Izzy Ponsonby

Today will be my first time attending a Reaping Ball... I wonder what it will be like? I only have my name in once, since my family has no problem getting food. I may as well just smile and hold my head high, because really- What are the chances of me being chosen?

Stood in a line with all the other children of reaping age, I try to pick out my friends from the crowd, but fail miserably. I've never seen so many people in one place before! Despite the circumstances, I feel kind of excited!

Our district representative, Milana Treasure, takes the stage. She's dressed as flashy as ever, wearing a diamond encrusted dress, tiara, boots; you name it, it's covered in diamonds, all of which probably came from here in District 1. How does she even move in that? My own clothes, a simple dark blue dress down to my knees with a black ribbon tied neatly around my waist, pale in comparison.

After she's finished her speech about how amazing the Capitol is and how we should all be grateful to them, she plunges her hand into the bowl and picks out a small slip of paper. Carefully unfolding it, she reads aloud the name of the unlucky girl about to be sent to her death this year:

"Izzy Ponsonby!"

Cyrus Ruby Hall

The scream that followed that announcement was pretty loud. I'd guess that it came from the owner of that name. The Peacekeepers had to drag her up on the stage, sobbing and screaming the whole time, where she promptly fainted. How pathetic. I can hear the other girls whispering about her from where I'm standing.

"Poor girl! That was her first year as well! Why isn't anyone volunteering for her?"

"Her parents are both victors, and they told us all not to!"

"Oh, I forgot about that! She'll probably do pretty well then!"

Are we talking about the same girl here? Because I seriously doubt she's going to get very far acting like that.

As I give my glasses a quick polish on my blue and black checkered shirt, Milana's hand dips into the bowl again. Which unlucky kid will it be this year?

"Cyrus Ruby Hall!"

What the hell? How did that happen? I suppose it had to happen eventually, since this is my second to last year... Well, Milana is beckoning, so I'd better get up there.

...Actually, this might not be so bad. This might turn out okay after all. I'm not weak; not like that other girl next to me. I could easily win!