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"Matthieu!" My Papa called from in the kitchen

"Yes papa?" I asked walking down the stairs smelling my Papa's cooking instead of my Father's cooking.

"We 'avent talked in quite a while"He said,His voice full of concern.

"O-oui we haven't Papa" i said hoping he wouldn't bring up school again.

"Tell me,Do you 'ave anyone special yet?" He asked stirring something in a large pot.I panicked on the inside,On the outside i just blushed deeply.

"Uhh N-non Papa not yet"I said quietly looking out of the window where my Papa and Father's car was parked. Papa sipped his glass of wine staring out of the window with me.

"Matthieu.. ma petit feuille d'erable"He sighed watching the light fluffy snow fall to the put his hand on my head running his fingers through my wavy, blond, shoulder length hair stared at me "You are 17 and you 'ave never 'ad a boyfriend or girlfriend"He whispered to me."You 'ave never even had your first kiss!"He said louder.

"O-oui Papa i haven't but i do..L-like someone"I said looking outside at my Brother and Father shovel the drive way.

"Oh! Matthieu tell moi all about 'zem"he said grasping my hands in his.

"W-well...His name is Gilbert,He is nice,He notices me,He stands up for me,And i think i'm in love with him" i said covering my face with my hands.

"MATTIE! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!" My Brother said walking in covered in snow.

"Yes Congratulations Matthew. I hope you tell him really soon or else someone might steal him~"My Father sang teasingly wiping snow off of his coat.

"Give it a week you will be so proud and then you'll forget who i am" I thought but then just smiled and walked up to my room.I locked my door behind me,Sat on my bed and just thought about Gilbert and the way he makes me feel. He has the most beautiful cherry red eyes and shiny, silvery white hair I vowed tomorrow I would tell him how i felt. I know he would understand because he is my best friend and i know he is gay because he went out with Roderich last summer.I said to myself "I Matthew Williams will tell Gilbert Beilschmidt how i feel about him" And wrote it on my hand to remember.

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