I opened the door and got absolutely soaked, the classic throw the aguamenti spell at the next person who comes through the door. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, spraying water everywhere. I heard two people laughing and i looked at where it was coming from and saw James Potter and Sirius Black almost rolling on the floor from laughing. I continued to my seat in the middle of the transfiguration classroom, wringing my hair and thanking Merlin i was wearing my jumper, or that would have been a rather awkward.

My best friend Lissa was laughing at me, i huffed at her folding my arms across my chest as the water soaked through me and made me shiver. She continued to laugh

'I'm seriously finding it hard not to stab you with my quill right now' i said to her, she snickered and looked around at our table.

'Oh yeah?' she asked in a patronising way

'Yeah' i replied

'with what quill?' i looked around and then pulled my quill from my bag

'With this one' i said holding it in front of her and tickling her nose, she blew it away from her nose and smiled

'Oh' she said offhandedly

'Yeah' we both began to laugh, god i love my friend.

Professor McGonagall walked into the room and took her place in front of the class she looked around at us, and her eyes lingered on me.

'Why are you wet, miss Griffin?' she asked me

'I stepped in a puddle' i said earning a snort from Lissa who covered it with a cough

professor McGonagall gave me a stern look, but didn't press the matter any further, and proceeded in teaching the class.

i turned to look at Lissa who was biting her quill, which she only does when something is bothering her

'What's up?' i asked her, she sighed

'Marshmallows are kinda gross, when you think about it' she whispered back

'I think it's a good kind of gross, though. Like tiny, edible fat people' i said back, we both fell into hysterics. Professor Mcgonagall stopped talking and stared at us, she cleared her throat and Lissa and i tried to calm down.

'Miss Griffin and Newton, would you like to explain to the class what you're finding so funny?' she asked. i snorted and caught my breath, well she did ask.

'It was just about how marshmellows were gross in a good way, like mini edible fat people' and that was it, we were off again, Lissa proceeded in falling off her chair, Professor mcgonagall didn't see the funny side, well that is her problem. A few other students were laughing too, others just staring at our crazyness, well as i like to say 'Without crazy people the world would be really boring' professor mcgonagall cleared her throat again, i wiped at the tears in my eyes.

'Five points from ravenclaw each, for disrupting my lesson, and you both have received a detention for Friday night' Oh the Joys!

We both sat down and began to draw a picture each to be judged by Jake later, he was our other friend, he was a Ravenclaw too, and a prefect.

We completed the spell on our mouse first time, well we were put in Ravenclaw for a reason, just as professor mcGonagall was walking close by, she looked approvingly at the newly transfigured goblet before walking over to the others. I took Transfiguration, Defence against the dark arts, Potions, charms, herbology, care of magical creatures and astronomy, Herbology was next, and to say i was dreading it was an understatement, plants usually attacked me...

The bell rang and i groaned, Lissa didn't do Herbology so i was stuck on my own for that, i walked like a condemed woman walking to my death, which was pretty likely, i mean it is me...

'Hope you have better luck this lesson, than last, Griffin, although that is unlikely, how many times have you been sent to the hospital wing after a Herbology lesson? i still don't know why you took it' Sirius Black, If i could i would hate him, but the truth is, i have an enormous crush on him, that refuses to go away. trust me i've tried. The whole crush on Sirius thing would be fine if i didn't make a fool of myself every time i was around him. I gulped and turned to him. Oh god, why did he have to be so good looking?

'I-I'll try and s-set a record this time' i said, mentally slapping myself for stuttering, i opened the greenhouse door and tripped over a plant pot, landing smack on the floor. Brilliant. Sirius began to laugh and held his hand out for me to grab, i did, turning about twelve different shades of red in the process, i promptly ran to sit at the back of the class and greeted Sam as she sat next to me, Sam is my Hufflepuff friend and Herbology Partner

'Thing still as awful with Black then?' she wispered, i nodded and facepalmed myself, literally.

'Terrible, i somehow manage to get a stutter even though i can speak normally to everyone else, my brain goes all empty, and i always do something stupid' i wined, Professor sprout walked into the room and looked around smiling, well it's nice to know someone is happy, and not totally humiliated. My eyes found themselves wondering over to Sirius, who was sitting at a bench with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Frank Longbottom, he was laughing with James about something, i bet it was about me, Damn him!

i groaned as we were given a devils snare, now i really would be dead by the end of the lesson.

'Class, you all learnt about devils snare in first year, but if you need a recap, it's on page two hundred and six, in pairs i would like you to clip the devils snare, if you get caught, don't fight it and get your partner to come and get me, i'll be at my desk, proceed'

'Kill me now, actually plant, i was joking' i said quickly as one of its creepers came towards me, i hit it away with my book, i opened my book at page two-hundred and six, so if it was killing me i'd just need to use fire, wickid.

'Plant not tried to kill you yet, Griffin?' came a voice from behind me, i jumped and proceeded in dropping my book

'What do y-you want, Black?' i asked, damn my stuttering, it's not fair.

'oh nothing, just wanted to watch the show' great so now he thinks of me as just a show he can watch for laughs, he sat down opposite me. i picked up the clippers and gulped.

'You sure you're the right one to clip it, shouldn't i instead?' Sam asked worried

'I want to show the plant whose boss' i said determinatly, however i was still shaking, damn.

i held the clippers firmly in my hand and i grabbed one of the creepers of devils snare, it began to tighten on my wrist, i clipped it but the bit i clipped was tightening.

'Is this meant to happen?' i said panicking

'No, because you're not staying calm' sam said pulling on the devils snare

'How can i when it's suffocating my arm?' i said my voice getting higher pitched with every word.

'This is brilliant' Sirius said, in a delighted voice

'Sod off, Black' i shouted at him, it was squeezing quite tightly and my arm was turning blue 'It's going to fall off, my arm is just going to drop off, and then how am i meant to draw snape in a tutu' i said shaking my arm

'This is too good, i wish i had a camera' Sirius said lounging in his seat, i gave him evils, i grabbed my wand, and pointed it at the devils snare

'incendio' i said, the devils snare shriveled up, only thing was now my jumper was on fire, i screamed and started to hit at the flame

'Aguamenti' sirius said from across the table, and for the second time that day i was absoloutly soaked. but the fire had been put out at least.

'Ah good thing i was calm, huh?' i said smiling

'Yeah you really showed that plant who was boss' sirius said standing up and walking back to his table

'Oh, go suck a duck' i called after him, he turned and winked at me, total swoon. Need to control drooling, must not drool...

'So yeah it was like i just got a years worth of awkward turtles in one hour' i said to Lissa and Jake at the Ravenclaw table over lunch, i had just finished telling them about my Herbology lesson

'Well at least you didn't get sent to the hospital wing, that has to be a record, right?'

'i supose, and i'm not sure if anyone has set themselves on fire in Herbology either' i said thoughtfully

'Almost certain about that' Jake said

'WHY DO PLANTS HATE ME?' i practically shouted slamming my head onto the table.

'Don't worry about it, remember when in care of magical creatures, when Lissa bowed to the hippogriff and it almost charged at her?'

'i thought we weren't to speak of that again' Lissa said going bright red

'why?' i asked 'Because you almost wet yourself?'

'shut up you too, i thought we were talking about Freya here burning herself in Herbology'

'We finished the subject'

'Well, Jake we have pictures, tell us which is best' she said quickly, pulling out her picture of snape riding a unicorn in a coconut bra and a hula skirt, i bought mine out, which was snape in a tutu, with a rainbow coming from his wand and circling him, and then a lightning would hit him and the rainbow would becomes bees that chase him off the paper.

'I like Griffins best' hang on that wasn't Jakes voice, i spun around too fast and fell of the bench, although this time i was caught by sirius and placed back on the stool. i was yet again bright red as i mumbled a thanks. Sirius black was watching the pictures as they flew around the page. Ah the fun times, Me and Lissa were both great artists that liked to take the piss out of severus, because he was a nasty peice of work who called lily a m-nasty word.

'Crapazoids' i said loudly, i hadn't finished my potions essay and i only had half an hour before potions, ignoring the snickers i grabbed half a sandwich stuffed it in my mouth, picked up my bag, waved at my friends good bye, ignoring Sirius as i ran to the library.

i went to my usual table in the back corner and found the book i needed, i quickly pulled my half complete essay out of my bag and stuck it on the desk, i opened the book to the chapter called 'Moonstones and there uses in potions' and carried on my essay, once finished i rolled it roughly and sprinted into my potions lesson and sat next to Lily at the front, we were both in the slug club and happy to be so, professor Slughorn had a party coming up soon and Jake, Lily and me, were invited. Jake was taking Lissa, but i still didn't have a date, and niether did Lily. I knew who i wanted to take, but yeah, the giant squid would become a professor before that would ever happen.

'Why are you chuckling?' Lily asked

'Oh sorry, i was thinking about the slug club party, and somehow it lead to me thinking about the Giant squid becoming a professor'

'You really are one of a kind aren't you?' she said patting my back

'Deffinatly' i replied setting up my cauldron.

'So is it true that you have a crush on sirius black?' she asked me excitedly

'Shhh!, Who said that, i don't know what you're talking about' i said, Lilys eyes flicked to Lissa

'Lissa told you?'


'i'm going to flush her head down the toilet tonight, i swear to Merlin' i said cracking my knuckles, Lily chuckled

'You should invite him to the slug club party' she said thoughtfully

'Are you insane, around him i suffer from, how should i put it' i said mocking thought 'Oh yeah, MAJOR SOCIAL AWKWARDNESS' Lily laughed but i stared at her before saying 'I'll take Black to the party, the same time you take Potter' That shut her up, she shuddered. i didn't speak for the rest of the double lesson.

Once the lesson was over i met Lissa and Jake outside the door. i huffed and the two looked at me.

'Lissssssa' i wined

'Freyaaaa' she imatated

'Why did you tell Lily' i asked her crossing my arms

'Tell Lily what?' she crossed hers too

'You know what' i un-crossed them

'No i don't' so did she

'My almost border stalking crush on- You know... actually its not him, i'd better not complete that sentence' i said thoughtfully

'you mean the one on S-' i clamped my hand over her mouth

'Do not say it in public, what the hell is wrong with you?'

'Too much hanging around with you' Jake said to me,

'I feel so loved, Excuse me while i just go and sit in the corner of my room, that i like to call my corner of misery, and weep' i turned to walk away but hit something rather hard and fell onto the floor holding my head

'Oh sweet Merlin, why does this always happen to me?' i asked no one in perticular

'Because you're the most clumsy person i've ever had the misfortune to meet' Came sirius' voice, way to shoot someone down. i stood up and walked off only tripping over air once, that is another record.