I had to take a breather from Lost and Torn. Not abandoning it, just need to find my muse. I will update on Saturday and then they will come as I can get to them. Thank you, dear readers for sticking with me on it.

As for this new fic... Chapters will be of different lengths. Not even sure how many there will be. No set updating schedule; gonna try for at least weekly. It is a high school fic and the characters will gradually age. There will be drugs, underage drinking, self-harm, rape references, mild femme slash, miscarriage and more. Sex will not be graphic due to character ages. Preach all you want, this shit happens every day, so I'll be keepin' it real. If none of that interests you, turn back now. And if you didn't get it from the description, this story ain't meant to be 'pretty'.

Because music if very dear to me, every chapter will be named after a song or lyrics, and be taken from the years that this takes place.

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And I feel that time's a wasted go
So where you going 'till tomorrow?
And I see that these are lies to come
So would you even care?

I woke from my daze to banging on my bedroom door. Leaning over to turn my boom box down, I heard my step-mother Sue, call my name through the door.

"Come downstairs, there's someone I want you to meet." I rolled my eyes and staggered out of bed. Great. Probably another one of those little brats she watches. Just what we need, another annoying little shit running around here. At least they're only here during the day while I'm at school, or I should say, while my parents think I'm at school.

Yeah, I wasn't into the whole academic thing. While my peers were in school, bettering themselves for the future, I was content with skipping and hanging with my friends. Most of the time, we ended up at one of our houses, while the parental units brought in the dough. We sat around shooting the shit, smoking, and just plain fucking around. Beat school any day.

"Bella!" Sue hollered up the stairs. Fuck. Better get this over with.

I walked down the stairs and heard her talking to what sounded like another lady. As I entered the living room, I realized I was correct in my assumption. There was a little girl around the age of eight, playing with some dolls on the floor.

"Bella, dear, this is Esme Cullen. She and her family are new in town and moved just up the street from us. They heard around that I take care of a few children during the day and asked if I could look after her youngest daughter, Rose, during the day."

I nodded at Esme. She sat looking at me with a beaming smile on her face. It was then, that I noticed a plain, quiet girl sitting next to her on the sofa. "Hello, Bella. It's very nice to meet you. Your mother told me you are a freshman at Forks High?" Again, I gave a nod. "That's wonderful, dear. This is my oldest daughter, Jane. She's also a freshman and will be starting there on Monday."

Ah. This was the catch. 'Play nice with the neighbor girl, Bella'. Jane looked up at me, through the blonde fringe of her bangs real quick, and then looked back at the floor. I honestly couldn't see anything interesting about the bland looking beige carpet. Probably wanted to get out of here and not have to associate with 'my kind'. She looked preppy and I knew what they thought of my group. They called us stoners, low-lifes... Truth doesn't hurt. I didn't hit the hard stuff, except for one timeā€¦ shhh. I didn't want to think back to that right now.

Sue cleared her throat. I looked up and took notice of the stern look she was giving me. So, don't embarrass her, right... "Why don't you take Jane up to your room. I'm sure you girls have a lot you could talk about."

No, nothing rings a bell. Esme pushed gently on Jane's back, as if she needed that extra boost. I'm sure she was dreading this just as much as I. Stomping up the stairs and not turning to see if she even followed, I led the way to my sanctuary.

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