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"What are they?" Miroku asked, looking at the pile of small, black boxes that Kagome took out of her bag. The Inuyasha gang had gathered in Kaede's hut as they took a few days to rest from the hunt for the jewel shards.

"These are disposable cameras," Kagome answered.

"What's a camera?" Shippo asked, hesitantly poking one of the cameras before jumping back quickly.

Kagome sometimes forgot that the others weren't used to modern technology and struggled to think of an explanation they would understand. "Those are the things that make the pictures in your book right?" Inuyasha asked, vaguely remembering the word camera from a previous conversation with Kagome.

Kagome nodded. She had once shown Inuyasha her photo album when he visited her in the modern era, showing him pictures of when she was still a baby, pictures of her dad, pictures of vacations she took with her family.

"It's a magic box that makes big pictures of stuff," Inuyasha explained to the others.

'Well I guess that's one way to think of it,' Kagome thought. "All you have to do is look through this little hole and press the silver button at the top and whatever you're looking at will be in the picture," Kagome said, pressing the button. The flash startled everyone, causing Inuyasha to grab his sword, Shippo to fall backward, Sango to reach for her Hirakotsu and Miroku to hold up his covered wind tunnel. "Oh yeah, it'll flash if it's too dark in the pictures," she said sheepishly. "I brought a camera for everyone. Each camera has only twenty-five pictures so when they're all done I'll take it back to my time to develop and bring the finished pictures back to you guys. Just make sure you don't put the camera in water or drop t or it won't work anymore."

"I want a picture with Kagome," Shippo said excitedly, jumping up from his seat.

"I want a picture with the beautiful Sango. Her flawless beauty should be captured for future generations," Miroku said, scooting closer to her.

"You pervert!" Sango cried, slapping him as he began to rub her bottom.

Kagome snapped the picture quickly, capturing a fuming Sango and Miroku with a vibrant red handprint on his cheek. These were the moments Kagome wanted to preserve forever, the normal moments when they weren't searching for jewel shards or fighting for their lives.

"Stupid monk will never learn," Inuyasha muttered, slipping his camera into his sleeve.

"Come on, let's take that picture Shippo," Kagome said, handing Sango the camera.

The next two weeks passed in a blur of shard hunting, demon slaying, and camera flashing. Everyone seemed to be focused on taking pictures of different things. Though Kagome honestly wasn't sure what she expected everyone to take pictures of. It just seemed like something everyone would enjoy. Shippo seemed to have the most fun with the camera, a very enthusiastic photographer. Everyone enjoyed having the cameras, even Inuyasha, who didn't say it outloud, but you could see the subtle happiness the camera gave him.

As the last camera finally ran out of film, Kagome collected them all and returned to her time to stock up on supplies as well as develop the pictures.

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