Note: This Epilogue is for mature readers only. Enjoy!


"What did you get yourself into Eden Lynn Spengler," she silently said to herself as she leaned on her husband for support walking down the knee deep snowy road.

Tripping over her long dress Eden almost fell face first into the snow but her husband caught her just in time.

"You Okay?" Egon asked as he held Eden upright.

Egon was worried about his wife. She shouldn't be here but they had no choice. He had gotten them lost when Ray had taken a right turn back at the crossroad because Egon had told him to do so.

"Don't you even know how to read a map Egon," Ray grumbled as they had gone further and further down the snowy road.

"Yes, I know how to read a map. Do you know how to drive in the snow Ray?" Egon had retorted back, sitting next to Ray in the passenger seat.

Eden's startled cry from the backseat had stopped both men's battle of words. Egon had unbuckled his seatbelt and had climbed over the seat when he turned around and saw Eden's pale, pain ridden face. Something was wrong.

What was wrong, Egon had found out, was that Eden was in labor. She was going to have their first child and from the timing of her contractions it was going to be soon.

Now here he stood, knee deep in snow beside his wife, trying to comfort her as best as he could under the circumstances.

"Do you think I'm okay?" Eden replied as she tried to remain calm.

"No," Egon replied back stepping in front of her. "I'm sorry I got you into this."

Eden looked up into her husband's face. It wasn't his fault that she was here. It was just bad timing all around.

Eden remembered back to when it had all started. On the first of December Eden's friend from her college days had called her. He was directing a musical in Central Pennsylvania and needed her help.

"Eden," Dan said, "my leading lady in "Children of Eden" that I am directing had to bow out at the last moment. I know that you sang the part of Eve when we were in college together. Can you help me out? We open in a week."

"Dan," Eden replied sitting on the corner of Janine's desk downstairs in the firehouse. "I haven't sung in a musical since my senior year in college. I sing opera now and I'm also 8 ½ months pregnant."

"That's fine that you're pregnant," Dan replied. "It would work great with the story plot. As far as opera singing, musicals are a lot easier you know. There's dialogue in-between the musical numbers and you would only have to be on stage for the first act. I have someone else singing the part of Noah's wife. Usually the actress that sings Eve's part does that so don't worry there."

"Can I talk it over with my husband and the 'Met' first?"

"Sure. I'll call you tomorrow. Please give it some careful thought. I can pay you and put you up too Eden."

Eden talked to Egon about it that afternoon when he came home from Columbia University. He had agreed if she could get the time off from the 'Met'. When Eden called and talked to James Levine he agreed to give her the time off that she needed.

"You are going to be having that baby soon anyways so take as much time as you need. Let us know when you feel that you can come back. You are always welcome here Eden," Mr. Levine told her.

Egon had taken Dean Williams' advice and had stayed on teaching at the University. Egon taught classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays Egon spent at the firehouse with his fellow teammates. Sunday was spent with Eden.

Even though they had defeated Vigo the city was still plagued with ghost sightings that the "Ghostbusters" would have to go and deal with. Egon enjoyed working with his friends but would put his wife first in the evenings. In the years' time that Egon and Eden had been married a lot of changes had happened.

Doctor Charlie Levine had become Chief Psychiatrist at Parkview Medical Hospital and had changed the place around. The first thing that he did was to paint the walls a light green color instead of the 'prison-gray' that they had been. The hospital had new policies in place when there was a changing of the staff in the mornings and evenings. 'Suicide watch' cases were written up on a board so that everyone knew what was going on. Since this policy when into effect the hospital had no more patients trying to kill themselves. Samantha had been released from Columbia University Medical Center a week after her attempted suicide. While she still attended Charlie's suicide prevention classes, she was getting along rather well in public and was now a senior in High School graduating with a 4.0 average. Ray had attended Greg's funeral along with Charlie, Egon, and Eden. Greg's mother had commented to Ray, after the funeral, how he had been Greg's only friend that he spoke of to her and thanked him for his kindness.

Ray had moved back into the family home that his parents had left him in the Bronx with his sister Jean and her daughter. Shortly thereafter Jean had gone into labor and delivered her second child, a boy. Ray had been there by her side as Jean had delivered the baby in the back of the ambulance on the way to the local hospital. Ray couldn't have been prouder to be an Uncle again. He had even joined a local musical group and played his clarinet with them at night.

Peter and Dana were living together and there was talk of them getting married next year. Peter even wanted to adopt Oscar and be his real father. Dana had auditioned and gotten in with the New York Philharmonics Orchestra again. She became the principal cellist only after three short months. This was something Dana had been looking forward to for years.

Janine and Louis had gotten married after Janine had born Louis a girl. No one even knew that Janine was pregnant. She hadn't told anyone what had transpired on Peter's couch that night when she was supposed to be babysitting with Louis. Dana knew. She had caught them but hadn't said anything to anyone. The "Ghostbusters" found out about it when Janine started showing. She had delivered her baby girl a month early, at the firehouse, with Egon's help as Louis had passed out after seeing Janine's water break. They named the baby Autumn and were very happy.

Winston was dating Iris and she had moved into Egon's studio apartment. All of Eden's old roommates had left the place that she had lived in and it only made sense for Iris to move to a smaller place. Eden still saw Iris when she went to work at the 'Met' but the talk was that Iris wanted to design more wedding gowns full time and would likely be leaving the 'Met' sometime next year.

Egon and Eden had moved into the firehouse when Iris took over Egon's old place. Egon had fixed up his lab into a bedroom for Eden. She didn't mind the cramped quarters because after all it was just a place to lie down at night. She didn't need anything fancy. Both Egon and Eden were trying to save money so that they could buy a house in New Jersey. Eden wanted a house to raise her children in and a yard to go with it too. New Jersey was the obvious choice when they had gone looking around the tri-state area. She hoped that in three to four years time that they could move. Also Helen and Kin had moved to New Jersey and loved it there.

Helen and Kin had moved to Essex Fells, New Jersey and Helen now played for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in Newark. Kin was still active in the military and would get called to go with his unit from time to time.

Paul and Grace had gotten married in February of last year, right after her own wedding, and had moved into their own place. They both still worked at St. Luke's Hospital with Grace still playing her viola at night at the 'Met'. Paul was Eden's doctor for her pregnancy too. Eden hadn't trusted going to see an OB/GYN because of her history and only trusted Doctor Stringham to help her through this pregnancy because her last two had ended in miscarriages.

This was not counting the one pregnancy of Ben's. Eden had gotten pregnant in February right after she had gotten married to Egon and also after Paul and Grace's wedding. That was also when Egon had fallen sick. Egon's ribs were still healing and so when he had symptoms of chest pain with breathing, coughing fits, and shortness of breath towards the end of January he hadn't given it any thought. Egon thought he had the flu in February when his cough had worsened and he fell sick with a high fever of 102 degrees with chills, headache, muscle pain, and fatigue.

On Egon's recheck appointment with Charlie that week, Charlie ordered a radiograph of Egon's chest to see if his ribs were healing. The radiograph showed that Egon's ribs were healing fine but it also showed that Egon had pneumonia.

"Pneumonia often mimics the flu," Charlie said as he placed a hospital band onto Egon's left hand. "It begins with a cough and a fever, so you may not even realize you have a serious condition until it is too late. Yours has become life-threatening Egon and I need to admit you to the hospital for treatment."

Eden had just found out that she was pregnant when Egon was admitted into the hospital.

"Because of Egon's cracked ribs and trouble breathing he could possibly come to a point where mechanical assistance would be required," Charlie had informed Eden. "I want him here at the hospital if that happens."

Eden knew what Doctor Levine had meant. Egon would need an endotracheal tube and a ventilator to help him breathe if things got worse. But thankfully things didn't get worse for her husband. Egon responded well to the intravenous antibiotics that Charlie had given him but the stress of the whole situation had caused Eden to lose their first child. Egon had found out about it when he was released from the hospital two weeks later. Egon still had another four weeks to go before he would totally recover Charlie had told him, so when Egon woke up in the middle of the night coughing he had noticed that Eden wasn't doing well.

Pulling back the covers Egon noticed blood down Eden's legs and in their bed. He had promptly picked her up and had carried her to the bathroom and had drawn a bath for her while he phoned Doctor Stringham. Paul and Grace had come over at two in the morning to confirm what he had suspected. Eden had miscarried the baby.

After two months of grieving, where Egon maintained his distance from her in bed, Eden had finally invited him in. She loved him even more for giving her the time that she needed to grieve and yet still feel loved, even if they didn't do anything but hold each other in bed. That was what Eden had needed. She knew that Egon wanted to love her but she hadn't felt like she could do that so soon after losing another child. When they finally made love it was like the first time after they had gotten married.

Egon was gentle and responsive to Eden's needs. Everything he did was to please her. If she cried out in pain Egon had stopped what he was doing and had backed off, letting her direct him in the ways that made her feel comfortable. Egon was a wonder to behold in these times. Eden knew that Egon had carnal feelings and would have loved to have his way with her but he never did. Letting her lead the way in everything they did in bed. Eventually Eden found herself pregnant again but only for a short time.

After finding out that she had missed her menstrual cycle she had gone to see Doctor Stringham. Doctor Stringham, with Grace by his side, had preformed an exam only to be concerned that something wasn't right. Egon had been called to come to St. Luke's Hospital from Columbia University so that he could be by Eden's side during her pelvic ultrasound. Doctor Stringham's worst fears were realized as the pelvic ultrasound was preformed. Eden was indeed pregnant but the embryo had no heartbeat. Eden had lost another child.

Eden didn't know what to feel with this loss. She had found out that she was pregnant and had lost the child all within a small fraction of time. Egon held her close that night as she cried into his shoulder after Doctor Stringham had sent her home to miscarry in the privacy of her own surroundings. Two days later Eden had started spotting and on the third day she had miscarried with Egon by her side every step of the way. Eden didn't want to try again and Egon once again maintained his distance in bed. But with Egon's gentle loving and encouragement Eden had invited him into her once again. This time they had succeeded and Eden had carried their child beyond that cursed eight week mark.

That is how Eden came to be here in Central Pennsylvania, pregnant, in the snow, and about to give birth.

"Egon," Eden said, "it's not your fa…" she cried out as a contraction racked her body.

Trying to remain calm Eden closed her eyes and looked up at the sky. "Breathe" she told herself as she took a deep breath, held it and released it slowly. Suddenly something felt wrong with her body. She opened her eyes wide and looked her husband in the face.

Egon saw the pain and frightened look in Eden's face. Something was wrong and she didn't know what it was. Where was Ray when he needed him? Ray had gone ahead to open the cabin and start a fire for them. Eden's contractions were coming every three to four minutes and were lasting 60 to 90 seconds in length. Eden suddenly gasped as her amniotic sac ruptured covering the snow under her a blood-tinged color. This was it. Egon looked around for Ray as he supported Eden and got her moving again.

Walking through the snow Egon reflected back to a week before this. He had let Eden go out first to be in her friend's musical. As soon as classes were out for the winter break Egon had joined her. Eden had traveled by bus as Egon didn't want her driving the long distance with her being so far along in her pregnancy. Egon had joined her for the last two weeks of performances but they had decided together that the bus ride home wasn't going to happen. Eden had stated to Egon that she had a tough time on the bus because of the tight cramped quarters and would have loved to just lie down instead. Egon had called Ray who had come out on the bus to see Eden on the last day of her performance as Eve. Ray had rented a station wagon when he had gotten there to drive them all home in.

Staying overnight at Dan's house the trio had started out the next morning, Christmas Eve, so that they could be home in time for Christmas. That was until the snow had started to fall and Egon not being familiar with the state had told Ray the wrong way to go looking at the map that he thought was of Pennsylvania. Only when they were traveling down an unfamiliar road did Egon realize that he had a map of New York State opened in front of him. That was the only time Eden had heard him curse dropping the "S" word as he blamed himself for getting them lost.

Ray saw a sign that he knew when Egon had climbed into the backseat with Eden. The sign read: Camp Wauconda Boy Scout Camp five miles ahead.

"Egon!" Ray exclaimed, "I know where we are! It's Camp Wauconda and the cabins are right off of the road when you turn in. If Eden can hold out she can have her baby there."

Eden had been able to "hold out" as Ray called it until Ray got to the turn off for the Boy Scout Camp. Driving the car as far in as he could go Ray finally stopped the station wagon when it got stuck in the deep snow. Ray had walked ahead of them as quickly as he could to open the cabin door with the wrench in the trunk that you were supposed to use to take the wheel off of the car. Ray was going to be using it to pry the deadbolt lock off of the cabin door instead. Ray needed to start a fire in the fireplace so that Eden and the baby could be warm.

Egon continued down the path, the snow whipping around him. He could just make out the cabin over the top of the ridge. "Not that far to go" Egon told himself. Eden cried out again and stopped moving. Another contraction had come. Standing beside her as she tried to squat in the snow Egon ran a hand down her back.

"Easy Eden," Egon spoke softly to her, "just breathe. In. Out."

Eden held onto her husband and closed her eyes. Listening to his voice and feeling his hand on her back helped her through the pain. She didn't know if she was going to make it as she opened her eyes once again now that the contraction had subsided. She knew that she needed to get inside and soon. Her legs were wet and the fluid was starting to freeze on them. She really should never have put on the ankle length dress that morning but she had figured that she would be sleeping in the car right now, not going for a hike in the snow.

"Ready?" Egon asked her when he realized that her contraction had stopped.

"Yes," she replied, "but we better hurry. I am getting cold and my legs are starting to get frozen."

Egon knew what that meant. Hypothermia. Eden had become wet when her water broke. Now she was starting to shiver in front of him. Egon needed to get her into the cabin and next to the fireplace now. Egon started walking again as he heard Ray calling to him.

"Egon," Ray called from somewhere in front of him, "it's not far now and I have a fire going."

Egon continued walking, helping Eden along, until Ray stood before him. Eden stopped once again because of a contraction but this time it was different. Looking Ray's way Egon saw that the cabin porch was only a couple of feet away. If he could only get Eden moving again they would be okay but Eden wasn't going anywhere.

"Egon," she cried out, "I can feel the baby."

"Eden I'm sorry about this," Egon said to her as he quickly reached under her dress with his hand and pulled her wet underwear to the side.

Egon felt what he feared. The baby's head was crowning, yet there was something wrong with what he was feeling.

"Egon!" Ray cried out. "What are you doing?!"

Egon removed his hand and picked up Eden to carry her the last couple of feet as he replied to Ray's outburst.

"Oh, please, Raymond. You walked in on us procreating this child and now you're embarrassed."

"Don't remind me," Ray called to his friend as he followed Egon.

Ray thought back to the day he had accidentally walked in on his friend when he and Eden were in bed together, procreating as Egon had put it, the child that Eden was now about to have. Watching Egon carry Eden over to the front of the fireplace, as Ray stood in the doorway, he remembered all too well what he had seen.

Ray had arrived at the firehouse early on a Sunday morning around Easter time. He had two lilies with him. One for Janine and one for Eden. The firehouse had been quiet, too quiet. Ray was supposed to meet Janine, Louis, Egon, and Eden for Sunday morning breakfast. Going upstairs to Egon's lab, where Egon and Eden had their bed, Ray had opened the door and had seen the two of them stark naked in bed together.

Ray had cried out in surprise, slammed the door, and retreated back down the stairs to hide in Peter's office. He felt like he had defiled his relationship with Egon and that Egon would never speak to him again. Much to his surprise Egon had come to find him a few minutes later. As Ray tried to explain Egon had waved his hand to silence him as he took Ray into his arms.

"You're forgiven Raymond," Egon told him and then released him.

Ray knew what Egon was saying to him. It wasn't like he hadn't seen Egon with any clothes on before. They had lived together for awhile when Egon had first moved back to the city but this was different. There were no hard feelings or grudges being held against Ray for walking in on the pair. It was simply an accident that no one would speak of again.

Eden's cry brought Ray back to the present as he crossed the threshold and closed the cabin door. Egon had been in the middle of taking Eden's soaked dress off of her when another contraction hit. Eden was being held by her husband as she squatted in front of the fireplace with only a bandeau bra on and a pair of hipster underwear.

Ray removed his winter coat and placed it on the back of the couch as he crossed to where Eden and his friend were. Pulling off his dark blue Henley shirt, Ray handed it to Egon who nodded his thanks. Eden was cold and they needed to warm her up if she was going to deliver this baby safely.

As soon as Eden released her hold on him Egon placed Ray's Henley shirt over her head and then removed his own overcoat and placed it across her shoulders. He had seen Ray disappear when he had done this into the other room and felt that it was the best time to remove Eden's wet underwear so that Ray didn't have to see him doing so. He still needed to see what had felt wrong under his hand when he had reached up Eden's dress but he needed Ray to support her so that he could do so.

"Ray!" Egon cried into the next room.

"Coming Egon," Ray replied back as he appeared in the doorway with two blankets. "I remembered where they kept the blankets Egon. I figured we were going to need them. Even in the summer the nights could get cold when I stayed here."

"Egon!" Eden cried again as she grabbed for her husband's shoulders.

Egon could see that she was starting to panic.

"Eden," Egon stated calmly to her, "relax. Close your eyes and listen to your body."

"I can't!" She wailed back as she dug her fingers into Egon's shoulders.

Eden's grasp hurt him but he couldn't show her anything but a calm, relaxed atmosphere right now. Egon took his hand and turned Eden's downcast, pain ridden face up towards his.

"Yes, you can Eden," Egon spoke softly so that Eden had to strain to hear him. "We've read all the books; we've attended all the classes. Just close your eyes and listen to your body. It will tell you what to do. Trust me."

Eden did trust her husband. Egon had never once done anything that would put her in harm's way. He had been by her side and hadn't run away when she told him about how she had been sexually abused. When she had miscarried their first two children he had never criticized or made her feel small or undesirable. In fact it was just the opposite. Egon wanted her more, desired her more each day. Eden closed her eyes and blocked out the world around her. Just like when she would psych herself out for La Boheme, Eden let her mind go blank. She listened to her body as she felt Egon's gentle rubbing on her back. Something told her that she couldn't deliver the baby this way, trying to squat in front of her husband holding onto him for support. She needed to be with her back to him, but who would support her then?

"Egon," Eden said opening her eyes, "I need to change positions."

"Do what you think is best Eden," Egon said kissing her on the lips. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

Eden released Egon and carefully stood up. Turning around Eden saw Ray standing behind the couch. That's what she needed.

"Ray could you move the couch over here please?" Eden asked.

Ray dropped the blankets onto the couch as he slid the piece of furniture across the room and closer to the fireplace.

"Do you want to lay down Eden?" Ray asked as he stopped the couch in front of her.

"Sort of," she replied, "but I need your help."

"Anything," Ray replied.

"Do you mind sitting on the couch in front of me and being my support team member?"

"No. Not at all. I'm good at hand holding. Just ask my sister."

Handing Egon the blankets, Ray climbed over the back of the couch and sat down facing Eden. Eden knew that she needed to be quick before Ray changed his mind. Placing her hands on Ray's shoulders Eden kneeled down in front of him and laid her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes as a contraction hit.

"Egon!" Ray cried as his eyes went wide.

"Support her!" Egon cried to his friend as he bent down behind Eden.

Egon knew that Eden felt that she needed to be in this position for a reason. Egon saw Ray place his hands around Eden's upper body to support her and started to rub her back to comfort her. Egon picked up the end of his overcoat and flipped it over Eden's back. As he looked under her to see if he could see his child's body he was greeted to a surprise.

"Shit!" Egon said to himself.

Egon saw his child's body alright but what he had felt wasn't the baby's head, it was the baby's buttocks. Eden's child was breech.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Egon placed a hand onto Eden's bird of paradise flower tattooed to her left cheek.

"Think Egon," he told himself quietly. "What did they say about a breech birth again?"

"Egon what's wrong?" Eden cried kneeling down in front of Ray trying to breathe through another contraction.

He couldn't lie to her. Eden had a right to know.

"Eden," Egon quietly told her, "the baby's breech."

"NO!" Ray shouted at Egon. "Eden needs to be in a hospital right now and seeing a doctor for this!"

"Ray," Eden's voice came into his ear, her face that close. "I AM seeing a doctor. Let Egon work. I trust him."

Ray went to open his mouth but then shut it again as he looked Egon's way. Egon was concentrating on something he could tell. He had seen that look on Egon's face many times before when they were working on projects together. Egon was trying to come up with a solution to the problem at hand. Egon's face suddenly changed from worry to relaxed. Egon smiled. He had figured it out.

"Eden," Egon spoke quietly, "close your eyes for the time being. Listen to your body and I will help our child into this world. You can do this. If you feel the need to bear down do so. Let your body tell you what to do. Trust it. You can do this."

"I trust you Egon," she replied as she closed her eyes and hung onto Ray's shoulders.

Egon had remembered what the midwife giving the birthing class had said.

"If you ever come across yourself in a breech birth position, remember one thing. Hands off! If you try and force the baby out or touch it the wrong way you can cause trauma. Let the mother direct her body in this birth. The body always knows what to do even if we don't."

Egon knew now what he had to do. Eden had adopted a hands and knees position for the delivery of this child. This was the best position for mother, baby, and deliverer the midwife had said.

"When the mother is on her hands and knees the uterus will appear horizontal and tipped forward. If the woman is standing while delivering a breech baby the birth can be too swift and the placenta can separate too quickly."

Egon watched his child's buttocks for advancement through the next few contractions. Each contraction brought the baby further and further out of Eden's body. Keeping his hands to himself, Egon could now see the baby's knees as the extended legs of Eden's frank breech positioned baby suddenly flopped out. Egon moved his hand from Eden's buttock to place it on her perineum as the baby worked its way down the birth canal.

Shortly thereafter the arms were delivered as Egon elevated the baby's body gently towards Eden's back to deliver the mouth, nose, brow, and crown of the head. Egon was glad that he had done this as Eden fell down onto her buttocks, spent from the labor of delivery.

"Eden," Egon said reverently, "it's a girl."

Egon wrapped his baby girl into the blanket that Ray had given him earlier as he sat on the ground and Eden turned around to sit next to him. This was an end and a beginning of something beautiful that they had created. A culmination of nine months of physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation for the birth of Eden's child was now at a close. But it also opened up a new world for Egon. It was the beginning of a life with children. The birth of his daughter was a transition from one stage of their lives together to another. Egon saw Eden in a whole new way now as they both held the tiny infant in their arms.

Egon looked into Eden's warm, glowing face as she traced her finger over her new baby. She amazed him. Eden was an incredibly focused and powerful woman. The power of her giving birth amazed him. Labor, which was an intense time of hard work, impressed upon Egon that there was no greater work than that of bringing a new life into the world. He had an incomplete view of what it meant to be a mother until now.

Sure Egon had fears before this, like any man would, of holding his baby. His child. That all melted away into joy at the touch of her new skin against his when he had delivered the baby. Eden and Egon had experienced the joy together. First by making her and then in the delivery of her and it strengthened the bond of his marriage to Eden. It was a privilege to attend and deliver his wife's baby. The birth had been unique, a life experience, that was shared by husband and wife, mother and father, as they grew not only a baby, but a family. Seeing his wife give into this powerful maternal act called childbirth Egon was speechless. She had done it. Eden was a mother.

Eden looked up at her husband. The pain was gone now. Even though it was a natural pain, meant to happen for a reason, it was still pain. Eden had kept positive and reminded herself of the birth affirmations which she had read in class.

-My body knows how to give birth-

-I'm strong and powerful-

-The work I'm doing is important-

-Women have been doing this work forever-

Childbirth was normal. It wasn't a disease that needed to be treated. Labor was normal and Eden had found that the walk to the cabin had helped her greatly. She remembered when her body had told her what to do and was amazed by how different it felt to be on her hands and knees compared to squatting in front of her husband. She had felt so much more open holding onto Ray through her contractions. It had been hard work to delivery her baby. Ray had been there whispering into her ear words of encouragement.

"Yes, you can do it Eden."

"Just a little bit more."



Eden had pushed when her body told her too. She had felt that baby's buttocks come out followed by its legs. How exciting that had been! It felt so great to be in a position that was working to get her baby born. After that Eden had felt a need to wait. She took deep breaths and built up more energy for what was to come. With the next contraction she pushed out her baby girl's torso and felt the arms drop out too. Her body told her to wait now as she felt Egon take the baby's weight off of her. Egon must have placed the baby onto his arm because as the next contraction came she could feel the head come out as Egon lifted the baby up and over to deliver her. She remembered crying out at the end as that was the last hugest push that she had ever done. But now it was over. She had done it! She had birthed her baby all by herself! And she knew that Egon was proud of her.

Egon smiled at Eden and looked back into the baby's face. She was beautiful with a full head of light brown hair and deep blue eyes. Egon furled his brow. Somewhere he had seen this face before, but where?

"Wow!" Ray said still sitting on the couch. "Egon she's beautiful and she's your daughter!"

Egon looked up at Ray shocked. That was it! The eyes were different but the face was the same. It was the face of the young girl he had seen when he had died and had been sent to his father. Here was the girl that his father had asked for his help with. That was what his father had meant to say to him when he had asked! Not she's your sister as Ray had demised. She was Eden's daughter alright. Egon had been correct in that regard but she was his daughter.

"Ray!" Egon replied. "Now I know what my father meant to say. It wasn't my sister he meant it was she's your daughter!"

Edison smiled at his son watching him from above. Egon had done it. He had brought his first child into the world. The promise that Eli and him had made to the young girl had now been fulfilled. Edison was free to move on. Echo Eddington Spengler was now on earth.