This is a story based off of the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Please enjoy!


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was a rather large island filled with many ancient buildings surrounded by stone statues. All along these buildings were heiroglyphs of a language that was the roo dialect for all other known languages.n

the people in the neighboring lands reffered the island as Atlantis. It was said that the Atlantian people possesed great medicine and even the power of flight.

They were the envy of the world, even the Gods. But it disappeared on one fateful day.

"...In a single day and night of mistfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea." - Plato 360 B.C

A loud cataclysm sounded as Atlantianwaroirs flew owards the city on stone flying devices that were shaped like fish.

"Vua ezeuy! Vua lahy zuutoz Iysigyeh!" one the warriors screamed to another, his face red with anger.

"Ro dijo yu riqg Iysigyeh, yuu siyo ydo rijo eh yuu fex!" another warrior yelled as a wave of water came upon them with a violent roar.

The other men flew around the many stone bridges and made their way towards the royal palace. The city in front of them looked peaceful except for the glowing turqoise orb that hung above the sky in the center of the city. The orb had rays of its light shining down all over the city as if in search of something. As they passed by one of the towers, they signaled another man with a fist high in the air. The man gasped in fear and shock at the fastly approaching wave before making his way to the stone bells that would resonate his voice throughout the island.

"Xu yu ydo hdosyoqh! Xu yu ydo hdosyoqh!" he screamed into the horn that connected to the bells as he banged upon them, his voice sounded throughout the city, the people began to panic and run towards the center of the city.

Somewhere in the center of the city was a group of three people, a man, a woman, and a small boy. A guard ran up to them with panic in his voice.

"Vuaq Dexdgohh'h, muto ydeh riv!" the guard yelled as he grabbed the King by the arm to show the way. The Queen and her son made their way to follow when the boy dropped one of his earrings. He made a gesture to go back and get it so his mother bent down to be face to face with her son.

"Soijo ey, Issog!" the Queen yelled in a panic. Issog looked down at the ground where his earring lay before nodding and allowed to be led away. As the Queen smiled and looked at her son, one of the now dark turqoise rays landed on her and seemed to call the other rays to itself.

Noticing that his wife wasn't with him, the King turned to see all of the rays flowing into her before a shock resonated throughout her body. Slowly she was lifted up into the air where the orb of light was. Issog looked up to his mother flying away and his hands flew up to try and reach her.

"Tuydoq! TUYDOQ!" Issog screamed. In an instant the King was holding his son against his chest and looking into the sky with a sad expression on his face.

"Msuho vuaq ovoh, Issog, zug'y suuw." the King whispered. Meanwhile, the land that surrounded the center city began to have a teal glass like dome form around it from stone statues that stood around the center city. The people who were on the outside could not get in and turned to see the wave coming in. In an instant the saved city covered by the dome fell into the earth while the rest of the island was covered by the oceans wave.

Thanks for reading! Also for those who couldn't read my coded language (all of the readers) here is the code that I used and made up.

a=i b=f c=m d=z e=o f=p g=x h=d i=e j=l k=w l=s m=t n=g o=u p=c q=n r=q s=h t=y u=a v=j w=r x=k y=v z=b