So it's been a week since the crazy ass dream and I decided to take Prim into the woods it's dangerous with Katniss out there and all but I just need to take Prim out there and besides I'm not taking her to any of Katniss's spots just me and Gale's old spot at a small lake with a dock me and Gale built a couple years ago. So yeah I am taking her out there and no matter how much of a dumb-ass you say I am.

"So sweetheart are you ready to go?" I asked Prim from the bedroom

"Yep I am when you are honey" Prim said to me from the bathroom

"So let's go baby" I said and she giggled as I took the bags and pick Prim up wedding style

at the fence door

"Can you take the bags baby?" I asked Prim

"Sure can honey" Prim said as she took the back packs and put them on

"Hold on tight" I say as lift Prim into a piggy back ride and ran into the woods

in the woods while running

"Hey honey where we are we going?" Prim asked

"Someplace very special to me" I said I should probably explain me Gale and Dad used to go here when dad was still alive so it's pretty special to me

at the lake

"we're here baby" I said to Prim as I lift her off my back and start to unpack the picnic basket

"this place is amazing Rory" Prim said

"Yeah it is" I said " Me and dad and Gale used to come here a lot"

"Look a lake and a wood house" Prim said

"Yeah me dad and Gale built the house out here about a year before he died" I said

"Well you guys did an amazing job" Prim said

"Yeah we did didn't we" said chuckling to hide the sadness of thinking about my dad

"you guys did it's perfect" Prim said

"Hey Prim did Katniss ever teach you to swim" I said

"Hell yeah" Prim said

"Well why don't we?" I said as I took off my shirt

"Okay" Prim said "on one condition we skinny dip"

"Okay let's do it" I said jumping in the cool water naked

then she jumped in to completely naked and paddled over to me we are now treading water in the middle of the lake "Well?" Prim asked

"The jump was okay" I said

"well let's play marko polo" Prim said

"Okay" I said "I'm marko"

"Okay lets play" Prim said after a couple of hours we got tired and started kissing and caressing each other before I said "Lets go into the house and I'll give you a tour"

"Sounds cool honey" Prim said

I show her everything and I've renovated over the years and there is a couch and a TV now and we are watching TV with her snuggled up against me then out of no where she kisses me and soon we are caressing each other and she says "Rory lets go upstairs"

Prim said and I thought to myself if she wants to go further this time I will. Once we are up there we fall on the bed and we pick up where we left off making out Then I start kneading her breasts taking one up in my mouth and she moaned loudly and she grinded against my manhood obviously noticing that I was fully erect then brought faced up to hers and gently nibbled on her earlobe then whispered "I'm going to ravish you" then left a trail of kisses as I brought my mouth down to her mound and gently sucked her clit and she moaned and grabbed a healthy chunk of my hair and pulled letting me know she enjoyed my mouth then while sucking gently on her clit I licked it then I brought my face back up to hers and asked her" Do you want this I could always go back to using my mouth"

"please" Prim said

"you know it will hurt at first right" I said

"I want you inside me Rory" Prim said

"Okay Prim I love you" I said as I entered her slowly and I stopped when I felt her Hymen she was defiantly a virgin then moving forward a little further and she winced as I broke her hymen

"Do you want me to stop Prim" I said

"No just hold on I have to get used to this feeling and besides people wouldn't do it if it didn't feel good at some point right" Prim said

"Hey Prim what does it feel like to you?" I asked

"It feels like it's filling me up but in a good way" Prim said

"What does it feel like to you?" she asked

"Like getting a wet warm beautiful hug around my cock" I said

"You can move now Rory" she said and with that I started thrusting in her kissing her in time with my thrusts then then she started saying my name like a chant in time with our thrusts well saying is not the right word I think moaning is the right word then she said "Rory I think I'm about to cum" she said

"Me too." I said

"Rory I want you to cum inside me and with me" Prim said and we started picking up our pace and she yelled out my name and buried her head in the crook of my neck as she had her orgasm and her shuddering against me was all it took for me to climax then I rolled off of her and we stared at each other until we caught our breath when we did she said "I love you Rory I think I've needed that for a long time"

"That makes 2 of us" I said