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As i sat up i felt the thought of being bleeding on the inside would make anyone feel like they where going to die.

''Gilbert?...'' I asked slightly blushing

''Ja?''he asked slightly worried about what i was going to ask

''Would you carry me outside...It hurts'' i ask him tugging slightly on his sweater

He chuckled and slowly picked me up and carried me down the hallway and up to the main office to call my Papa.I don't know what it was but i felt so safe and warm in his arms. I wanted to stay there forever.

''Birdie whats your phone number?''Gilbert asked holding the phone as well as cradling me

''Here i'll dial it...''I picked up the phone and dialed my Papa's cell number ''B-bonjour Papa...Oui...Oui papa, je ne vous dans un autre combat à l'école...l'infirmière a dit que je saignais à l'intérieur ... pas de panique je suis en sécurité .. Je suis avec Gil..'' I hung up the phone and curled up with Gilbert on the couch outside of the office.

''G-Gil?...Do you think I'm going to die?''I asked starting to realize that being dead would be better than living and getting beat up everyday and getting sexually harassed by your class mates.

''Of course not! The world couldn't lose an angel like you''Gilbert said somewhat surprised at what i had said to him

''I'm no angel...'' i said turning over on his lap.

''What makes you say that Birdie?..You are the most beautiful person i have ever met and the kindest one too.I can't count how many times you saved me.''Gil said looking down at me stroking my hair.

''Saved YOU!? YOU saved ME more times than i can count''i said trying not to sit up too fast.

''Remember that time when i invited you over and my father was about to punch me and you said ''What did he ever do to make you like this?'' I was spared a black eye and probably a good whack in the face with a baseball bat''Gil said laughing like it was nothing.

''Y-yeah...But you saved me from getting raped by Ivan and Juan! and you saved me from that math test this afternoon too''I giggled.

''Glad i could help'' He said pulling my face closer to his until-

''mon dieu!'' My papa squealed running towards me.''mon petit Matthieu! How in the world did you get these injuries!''

''Papa i told you that i got beat up by Juan and Ivan again and like always G-Gil was there to save me'' I said to him getting up slowly.

''Hon Hon Hon''My papa laughed his signature laugh and i face-palmed ''Alright enough of zat we need to get you to ze 'ospital say Adieu to your friend''

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l'infirmière a dit que je saignais à l'intérieur ... pas de panique je suis en sécurité .. Je suis avec Gil..- The nurse said I was bleeding internally...don't worry I'm safe ...I'm with Gil.

je ne vous dans un autre combat à l'école. - I had another fight at school.

mon petit Matthieu!- My little Matthew!

adieu-Good bye

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