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Star was a 3 year-old buckskin filly. She had a black star on her forehead, which was how she got her name, and had been raised as a completely wild mustang from the day she was born. Both her mother and her father had lived with two-legs before she was born, her mother, a brown and white paint mare named Rain, had been raised by the kind Lakota Indians. Her father, the large, buckskin mustang stallion who was the leader of the herd and who Star was the near spitting image of, had been born wild, then captured by wranglers and sold to the two-legs of the U.S. Calvary. There he met the two-leg that had owned Rain at the time and they managed to escape together. After quite a few adventures together, the Indian boy, named Little Creek, and Star's father, who was called Spirit-who-could-not-be-tamed, or just Spirit by the two-legs, managed to win back their freedom. Then Little Creek set Rain free and she and Spirit ran back to his herd together.

Star was currently the horse who was going to become the next leader of the herd. Her two younger siblings were both fillies as well, so unless Rain had a colt before Spirit died, she, as the oldest, was going to lead the herd. She was usually close by her father, watching him, taking notes on how to lead what would one day be her herd. But besides knowing that she would one day take on the responsibility of leading the herd, Star led a pretty care-free life. Little did she know that in a few days that was all about to change.

But for now she would just go about happily, chasing butterflies and eating grass, oblivious to the pain that was arriving on horseback, just a few days from turning her world upside-down.

The large buckskin stallion stood on the top of the hill that overlooked the valley where all the other horses in his herd grazed, keeping watch over the horses as he always had since he had become the leader of his herd. Suddenly his ears pricked up and his head spun around as a young buckskin filly, almost the spitting image of him exept for a black star on her forehead, trotted up to him. She rubbed her head against his neck and he gently nuzzled the top of her head and nickered soflty to his daughter. She nickered back to him, and he cold tell something was on her mind. "What do you need, Star?" Spirit asked gently. The two of them had the closest bond of any pair of horses in the herd and Spirit had never been rough with her, and had never had a reason to skeak harshly to her. "3 horses want to join the herd, Dad. A mare and her 3 year-old twins, one colt and one filly. Can they join the herd, Dad?" Star asked. Spirit looked down at his daughter kindly as she stared up at him with big, curious eyes. She was going to have to make these decisions on her own, someday, and she wouldn't have the experienced knowledge of her father to ask for advice, he realised with a start. And she was going to have to get the experience to make wise decisions on her own without endangering the rest of the herd before that. Might as well start now. "Well," he began "you've met these newcomers, and I haven't. And I trust your judgement. So, what do you think?"

Star looked shocked. Her father, who in her mind was the all-knowing, all-powerful, undefeatable leader and protector of the herd, was asking her for advice! "Weeelllll, the mare seems a little odd, but I like the colt and the filly, sooo, I think we should... let them in?" she said looking up to her up to her father for criticism. He nodded his approval to her "Always go with your gut feeling. It's usually right." Star looked up at him questioningly "Usually?" she asked. Spirit's ears flicked his ears back and dipped his head low, looking embarrassedly up at his daughter. "Your mother and I... Well, let's just say that I didn't really like her when I first met her and my innitial gut feeling was wrong, alright?" Then he lifted his head and said "Right let's go see our three newest herd members!" Spirit galloped off in the direction Star had come from, with Star laughing good-naturedly at his embaressment as she followed close behind him

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