Since The day i had said Yes to Sirius a lot has happened, We are twenty-one now, out of school. Sirius and i live in a house in the country near Godric's hollow

His uncle gave him money, he's now been disowned,

James lives in his parents home, Mrs Potter died about two months after James finished school. Mr Potter died a year after.

Dad still lives in Godrics hollow. it's rather nice, Sirius and i sometimes walk down to see him, it's about a miles walk.

Lissa and Jake got married and have a daughter, she's two. Her name is Grace and she is beautiful, it was the best day ever when i was named Godmother, and her first work was 'Duck' i'm so proud!

James and Lily are Married! yes married, James was head boy in his last year, Lily was head girl. i think she saw just how much mature he had got, and well, now they have a son, he's a year old, a little cutie, looks just like James, but he has the greenest eyes. His name is Harry.

Remus, we don't see him much, he gets down because he can't get work, he likes to be alone. Peter, he's gotten rather shifty, he's often over at the potters, but never talks to us much, i've never really liked him.

Sam and Howard from my quiddich team have been seeing eachother for a year now, and things seem to be going good between them.

Sirius, James, Lily, Remus, Peter and myself are in the order of the Phoenix, this organisation that Dumbledore has formed to help fight You-know-who.

and myself? Well, Sirius and me are engaged, yes. I'm going to be Mrs Black someday. After passing my newts i went on a course at the ministry, i am a qualified healer and until recently i worked in St Mungo's as one of the top healers,

that is until i had to leave, for i am 8 months pregnant, with our little boy. Yes Sirius is the father, and yes James will be Godfather and Lissa will be Godmother. It's a boy, we are thinking of calling him Theodore Alphard, Alphard after Sirius'uncle who made it all possible and Theodore because it's dad's middle name.

It was a rather sunny day, and Lissa was staying with Sirius and me, With Jake and Grace. James, Lily and Harry are around too.

'Come on guys, she will have a fit' I said trying to hide a giggle.

'She's my wife, i shouldn't allow it, but it's just too damn funny' Jake said chuckling, i shushed him, we walked into her room and i went over to her bed

'Lissa, wake up, wake up wake up' i said poking her

'piss off, or i'll throw my shoe at you' she groaned turning over in the bed

'shoe's hurt' Sirius said thoughtfully, Lissa screamed and pulled her covers over her

'There is a boy in the room! and not mine' she yelled in a muffled voice

'correction there are three boy's in the room, one of them is yours' i told her, she pulled the cover further up

'three?' she said

'yes, Sirius, James and Jake' i heard her swear


'really' James said, she groaned and the boys laughed

'But i don't have a top on' Lissa moaned

'Oh we don't mind' James joked, earning himself a hit over the head from Lily 'Ow, sorry honey i was joking'

'Get out' Lissa moaned

'Don't think i want to' i said sitting down on the bed,

'You still act like a two year old, Merlin even Grace is more mature than you' Lissa mumbled

'Even if that is true, take it back' i said

'no' she replied

'well i've stolen your bunny slippers' I said waddling down the stairs into the living room and sat down on the sofa, i heard a muffled

'Give those back now, Freya or all hell will break loose'

'not if the boys stay in your room, you're topless remember' I yelled up

'i'm sure they wouldn't mind a show' she called back

'no we wouldn't-ow' Lily had obviously hit James again

'James' she scolded

'sorry' he said in a small voice, i was about to call upstairs when the doorbell rang. I stood up and walked to the door, i opened it to find Dumbledore there

'Professor Dumbledore, what do we owe this pleasure?' i asked, he walked in, he looked worried

'this is urgent, Do you have the potter's here?'

'y-yes, i'll call them down' I said rushing to the stairs

'James, Lily Dumbledore is here to see you' I called up, and a moment later i heard hurried footsteps

'Please sit' Dumbledore said as Lily sat down with baby Harry on her lap and James stood behind her, Sirius came down the stairs and stood beside me, he put his hand in mine.

'There has been a prophecy' Dumbledore said seriously 'Of a baby boy born late in July, his parents Trice defied the dark lord that can defeat the dark lord, and Voldemort has heard this, there are two boys who this prophecy could relate to, one of which is Harry, And it is Harry who he is after' We all sat in silence, Lissa and Jake were on the stairs stood in shock and Lily was now sobbing clutching Harry to her

'W-what is he going to do?' James asked quietly

'he is going to try to kill him' Lily let out a cry, and i felt my heart stop

'No, not my baby' Lily cried, James put his arms around her

'Is there anything we can do?' James asked

'Well, i suggest putting a fidelius charm around your house, and using someone you trust as secret keeper' Dumbledore said, James looked at Sirius

'when will we put the charm on the house?' James asked

'Now' Dumbledore said standing up

'Let's go, Sirius, come too?' James said holding a sobbing Lily's hand in his

'Of course' Sirius said rushing to the fireplace, where they all travelled with floo powder to Godric's hollow

I stood in shock, had that really just happened? You-know-who was after Harry, it couldn't be happening.

Lissa walked forwards towards me as Jake went upstairs, and together we sat on the Sofa awaiting Sirius' Return, Jake returned with Grace to wait too.

An hour passed and then another, and we sat and drank tea, and waited, waited for some news. as the sun began to set Lissa and Jake took Grace to bed, and then Sirius finally returned in a roar of green flames from the fire, he looked murderous.

'They're using Peter as secret keeper' He whispered, a glint of anger in his eyes. Peter? as in twitchy creeper Peter.

'Maybe they thought you were the most obvious person he would choose, maybe someone who wouldn't be so obvious would have been better in the long run' i said to him

'i'm his best friend' Sirius said distraught

'It's done now, calm down' i said rubbing his back comforting him until he slumped into the sofa and pulled me towards him

'I love you, Freya' He whispered

'I love you too, Sirius'

as days passed we got little information from the potters, they couldn't come out of the house, and Dumbledore had James cloak, yes apparently James had an invisibility cloak, rather cool if you ask me,

There is a spy in our midths, Sirius believes it to be Remus, but i'm not so sure, i'm worried about the potters, using Peter, he always did like to hide behind those more powerful than himself, those who would protect him,

and then finally, the day came that ruined my life. The day that voldemort vanished forever. I was in diagon alley with Lissa, we were out celebrating Halloween, a few drinks at the leaky cauldron, more like pumpkin juices for me and Firewhiskey for Lissa, and then someone flew into the pub, out of breath and joy etched on his face.

'You-know-who, gone' He said happily 'A baby defeated him' he said jumping up and down

'What?' Lissa asked jumping up, there were only about three people in the pub, aside from Lissa and i

'I've heard he went looking for something, and killed a family in his way, only thing was the baby was too much'

another woman came into the pub, she looked shabby and was grinning from ear to ear

'It is true' she said jumping up and down 'He who must not be named has gone, just come from Godric's hollow myself, house blown up, potters dead, but you-know-who gone'

'Pot-potters d-dead' i repeated, choking on my words, i tore out of the pub leaving Lissa calling for me to return and i apperated to Godric's hollow, as she had said, James' house was in ruins, i saw Hagrid walk in. and Sirius, with his bloody motorbike, i turned on the spot and apperated, my mind only thinking of one thing.

'Peter Pettigrew' I growled.

Upon landing in my destination, i realised i was in a muggle town not far away, i had no clue if Peter was here or not, but i could almost sense him, and his betrayal.

'Oh, Freya, how lovely too see you' Came a voice from behind me and his sweaty hand ran up my back, i turned around quickly grimacing

'How could you' i hissed, looking the piece of scum up and down

'It was rather easy actually' he said taking a step towards me. i took one back

'Your sick' i said as he continued to walk towards me, i kept walking back, i began to get forced down an alleyway, trapped

'Muffliato' he said as i was cornered down the end of the alleyway, looked around to see if there was an escape, i turned to face him, he had his wand pointed at me, i wouldn't be able to apperate. He obviously knew dark magic.

'I know you are the spy Peter, and you will be found out' I growled from the alley, he just chuckled

'who would suspect me though?' he said his watery eyes now just holding pure evil

'I always thought you were an evil little-'

'hush now, Freya, for Sirius black is soon to be accused of my murder' he said laughing

'You leave Sirius out of this' i screamed at him

'oh but why? when he is the perfect alibi?' he said

'what do you mean?' i asked my heart pounding

'I mean, everyone believes Black to be the Secret keeper'

'so it's true, you've sold the potters out to voldemort?' i asked, my eyes stinging with tears that i refused to let fall

'They have been dead i'd say an hour by now, Sirius will be on the way to find me, i've planned it all out, and you're going to watch it all' he said a creepy smile erupting on his face

'You leave Sirius alone, what has he ever done to you?' i yelled, frustration mounting in me

'i was always the little odd one wasn't i, i never could do anything right, they always did better than me-'

'so you're doing this because you were jealous?' i asked him shaking

'No, no, not jealous, i'm doing this because i'm now more powerful than them, my master is-'

'You're master has gone, dead, vanished' i said

'No-no he hasn't'

'You have no-one peter, Voldemort is not returning' i said growling

'he will return one day, and he shall-'

'protect you from problems?' i jeered

'No' he said a bead of sweat falling down his forehead

'Peter, the only reason you have done this is so that you are protected, Sirius and James, it's all they ever did, and you have betrayed them'

'they always laughed at me'

'and you think voldemort wouldn't? Peter, to him you are useless, he doesn't care about you as long as he got what he wanted'

'Shut up, Incarserous' he said pointing his wand at me, Thick roped bound their way around me, meaning i couldn't move

'You don't have to do this peter' I cried

'Oh but i do, i am not going to askaban' he said pinching his arm, eventually he began to create tears, he smirked back at me

'I'll see you again soon' He threw a cloak over me, and i realised, it was an invisibility cloak, then he sent me a smirk before walking off to the street beyond leaving me tied up watching from under the invisibility cloak, i screamed and shouted, but he had used muffliato.

Peter stood in the Street, i watched as Sirius ran into the street too

'Sirius No!' i tried to yell, tears were freely pouring now, and all i could do was stand here, just stand here and watch. Peter was cornering Sirius, Muggles were watching, Peter was sobbing, of course it wasn't real sobbing, but it was convincing.

'Lily and James, Sirius! How could you?' he said loudly,

His wand was behind his back, i watched as Sirius reached for his, but before he could, a huge explosion rattled the street, people were dropping down dead, and Peter was shrinking, and Sirius stood their laughing, laughing at his former friend, the one who had ruined the life of my friends.

i watched as the ministry officials arrived and examined the area

i watched as Sirius was being dragged off laughing by some ministry members, and i was screaming, i couldn't stop screaming. and then i stood there, in shock, How could one man ruin so many lives in the space of an hour.

'He's innocent, He's innocent' i screamed sobbing.

I frowned as a Rat came from the gutter down the alley and scuttled towards me, i have an irrational fear of rats, i began to panic, and then it stopped and looked around. It seemed to enlarge before my eyes until, peter pettigrew was standing there, smirking. i stared in shock, Peter pettigrew was an animagus

'Accio cloak' he said pointing his wand in a gesture, the cloak flew off me, he swished his wand and the ropes holding me fell off, i fell to my knees, but quickly stood up

'Well, i think that went well' he said happily

'How, How could you' i sobbed

'it was rather easy actually, and now to get rid of the evidence, right, i think i will let you suffer, you deserve to suffer' He said

'N-no' i said in a small voice

'Oh, yes. Crucio' He said pointing his wand at my stomach

the spell shot straight at me and hit me in the stomach, i fell to the floor in a pool of blood screaming in agony, The only thought that entered my mind at that moment, was of Sirius Black, My Sirius Black and my baby, oh please let my baby be ok, please, he is all i have left now, i heard Peter's laugh and footsteps that turned into a light scatter of paws on the cobbled street

'Oh son of a duck' I whispered as shooting pains began to form in my stomach and i fell into a black pit of nothing.