"I'm back everyone," Kagome called as she walked into the hut.

"Welcome back Kagome-chan."

"Good to see you again Kagome-sama."

"Didya bring any ramen back?"

"Did you bring the pictures?" Shippo asked, jumping up and down.

Kagome laughed as she set her bag on the floor. "Yes, I brought ramen and the pictures." She began handing out the different color envelopes depending on the person: purple for Miroku, pink for Sango, blue for Shippo, green for herself, and of course red for Inuyasha. "Let's take a look at them all."

"Me first, me first," Shippo said, opening his envelope quickly.

Quite a few of Shippo's pictures were partially blocked by his finger in front of the lens, much to the amusement of the others. But the pictures grew better as they went through the pile. Kagome smiled as she saw the picture of her and Shippo sitting together the day she had brought them the camera; she made a mental note to make a copy of it. His pictures varied in subject from flowers in a field to a young girl in a village they had just visited, leading to much teasing from Miroku and Inuyasha. He had a particularly good picture of Inuyasha walking, turning his head back toward them as he said something.

"What's this picture of, Shippo?" Miroku asked as he put it down for the others to see. It seemed to be just a picture of the night sky with some twinkling stars.

"It's a picture of the great fox demon," Shippo replied.

"Who's that?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Well when I was small-"

"You mean smaller," Inuyasha teased.

Shippo stuck his tongue out at him before continuing. "My Pa used to tell me the story of the great fox demon. That's him there in the sky," Shippo said, tracing an imaginary line between the stars.

The hut fell silent as they watched Shippo. For such a young kitsune, he had lost a lot already. Both of his parents were already gone; all he had left was the Inuyasha gang. "So tell us the story already run," Inuyasha said gruffly, breaking the somber silence. "I know you want to."

Kagome smiled gratefully at Inuyasha, who blushed faintly and looked away. "Yeah Shippo, tell us the story."

"Okay I guess," he said, getting comfortable. "A long, long time ago, there was a young fox demon. He lived in a den with his family, his parents and brothers and sisters. And they were all happy living on this big mountain. They had lots of food and water and room to roam. Everyone was happy especially the young fox demon. But one day a bear youkai found their den." Shippo paused for dramatic effect, looking around at everyone. "All the foxes were cornered in the den. The Ma and Pa were beaten and it looked like all the foxes were gonna be bear dinner. But then the fox demon got really mad and he got huge," Shippo said, stretching his arms wide. "Bigger than even this hut. And he killed the bear youkai. So the fox demon decided to go up into the sky so he could always see if his family needed help and could protect them. So that's the story of the great fox demon. Pa said he's our ancestor so he looks out for me too," Shippo concluded.

"That was a great story Shippo," Sango said, smiling.

"I think this is my favorite picture," Shippo said, looking at the fox demon constellation.

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