Hi. I decided that I wasn't happy with the way season 2 ended, and because there's not gonna be a season 3, I will write my own. This is my version of a happy ending for the three best friends. I hope you like it and if you do, I would like a review…

A Wedding

As Victory walks down the aisle with her father, she realizes how happy they all are.

It's her big day. She's been looking out for this day ever since Joe asked her mom if she knew if there was a little church available for their wedding.

Then, not like other brides to be do when they're getting married, she didn't went shopping for the perfect dress. No, she made her own. And it was perfect. Wendy and Nico said the same thing. It was white, with thin, silver straps and decoration around her waist. And it was floor length. She felt like a princess now she was wearing it, four months later, slowly walking towards the man of her dreams.

Victory looks at her right and sees Wendy, Shane and Taylor. Shane just got back from his tour with Natasha Beddingfield. Wendy was holding Taylor's hand, who was sitting on her other side, and Shane had put his arm around her shoulders. Wendy smiled at Victory when she walked by and Victory smiled back at her.

On the row behind them she saw Maddie and Paul. She finally got permission to hang out with him again, and Victory decided to help them a little, so she also send an invitation to Paul. She was happy to see them together. Maddie looked really happy.

When she looked at her left she saw Nico and Kirby. They got back together and decided that they were both ready for the next level of their relationship: children. When Victory smiles at Nico she also sees Kirby's hand caressing Nico's belly. Nico smiles back at her as she walked by.

Then Victory kisses her dad, before she turns to Joe. Her father sits down on the front row next to her mother and squeezes her hand. They're both very happy for their daughter and they're acting much different then on the engagement party.

After saying "Yes I do" Joe finally gets to kiss his wife. Something he wanted to do for a very long time.

So this is it. I'm not sure if want to continue, but let me know if you have something you had wanted to see in the show. Just maybe I will turn this into a multi-chapter fic.