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This will based off Titanic but not all aspects in the film will be in this, for example, the stupid "flying" scene, the naked drawing, and other little things.

Two pairings in this fic, Dean/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel so if you don't like either of them together, sorry.

April 10th 1912, Southampton.

This would be the day that everyone around the world would remember for years. This was the day the RMS Titanic would set sail from Southampton to New York City. Crowds of people gathered on the Southampton docks to wave off the 922 people who would board the maiden voyage at this dock.

Castiel Milton arrived half an hour early looking up at the Titanic in all her glory; he stepped out of the car staring up at the huge vessel and sucked in a sharp breath. Behind him, his eldest brother, Gabriel Milton joined him and let out a low whistle.

"She's a beauty"

"It is simply a boat" Castiel replied in a bored tone and turned holding out his hand for his fiancée, Rachel St Clair, who simply gave him a hard look stepping out of the car.

"Nonsense, Castiel" she said straightening her dress and smiling her small smile. "It is far by the grandest ship to ever sail"

Rachel St Clair, fiancée of Castiel Milton and childhood friend of the Milton family was the heiress to a fortune left by her father, Lord St Clair who would be soon on his death bed. Behind her stood, Zachariah Millet, bodyguard and ex-pinkerton constable who kept a keen eye on the Milton family under instruction from Rachel.

Castiel looked over her for a moment regarding her perfectly curled hair tied back, her tinted blue eyes glazed over with excitement and amusement that was set off by the navy silk dress she wore for the occasion.

"Zachariah" she said who snapped his fingers and her lady's maid, Ruby York, moved forward holding her coat.


Castiel linked their arms together as they moved towards the docks leaving behind Zachariah who ordered the men to take their luggage to their own parlour suites. Twenty years old, forced into an engagement with a woman he regarded and loved as a friend to keep hold of their high status due to debit, and boarding a ship that would take him back to New York City was all Castiel could see and hear in his mind. Castiel had never felt more trapped.

Gabriel handed over their tickets and Castiel could only swallow hard as they stepped into the warmth of the ship. Inhaling a sharp breath, Castiel smelled everything from fresh new paint, carpets that never been walked on. It was brand new and the most luxurious ship he ever had looked upon. Inside he felt like a slave but on the outside he was everything a well brought up son should be, wealthy, handsome, and engaged to a beautiful woman who would give him marriage and children.

Gabriel opened up the double doors opening up the suite and whistled once again.

"Well worth all those English pounds"

"Everything is money to you isn't it, Gabriel?"

Gabriel smiled gently. "Oh brother, do not be foolish"

"Hush now" Rachel ordered looking around and giving a sharp nod. "I think this will do nicely"

Castiel looked over to Gabriel who smiled at him sneakily. Like Castiel, Gabriel put on the façade of the honourable eldest brother in charge and dealing with the finances of a broken family. Gabriel was nothing like he seemed and had nicked his self "Trickster" for the ladies and men alike. Castiel was well aware of his brother antics in the business and outside of the family including his sexual preferences"

"Don't be upsetting your future wife, Castiel" Gabriel murmured when he stepped closer.

"Be quiet, Gabriel" he warned in a low tone.

"You know how I feel" he said with a small nod and stepped away from a secretly seething Castiel. Castiel unclenched his fists and put on a brave face as he turned to see crew members coming in with their baggage.

"In that room there" Rachel ordered and smiled sweetly at Zachariah who returned the smile for her. They were close, very close in Castiel's eyes, but it did not faze him.

"Darling, what are these doing here?" Rachel said turning to Castiel as she held up a painting.

"You have no taste, my dear, these are excellent"

"Trash and nothing more" she said with a sniff.

"She is right, Castiel" Gabriel said popping a cigarette into his mouth lighting it. "Why you insisted bringing those paintings will always baffle me"

"Gabriel, if you must smoke those terrible things…" she said gesturing outside. Gabriel smiled around the cigarette and walked outside to the boat deck covered in people shouting and waving their goodbyes. Gabriel pulled his pocket watch out to see it was nearly 11.45am. 15 minutes to departure.


A simple poker game, all money in including two tickets to New York City sitting on the table, and it was to win. Dean Winchester looked down at his cards and glanced over to his younger brother, Sam Winchester, who met his gaze in concern.

"Well, fellas, what's it going to be?" Dean murmured looking over to them both. Italian men who glanced at each other with a faint sheen of sweat covering their foreheads as the first man threw down his cards with a curse; Sam placed his down with a sigh till it was Dean left.

"Sam" he murmured looking over to him.

"No, Dean…you've bet all of our money!" he shouted angrily.

"Sam….we're going home"


"We're going home! Full house, gentlemen!" he shouted throwing them down and grinning when Sam whooped loudly.

Dean snatched the two tickets and pushed the money towards them and laughed when the Italian men started arguing and fighting.

"We're going to America!" Dean said pulling Sam into a tight hug.

"No, young man, Titanic is going to America…in five minutes!" the barman called with a laugh pointing at his clock.

"Shit!" Dean cried and grabbed Sam roughly pulling him hard as they ran outside tickets in hand as they ran down the length of the dock.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Sam shouted behind him.

"I told you I am the best at poker" Dean shouted back to him as they avoided people and ran to the path.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Dean shouted to the crew member shutting the door. "We're passengers, see, we're passengers"

The crew member eyed the both of them suspiciously. "Have you been through the inspection?"

"Of course" Dean lied with a small smile.

"Quickly then"

Dean jumped over the small gap closely followed by Sam as they ran down the corridor together.

"This is unbelievable!" Dean shouted in joy as they rounded the corner nearly knocking over a woman and a man finding their cabin. "Here we are"

Sam threw his bag on top claiming top bunk and pulled his tongue at him.

"It's a good job I like you" he warned and turned to see the two strangers staring at them. "Change of plan guys"

Dean heard the whistle of departure and indicated at Sam to follow him. They ran up the stairs heading towards the deck along with the rest as they joined the railings.

"Who are we saying goodbye to?"

"No one! Well…the Italian men" Dean teased standing on the railings waving wildly. "This is it, Sammy, we are the grandest ship on the planet!"

"New York" Sam breathed. "Life can't get better"

"No it can't" Dean murmured looping his arm around Sam's shoulders and pushing him playfully. "We're the luckiest sons of bitches in the world!"

With no family, Dean and Sam Winchester were all they had in the world. Their parents died when Dean was sixteen, Sam was twelve, and with no one to turn to and no one in the world to take care of them it was up to Dean to take full control. With the money left over, Dean took Sam far away to different countries in the world. Swindling cash, hitching lifts, and enjoying life, but it was no picnic.

Titanic left Southampton at 12pm setting off to Cherbourg, France, to pick up the other passengers. The mixes of first, second and third class were always on priority as they walked out on to the third class deck.

"New York and then…Kansas?"

"We'll find our way back up there" Dean murmured softly sitting down and looking around the mix of people. "Let's just get there first"


Castiel sat at the table surrounded by people who were acquaintances and people who claimed to be his "friends". At his side sat Rachel and his other Gabriel who chatted happily with a gentleman named, Rufus Turner, a rich tycoon. On the end of the table sat the shipbuilder, Mr Bobby Singer, who happily chatted to a duchess at his right.

"Pork for us both" Rachel murmured to the waiter. Castiel looked over and gave her a small smile before looking away and meeting the eye of Gabriel.

"You look pale, brother" he murmured softly.

Castiel hummed pressing his napkin to his top lip feeling sweat and removed it. "I'm well"

"So, Castiel, I hear you are travelling over to join your sister, Anna, am I correct?" Lady Pamela questioned placing a napkin on her lap.

"That is correct"

"I have met young Anna, such a beauty" she said placing a hand over his chest and smiling sweetly. "I also heard of the terrible incident…"

"Which you'll be kindly enough not to mention" Castiel replied in a raised voice that startled the rest of the table to silence.

"Castiel" Rachel murmured in a shock. "I apologise on his behalf"

Castiel pressed his lips in a tight line looking up to Ellen Harvelle, a woman who in other peoples words was "new money" she had recently come into a windfall and was happily celebrating it.

"Control everything, Miss Rachel?" she questioned with a tilt to her head.

Rachel looked over to her and tilted her head at him full of question. "Control? Something you obviously no nothing about"

Gabriel coughed loudly and moved forward in his seat. "So who came up with the name, Titanic?"

"That would be our, Mr Raphael Grace" Bobby said gesturing to him as he nodded grateful for the subject change.

"Yes, I named her perfectly don't you think?"

A hum of agreement surrounded the table causing Castiel to close his eyes in frustration and push out.

"Excuse me" he whispered and moved outside into the fresh air. Castiel inhaled in the cool sea air feeling it flood into his lungs. It was like relief after being stuck in a room for hours on end instead of twenty minutes. Castiel looked down at his clothing seeing the well fitted suit from Milan, his tailored beige coat, and his black shoes made from real leather. It was the essence of the life he did not want.

Castiel moved to the railing staring out at the endless sea. It was a brisk spring afternoon as they sailed towards France.

Dean was relaxing in the sun with Sam at his side when a woman passed by catching Sam's attention.

"No" Dean muttered with his eyes closed.

"How did you even see that?" he murmured shocked.

"Because I heard footsteps and your breathing pick up" Dean murmured opening his eyes with a smirk. Sam shook his head at him and peered around him to check out the woman walking with her friend down the dock.

Dean rolled his eyes scanning the area and catching sight of a gentlemen walking across to them.

"Hey" he called nodding at him when he dropped down on the bench opposite. They all turned to look when a crew member came along walking dogs.

"Two hours on this damn thing and first class dogs are up here for a shite"

Dean smirked amused looking over to him. "I'm Dean, this is Sam"

"Ash Smith" he said shaking their hands. "So how come you're here?"

Dean was about to answer when his gaze went to the left of him catching sight of a very attractive sight, he had no idea who he was but Dean liked it. He was gazing out to sea with a puckered brow showing his distress over something unknown, his clothes fashionable and kept in neat condition compared to Dean's mediocre clothing. Sam and Ash looked over to where Dean was looking making Ash snort.

"First class bastard" he murmured taking a drag of his cigarette. Dean sat forward watching him and ignoring Sam's baffled laughter at his open curiosity. Castiel could feel eyes on him and looked over to the sight of three gentlemen on the lower deck, two who were laughing and talking whilst sharing a smoke and the other with sandy brown hair ruffled from the sea wind, rumpled clothing, and the brightest green eyes he had ever seen watching him.

Castiel frowned looking away from him but found his interest peak up as he looked back to him confused.


Castiel turned to see Gabriel standing next to him.

"Rachel is concerned, I only just managed to keep her at bay with I will talk to you"

"The heat was unbearable I needed a moment"

"It isn't to do with what Pamela said is it?"

"No, Gabriel, I just…I'm finding it a little difficult"

"It's for the best, you know that right?"

Castiel sighed deeply bowing his head and nodding. "Come, I am starved"

Castiel took his leave back inside leaving Gabriel hanging outside; his eyes roamed around and looked over to where Castiel was looking. Gabriel found two gentlemen watching him and looked at Sam for a moment before clearing his throat and following Castiel.

"Wait…are you two…" Ash said wiggling his fingers at them.

"What?" Dean said looking towards him.

"Gay" Ash said straightforward causing Sam to flush violently and Dean to choke on a laugh.

"Very forward of you"

"Well I stare at women the way you just stared at those two" Ash said amused sucking on his cigarette.

"Would it be a problem?"

Ash narrowed his eyes at him and shook his head slowly.

"Well I'm not"

"You're not?"

"Dean is more of…both" Sam said looking over to Dean who raised an eyebrow looking over to the now empty deck.

"Both gender?"


Ash laughed and nodded flicking his cigarette away. "Sweet"

Dean was openly amused flicking his eyes over to Sam who was still blushing faintly. Sam was right about both genders but it was a year and society where his lifestyle was frowned upon and looked upon as disgusting. Through the six years to his age now, twenty two years old, he was a free spirit loving life. He had air in his lungs, a heartbeat, and a brother to take care of, and of course time to sit down and draw. Dean feels a sense of pride and privilege that he can see both beauty of men and women, to enjoy the freedom of sex in men and women and knowing it wasn't wrong to him or even his brother.

Society's views on Dean didn't bother him one little bit. The one thing that bothered Dean was now he was at an age where he was ready for love but with his life choices, his status, his lack of money and the fact he was a homeless wanderer with a brother did no justice.

Dean lifted his hands behind his head looking up at the blue sky of another beautiful day. In four days' time he would reach America fulfilling his own dream of returning home and with a happy, healthy, Sam in tow it couldn't be better but of course there isn't any journey without a few bumps in the process.

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