((Just a little warning about the awkward Specter/Blue ahead. Don't like it don't read it please... I guess the first chapter was alright by itself.))

"Peace and solitude," The leader said to himself as he started to draw plans to his next mission. "I finally don't have that bug Pink to bother m-"

"Bug? Ya really hate Pink that much?" Blue asked as he leaned against the entrance of the room. "Wha-? Blue! I thought I told you all I didn't want an interference!" Specter growled and turned his hover chair towards the cowboy. "Ya don't go breakin' young ladies' hearts, Specter! A real shame knowin' Pink is cryin' her eyes out?" He tapped his boot against the floor and crossed his arms. "Go away, Blue. I said I hated Pink, remember? That stupid, STUPID girl doesn't know when to stop!"

"How could you say that 'bout Pink? Ya break her heart after all the times she's been praisin' ya? Why I oughtta-" Blue was about to reach for his gun when he thought of something else Specter would have never imagined happening. As Specter turned his chair toward the holographic globe, Blue placed his hand on the headrest and spun the chair toward him. "Hey! What are you-" Blue pushed Specter out of his chair and his lips met against Specter's as he pinned him to the floor violently. Specter didn't know what was going on and his face turned a slight pink as he moaned into Blue. One of Specter's hands slipped to the back of Blue's head and pushed him closer to him. The other slid down the length on the cowboy's cape. Blue broke the kiss after he remembered monkeys need oxygen to breathe and gazed at Specter who was gasping for air. Blue licked his lips and chuckled. "What- why d-did you-" Specter stuttered when he saw Blue smirk at him and his face turned even pinker. "Ya enjoyed it didn't ya?" Blue chuckled some more and still had his hands interlocked with Specter's to keep him from moving. Specter dug his nails into Blue's left hand which made him pull his hand out. The albino wiped his mouth in disgust but couldn't keep himself from blushing. "N-no! What makes you think that?"

"Well I guess you sorta pushed me closer to and ya couldn't keep yer hands off'a me." Blue smirked wickedly and stood up from the smaller primate. Specter got up and clenched his fists with anger and embarrassment. "Don't you dare tell this to anyone! If you do I-ll...I'll-" Specter stopped mid-sentence to see Blue laughing at him. "Ooh~ No wonder Specter's keeping himself away from Pink~!" Specter jumped when he heard a voice that wasn't the cowboy's and turned his head. He saw Yellow, Red, and White in the hallway. "Not only do you avoid little Pinky, but you go off making out with Blue! Oh, Pink'll be furious," Yellow teased as Specter shook and clenched his teeth. "I-it's not what it looks like! That stupid Blue tri-" When the albino turned to point to Blue he was on the floor busting a gut. "WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT? GET OFF THE FLOOR! EXPLAIN WHAT HORRIBLENESS YOU FRAMED OF ME!" Specter yelled at Blue who kept laughing. Yellow waddled over to Specter. "Well you see, after you humiliated Pink, I thought it would be just fabulous to cook up a plan to humiliate you! I used Blue of course~" Yellow explained. Specter stood red with embarrassment.