Disclaimer: Nothing related to ATTWN belongs to me; the original characters are mine, but they are each loosely based on the various guests in the book, which do not belong to me either, nor does the original plot belonging to Agatha Christie. Ah, isn't it nice to re-post a story I took down years ago? Here's hoping I'll get around to finishing it this time!

6:00 AM. I am tired. I do not know how I will get through my last day of eleventh grade before exams. Coffee might help.

I have been up since 3:00 AM cleaning up the loose ends of my work. Now, at 6:00 AM, I am ready to sleep all day. Instead, I will take a short nap before getting ready for school. It is absolutely necessary for me to be there, or else everything will fall apart.

I blink to keep myself awake. I stand up and take one last look at my list:

Thomas Craig

Tabitha Hart

Abbott Lamb

Max Llewellyn

Michael Mason

Aimee McMillan

Lindsey McMillan

Richard Nelson

Miranda Sherman

Brent Short

A smirk finds its way across my face. One of these names is my own. I cannot risk this list falling into the wrong hands, after all.

I walk out of the room and close the door. In exactly two weeks, three days, ten hours, and thirty minutes, my plan will be launched into action. And it will go down in history as the perfect crime.