 weeks" she said as she winced. The babies could sense that their mother was stressed as they began to kick harder and harder.

"Em, do you think maybe I could feel?" Garcia said smiling nervously.

Normally Emily would never let anyone touch her baby bump but Penelope was family. "No of course not, come hear Luke never moves but Audrey seem to go none stop." Garcia reached over and set her hand in Emily letting her position is just over the kicking baby. A smile covered their faces as a tiny foot hit her hand. "I can see how that would hurt" the wide eyed techy said pulling her hand away.

Rossi had been watching Hotch since Emily returned. He noticed his smile every time Emily looked his way and the how concerned he was every time she felt pain. Rossi was beginning to connect the dots but to confirm his theory so he asked "would you mind telling us who the father is?"Emily looked to Hotch then turned back to Rossi "I don't know if he would want everyone to know yet" They all were beginning to figure everything out.

Walking over to Emily Hotch put his hand on her shoulder "could I please talk to you in my office" trying not to smile she stood up, grabbed her bag and walked away.

"You should sit down" he said pulling out a chair for her as she entered his office. "why didn't you tell me?"He said trying not to seem too excited. He already had his son jack but it was still so wonderful and amazingbeing a parent again and with her made it even better. He was now leaning against his desk. 'She's so beautiful even though she's pregnant' His thoughts where causing him to blush.

"I'm sorry Aaron I really didn't want to leave you out it's just I needed some time to process everything. I mean one second I'm sitting in that apartment alone the next your there and before I know it I'm pregnant. It's just a lot" Emily said giving him a look of sincere apology.

Hotch laughed "Well, I think when that condom broke we both knew we were in trouble." She laughed at his joke but then placed her hand on her stomach

"There not trouble! She said defensively her unborn children as she began to wince once again "at least not yet."

Hotch was becoming more concerned about the heath of not only his babies but the love of his life. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"The stitches didn't get a lot of time to heal that's all." She looked like she was in so much pain but I was for a good reason. She loved them and they were the only things keeping her mind of Ian Doyle. The world seemed so empty, terrifying having no one to be strong for and no one there to pick you back up when you metaphorically fall flat on your face. She needed something to keep her going day after day month after month. She looked up at Hotch "I can handle this I love them and I love you." Hotch was sitting there in silence the feelings they had for each other were mutual but he was not the kind of person that would just proclaim his love. he stud up and made his way to the leather set Emily was lounging in.

he pick her up and holding her as close as he could with her bulging stomach he said " I love Luke and Audrey too but I especially love you!"