Rory's P.O.V.

I have to see her today I have to stop being such a pussy. I will talk to her I will talk to her. I can't get the image of the girl I love out of my head I half to see her today I half to my Prim. I mean I'm 15 and I've loved her since I was 6 and to top it off My brother Gale had a huge crush on her sister Katniss and things have been knid of awkward between our families ever since Katniss Married Peeta and Gale Married Madge. But I am determined to see her today so determined that I wasn't watching were I was going and I almost ran into her.

"Hi Rory!" said Prim yep that's me Rory Hawthorne

"Hi Prim didn't see you there." I said wishing I had been looking were I was going

"I noticed" she said with a smile "where are you headed?" she asked genuinely curious

"I was actually going to see you." I said a little embarrassed

"Well I was just on my way to get lunch over at greasy Sae's you know ever since the war ended 2 years ago her soup has gotten a lot better." She said Matter-of-factly

"Cool" I said "I actually wanted to know if you would like to come to dinner with me, mom, Posy, and Vick tonight It's just a little thing to celebrate the anniversary of Gale and Madge."

"Sure, I'd love to come" She said. With that we went to lunch.

That night Prim actually came, so me, Gale, Madge, mom, Vick, and posy all sat at the same table for once in a very long time 1 year to be exact.

"So" Gale said "Rory you being the man of the house to me and Madge get the bed tonight?"

"Sure" I said hoping Gale would bring this up so I can say what I say next "Vick will sleep on the couch tonight I'll be sleeping Prim's guest room" I said

"Okay" Gale said and with that we continued eating

Later that night me and Prim went off to her house and into her room that whole guest room thing such a lie Finnick, Annie, and there son use that room now. So we lay down in her bed kiss each other goodnight and go to sleep.

Author's note:I was going to put in the lunch seen but I didn't have time sorry :-(