531 Words, short again. Sorry.

Chapter Five, Body Swap: Becker and Connor

Becker pulled open the door and ran down the steps. He found 'Becker' leaning over one of his men, saying, "I'm so sorry. I really am."

He pulled Connor to his feet. "What did you do?"

"Well, it's not my fault. Not totally. I was admiring the new design, and I kind of ….."

"Waved it around," said a Sargent, trying not to laugh.

The other men snickered, and smirked. Becker, in Connor's body, tried not to hurt him. Much.

"Ow, Beck...Connor, you're gripping me kind of tight. Ow," whined Connor, as Becker held onto him a little roughly.

"Are you alright, Hunn?" asked Becker to the man lying on the floor.

"Yes, Mr. Temple, thank you. I'm just a little..."

"Dizzy, with ringing in your ears," said Becker, "and stabs of pain through your whole body. I know. Take some time private."

The private looked at Becker, who appeared to him as Connor. The others looked at the Becker and Connor strangely too.

Becker saw the looks, and nudged Connor. "Right. Private, take a few minutes to...recover. Those are my orders, as I am the boss."

Becker rolled Connor's eyes, and pushed him toward the door. "Excuse us, gentleman," he said, pushing Connor out.

"Sorry, again, private Hunn!" called Connor, as Becker pushed him.

"That will teach him to play with your inventions, Connor," joked the Sargent to 'Connor.'

Becker turned, making a deadly glare at the him. "He doesn't know," reminded Jess in his ear. "No fair to maim or torture him when he is unaware who you really are."

"How about I just make him scrub the toilets? Connor too," asked Becker.

"The Sargent, no. Connor, yes," she replied.

"Thanks, Jess," said Connor, "and I'd just like to point out, that not one of your men figured out I'm not you, and I shot all the marks dead center."

"Yeah, you're last shot was so dead center, Private Hunn will be marveling at your aim for days," commented Becker.

Jess giggled.

"That was an accident."

Abby met them in Ops. She slapped Connor in the back of the head, Becker' s head. "Are you demented? Why did you try to pretend your Becker?"

"I...It was an experiment, Abby!"

"It was stupid," she said.

"Thank you, Abigail," agreed Becker. "So, are we ready for this?" He nodded toward Lester's office.

"Now or never," said Connor. "Never?"

Abby smiled. "I'll hold your hand," she said, taking Becker's hand. She walked him up to Lester's office, getting looks from OPs techs.

"The sooner we get this fixed, the better," said Becker. "I'm going to get a reputation."

Jess smiled, and walked up to him, kissing his cheek. "I'll join you, how's that?"

Becker laughed, but he looked around, and saw the looks. "Yeah, I don't think you want to join me, Jess."

She smiled, looking at Connor's face. With the steady, firm gaze, smirks and eyebrow raise, he did look like Becker. It was still weird, though. "I'll take my chances," she said.

He smiled, and took her hand. They walked up to Lester's office.

Just as the alarms sounded.

End of Chapter Five