The chill in the air was unbearable. Castiel lay his frozen cheek on the door feeling gently puffs of air on his cheek every so often from Dean. A layer of frost had started to cover them from the iciness of the sea and he breathed out a puff of white smoke watching it travel upwards to the star lit sky.

"Dean?" Castiel croaked pressing his mouth against his red and purple cheek. Dean groaned opening one eye and looking up at him confused.


"It's gone quiet" he whispered and looked over his shoulder slowly to see frozen bodies floating in the water. Castiel pressed his lips together looking down at Dean who pulled him back down.

"They're coming back"

"No, they're not"

"They are! Sam wouldn't leave us out here" Dean croaked and shut his eyes feeling the lull of sleep call out to him. Castiel noticed and hit his cheek sharply.

"No, no, you stay awake, Dean" he hissed dropping down next to him. "Tell me one of your favourite childhood memories"


Tell me, Dean"

Dean frowned opening his eyes looking over to him for a long moment.

"I was four…it's one of my earliest memories and Sam was only a baby…me, mom, dad, and Sammy went out for the day…it was just a park with swings and a massive slide…mom bought me ice cream and they didn't fight once and Sam was happy" Dean murmured softly looking up at the sky. "I don't know why but it's my favourite"

"Good, okay, your favourite childhood toy?"

"My red toy car, it was my first proper birthday present" he whispered with a small smile. "I got a blue one for Christmas so it was a set"

"Do you still have them?"

"No, I lost them over the years"

"Oh" Castiel breathed. "Your first love?"

Dean blinked looking up at him and smiled softly. "You"


"I've never been in love with anyone apart from you" Dean whispered and shut his eyes. "I was meant to come onto that ship and meet you"

"Dean" he whispered pained and gently placed his forehead against his cheek.

"Cas, if I die out here I want you to know…"

"No, Dean, you are going to live just like me"

"Cas, listen to me" Dean said and swallowed hard. "If I die I want you to know that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. My life isn't exactly rosy and perfect but…I have my brother and I have no money, no home, no real life but I found you on the ship of dreams. I found my dream and I want you to know that"

"You're not going to die" Castiel hissed at him and touched his cheek gently.

"Look at us, Cas, it's been hours…everyone is dead…we're lucky to be even life right now and if we were in that water we'd dead right now"

"They'll be back you even said so"

"I hope so" he murmured with a tiny snort. "Otherwise…we're going to die"

Castiel swallowed burying his face into the crook of his neck and exhaling shakily.

"You're the best thing to happen to me too" he murmured. "If it weren't for you I would be marrying a woman who was selfish, greedy, and so wrong for me that I was blind. I don't think a lot of people can say they have fallen in love in four days but I have…I do, I love you, Dean, and I hope we survive this"

They both closed their eyes at the same time together breathing in the comfort of having each other and not knowing whether or not they would survive it.

What felt like hours later, Castiel opened his eyes and stared up at the stairs looking at the consolations feeling Dean's breath against his cheek whilst humming a song under his breath. A light shone over him and he twitched lifting his head and exhaling shocked seeing a boat in the distance. His ears felt clogged and it felt like they miles away calling out for survivors.

"Dean" Castiel whispered shaking his shoulder watching him shake but not stir from his slumber. "Dean, wake up"

Dean remained unconscious scaring Castiel who leaned over grabbing the icy water and throwing it in Dean's face. Dean moaned opening one eye to his relief to look at him disorientated.

"They're back, we just need to alert them" he croaked turning his head towards them. Dean blinked but had no energy to move any part of his body and shut his eyes. Castiel grunted and rolled over looking across the water to see a man bobbing in the water with a frozen whistle in his mouth. He looked back over to Dean and took a deep lingering breath before rolling back over and dropping into the water. He gasped feeling the iciness penetrate his skin and he kicked his legs swimming over and yanking the whistle out of the dead man's lips. With every last breath he blew in to it hearing the shrill of whistle echo around and watching the men shout for the boat to turn around. He closed his eyes in pure relief when the boat rowed over and arms picked him out.

"Dean…get Dean…he's still alive" he breathed crawling over to the other side pointing him out and watching the men collect an unconscious Dean. Dean moaned when he was dumped heavily on the bottom and felt arms wrap around him. Blankets were wrapped around them one after the other as Castiel wrapped his arms around a shivering Dean. His eyes went up and looked over to a shivering woman and a man covered in ice looking dead and lost in the eyes. Castiel closed his eyes and buried his nose into his wet air and rocked him softly.

"Cas?" Dean croaked opening his eyes and tilting his head back. Castiel moved around and cupped his cheeks kissing him gently.

"Where are we?"

"We're in the lifeboat, Dean, after all these hours" he hissed looking up at the crewmen. "What took you so long?"

"None of the others would return"

"They're all dead!" Castiel raged at them looking at them all in turn. "Hundreds of people…men, women, even babies are floating dead in that water because only one lifeboat came back! You left us to die"

The crewmen looked away from him staring out at the water whilst Castiel drew in a sharp breath and held Dean close stroking a hand up and down the side of his face. Dean moaned low shaking from the cold and turned towards Castiel shushed him softly.

"We're okay, Dean, we're going to be okay" he murmured kissing him gently. It took many hours before the RMS Carpathia came into view and the 710 people in the lifeboats including the 13 survivors from the ocean were allowed on board. Dean stared up at the boat confused but feeling slightly warmer with Castiel sleeping around him. His eyes closed and he felt a dead weight in his chest at the tragedy they had left behind and turned resting his cheek against Castiel's forehead in relief that were they both alive.


Dean and Castiel watched from afar as Sam looked around frantically searching the deck of the surviving women, children, and the few men who were sat looking pale, anxious, and scared half to death. Crewmen of the Carpathia handed out tea and coffee for them all while others shouted at them for any news of the survivors.

"Where are they?" he shouted at the crewman. "Dean Winchester and Castiel Milton"

"I'm sorry sir but I have read the names…there is no other list" the man said backing away. Sam moved towards him angrily only to be held back by Gabriel who apologised for him and held Sam by his shoulders.

"Sam, you have to remain calm"

"Calm? Our brothers are probably lying dead in the water right now!" Sam shouted at him. "How can I remain calm?"

"Like this! Sam, they're going to be okay!" Gabriel said with wide eyes which were also filled with undiluted panic and even though he was deathly afraid he wouldn't let his guard down.

"You need to listen to him, Sam"

Sam turned to see Dean standing behind him, pale, covered in a blanket, but alive and well. Sam gasped moving towards him and hugging him close, Castiel smiled weakly and looked towards Gabriel in relief.

"You're okay" Sam breathed pulling back to look at them both. Dean nodded looking over to Castiel who was struggling amused in Gabriel's grip.

"The wonders of what a door can do" he murmured closing his eyes. Castiel nodded and stepped back wrapping the blanket around him and grabbing Dean's hand.

"There was only 13 survivors pulled out of the water…only one boat came back"

"One?" Sam breathed in horror.

"We're lucky to be alive" Dean murmured sitting down on the floor. Castiel looked down at him and back up to the both of them.

"The boat pulled us right down and we had to watch as women and children died in front of us"

"So much for being the unsinkable titanic"

"Gabriel!" Sam hissed nudging him.

"He's right and you know it, Sam, this should have never happened" Dean said looking over to them both. "We should be in New York right now and instead we are the survivors of the titanic and we're days away from getting there"

"Grim" Gabriel murmured sipping his coffee leaning against Sam. "Rachel is here"

"I don't wish to see her; she'll only know me as dead"


"Yes, she must not know I'm alive, Gabriel"

"Okay" Gabriel said after a long minute of silence. "Come on, kiddo, I need some cake"

Sam nodded at Dean who smiled at him weakly before they took their leave. Castiel held out his hand for Dean who took it as he pulled him up and they stood together in the mid-morning sunshine.

"If I am grateful for one thing, I am grateful for my life and the fact I still have you"

"I thought I was goner in that bloody water"

"You scared me" Castiel murmured touching his cheek and bringing him closer so he could touch their foreheads together.

"Nothing to be scared of now, we're okay, Sam and Gabriel are all right and now it's just the journey to New York" Dean said linking their hands together. "Are you still going to get off this boat with me?"

"Yes" he murmured with a smile. "We may not be welcomed with open arms by my family but as long as I have my brother and you, I'll be okay"

"It's been five days and I feel like I've known you forever"

"I know the feeling"

Dean simply held him close and they stood together under the morning sun of a brand new day. The ship would dock in New York three days later with the titanic survivors and the passengers of the Carpathia. Dean, Castiel, Sam and Gabriel stepped foot into New York with no possessions apart from the blue diamond and set off for their life together. The titanic was a massive momentum on their lives that would consume and play on their minds for a long time to come.


Months later…

Dean stretched out in bed reaching out and touching the warm body next to him and smiled opening his eyes. His eyes found Castiel laid out on his back breathing deeply and evenly on his side of his bed, a white sheet covering his middle and his hair stuck up from sleep and previous sex.

Since the incident months ago with the titanic, Dean and Castiel moved into Castiel's house near the beach given to him by his sister, Anna. Gabriel and Sam lived together across the town in their own little house which was bought with Gabriel's left over money. In the time, Rachel never learnt that Castiel was alive and was told he died in the water including Castiel's mother who was informed her two sons had passed away. It grieved Castiel to fake his own death but it meant he could live with Dean in peace.

"Wake up" Dean murmured trailing his fingers up his chest and smiling when Castiel snatched them and pulled them away.

"Leave me alone"

"Wake up, Cas, it's time for playtime" he murmured into his ear and nibbled the lobe. Castiel smiled turning his head and capturing his lips gently with his, Dean moaned low in his throat moving his body and sliding his hands down and cupping his ass.

"Dean, I have work"

"Ah the life of an accountant…play my numbers" he murmured with a teasing smile. "Come on, baby, stay in bed all day"

"I would if I could, Dean" he whispered against his lips and pulled away rolling out of bed. Dean sat back watching his naked ass walk out of the room and smiled looking up at the ceiling. He heard the run of the taps in the bathroom for his morning bath and looked over to the black and white pictures taken over the last few months. The first thing they did after settling into New York was go to the funfair. Dean looked at the picture of the two of them at the fair, Dean with candy in hand whilst talking to Castiel who looked up at him with intrigued interest. It was taken by Sam and Gabriel who joined them on the trip.

Their life wasn't rosy as apples and the relationship was still a secret to the public eye but Dean couldn't be any happier than he was right now. The tragedy of the accident still affected them and Castiel still suffered from nightmares most nights.

Dean pushed up when he walked in half an hour later in his work suit and held out his hands for him. Castiel moved over and sat down brushing his hands over his cheekbones and moved closer to him kissing him gently.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Dean murmured with a small smile.

It was their happily ever after in their eyes and they had each other for the rest of their lives, it on-going and endless but it wasn't real.

On the 15th April 1912 at 2.56am when Castiel and Dean closed their eyes for the final time they passed away in the early hours from hypothermia. When they opened their eyes they saw what was a dream and like a heaven for both of them. Their bodies were recovered from the ocean and on the 18th April, Sam and Gabriel received the news. A ceremony went ahead for all the lives taken and they were buried together. Sam and Gabriel ended up living together because they were all that they had and ended up living comfortable lives till they were old.

Four days together that was kept in secret was laid to the rest in the middle of the ocean. But their lives together were continued in a reality they weren't yet aware of. The ocean hides many secrets and this was one of them, it would continue on forever and forever was what they now had.

The End.

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