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Chapter 9

Allen stood frowning (which was more like a pout) at Lavi when he declared that he infact, could not read. This made him even more mad at the redhead than he already was for interrupting his time with Kanda.

"No one can. Such knowledge has been lost since the time of the Xqoiy Psuuz. There is no need to judge someone based off of their knowledge of such things. However, judging by your diminshed physique and large forehead you are suited for nothing else but knowledge." the Atlantian retorted before giving a chuckle at the mortified look the red head gave him.

"Anyways, Yuu-chan, the Earl wanted me to let you know we can only stay a week. Don't ask me why but he did." Lavi said before ducking to avoid Mugen's swing.

"How about a tour of the place." he muttered quietly. Allen heard this and smiled liking this idea than the other ideas he had heard from said man.

"Very well, follow me!" and with that the Atlantian started to walk over to the small tunnel Tyki had created when he had come searching for them. Noticing that no one was following him, Allen turned around and raised his eyebrow at the scene of Tyki trying to hold hands with Lavi.

"Any time now would be great." Allen said and only waited for Kanda to walk up to him. The Atlantian led the group out of the jungle and onto a stone path that wound its way towards the ancient city. Kanda felt himself wanting to touch the Atlantian in front of him, the way the boy swayed his hips as he walked enticing the samurai even more. 'Shit, shut up brain' he thought to himself furiously.

The group came to a ship docked up at the city, the men holding some sort of green giant crab. The men cheered when another one of these strange creatures was caught. Lavi stared at the creature in awe before having to untangle his arms from the green crab that was thrown at him.

"Gemo miymd!" one of the men yelled before bursting out laughing. Allen gave them a glare which made the men stop instantly and look down in shame.

"Huqqv puq uaq qazogohh Vuaq Tilohyv." another man spoke before once again looking down. Both Kanda and Lavi watched in awe as Allen's glare subsided and a smile broke out onto his cherubic face.

" Vua iqo puqxejog. " the white haired prince replied just as he turned around to grab the green crab from Lavi. In one swift movement, Allen plunged down and bit the neck of the crab and then the creature went limp in his arms. Kanda stood amazed that the Atlantian had such stength for such a small body.

"This will be used for dinner. Come along."

Kanda felt his mouth twitch into a small smile but immediately stopped it for he did not want anyone else to notice the unusual smile on his usually stoic face. Soon the group came to a market that had many small makeshift tents made of patterned cloth. In most of the tents were people getting the turqoise tatoos on their bodies, while the rest were for pots and jewelry.

The samurai noticed that Allen was leading them to an open bulding, a building with pillars with engravings on them with a cone shaped roof on the top. There in the building was a giant group of finely clothed Atlantians who were holding oddly shaped utensils and sitting at a low table with bowls full of what looked to be food.

"Come and eat. You must be famished from your journey. I have sent men to gather the rest of your crew to join us for the feast." Allen spoke as he led the three into the building and sat them down, Kanda sitting on the left of Allen while Tyki and Lavi were sitting on the other end of the table.

'This shall be an interesting two weeks.' Allen thought to himself before digging into the enormous amount of food.

In a small stone ruin the Earl, Lulubell, and some of their men who had black stars on their foreheads unloaded the one vehicle they still had.

"Why did you change the amount of time Master?" the blonde asked with no emotion.

"I want that crystal as soon as possible my dear Lulubell. No matter what is takes. 3" the Earl replied before opening a wooden crate full of various guns.

"The treasure hunt has just begun."

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