The Telephone Hour

Mom. Stop crying. It's okay. Mom, please.

Didn't you get my telegram?

Mom, don't start crying again.

Mom, I'm fine.

Is Dad there?

No. Don't hang up. It's not easy getting these calls through.

I know you saw some pictures. But we weren't at those camps.

No. I'm not lying.

Yes, I know officers are supposed to escape, but I couldn't…Wait, do you know how dangerous that was?

Yes, it was a long time. But, I was in charge of a lot of enlisted men and…

Mom, I'm 40 years old…

Yes, I know I'm still your baby. Yes, ma'am. Mom. They're telling me I have to go.

I'll let you know what ship I'm on.

What? You and Dad will meet me in New York?

I'd like that.

I love you too.