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Despite Kurokami Medaka no longer being Hakoniwa Academy's Student Council President, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi nonetheless adheres to certain traditions started by Medaka-chan.

If he was perfectly honest, there was no romantic notion in his continued watering of the new potted flowers. Instead, Zenkichi was merely fulfilling the promise he made to his best friend, and so, with each hurdle overcome, he adds yet another pot.

The room does not fill as fast as during Medaka's reign, what with the lack of the suggestion box, but he does not mind in the slightest, because he is confident that the academy will turn into the flower garden Medaka-chan had always dreamed it to be. If anything, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi knows the value of hard-work, and though it is not as meaningful as it should, especially in this academy of geniuses of varying degrees, it is enough for him.

So Hitoyoshi Zenkichi procures a pot of scented flora after every success, and makes sure each and every one is tended to, personally.

He is surprised, then, one weekend Saturday, when he opens the doors to the student council chambers with a pot of sunflowers in hand, and Medaka-chan is there, sprawled on the couch contentedly, surrounded by flowers that varied in color and species.

"You seem happy, Medaka-chan." He greets her with a warm grin.

Medaka's eyes open and her crimson orbs shimmer with delight. "I am. You're doing an admirable job, Zenkichi."

"This is nothing." He tells her cockily.

A brief silence settles between the two before Medaka giggles and Zenkichi follows suit; what Zenkichi has achieved in his month's reign was truly nothing against the successes of her average week. Still, she is happy, because the students are becoming more responsible, and that was something she could never make them do.

When their laughter subsides, Zenkichi settles the sunflowers on the coffee table in the middle of the room; Medaka watches him with an expectant gaze before she rises to sit on the couch. She pats the spot beside her.

Zenkichi needs no further invitation and he complies; Medaka's head is immediately against his neck's warmth. He is stunned but not disoriented; Medaka-chan has always been quite affectionate, especially now when she needn't act the prim and proper role of a righteous president.

"Medaka-chan?" he begins softly, "Not that I mind, but is there any reason you're at school on a weekend?"

"I'm meeting my brother and sister this afternoon."

"I see." He nods; it is an acceptable reason. "So you decided to come visit me, first?"

Her head cranes upwards and she blinks. "Of course. There is something I want to ask; those glasses you are wearing, they are real?"

Zenkichi knows that Medaka knows the answer, but he still nods and grins sheepishly. "Yeah. All this council work's messing up my eyes."

It is a futile fib, he already knows; Medaka's nose crinkles at the reply and she prods, "Are you sure? This does not have anything to do with your battle with Second Year Kumagawa?"

Though her words are meant to be a question, Medaka only speaks of it as such out of politeness.

Medaka stares at him intently, her eyes narrowing in accusation as she calmly waits for him to admit. He finally does. "That…could be a possibility."

"A huge possibility." She does not let the matter drop.

Her scrutiny remains intent.

His defenses crumble, and he grudgingly repeats.

"…A huge possibility."

She pulls back, slightly, and she hides her face from his view until he is staring at the crown of her shoulder-length, purple hair, and that lock that is always sticking out. Despite her trepid actions, her voice is still controlled. "Is Parasite Seeing failing you, Zenkichi?"

It is a thin veil masking her true question; is he slowly growing blind?

Zenkichi levels his gaze on the far wall as he chooses the words. "I am a Normal granted the power of an Abnormal." He says without a hint of ire, and he shrugs. "It was only a matter of time before issues arose. Incompatibility, failure, what have you."

After all, Parasite Seeing was not his own skill, but one merely lent to him by Ajimu Najimi, as a way to return the eyesight Kumagawa had delighted in stealing from him when the Minus carelessly flaunted his power just because he could.

A dark cloud settles on Kurokami Medaka and Zenkichi rests a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to placate her. Inwardly, though, Zenkichi is happy at what he sees; Medaka-chan is growing, just like Miyakonojou Oudo and the rest of the Abnormals before her.

"I might hate Second Year Kumagawa." Medaka huffs angrily.

Zenkichi humorously points out. "You just said you might hate someone, Medaka-chan."

"It is a normal reaction." Medaka shrugs, too, and he can see that she really has grown. "If someone hurts your friend, wouldn't you naturally dislike the offender?"

He sees that she is sincere with her words, and now more than ever, he knows, Medaka-chan is growing. She's no longer forcing herself to be perfect- no longer burdened with the responsibility of making everyone happy despite her choices eating her inside- and so she begins to question herself, her reactions, and her choices, instead of constantly calculating what best would make the other happy.

Just like a normal girl, should.

"True, but 'what's done is done'." He quotes Shakespeare's famous line.

"How can you say that, Zenkichi?" Medaka's eyes narrow. "Why aren't you furious?"

"Oh, I am." Zenkichi tells her and their eyes meet. "But that won't return my eyesight, so there's no point dwelling on it. I could ask Anshin'in-san to give me another pair, but the result would be the same." His brows knit in serious contemplation. "I could ask Hanten-san if he could craft me new eyes, but somehow, I don't think my body can handle it."

Despite his words, he is honestly touched that Medaka-chan took such an affront at his situation.

"And besides, we've already made peace with Kumagawa-sempai. Sort of."

He is not very convincing, she finds, but Medaka nonetheless concedes.

Medaka purses her lips before sighing self-deprecatingly. "This is all my fault." She declares in a morose tone. "If I hadn't let you fight- if I hadn't allowed that fight to occur- then you wouldn't be in this situation."

It is an odd role-reversal that it is Zenkichi who flicks Medaka's forehead. "Now you're rounding back to stupid." He quips dryly. "It's not your fault, Medaka-chan. It's mine, because it was my choice." He grins at her roguishly. "I knew I wouldn't leave that fight unscathed, anyway."

He was only normal, after all.

"I still share part of the blame." She tells him stubbornly, and her glinting eyes broker no room for negotiation.

A smile makes its way to his lips. "See, you're learning, Medaka-chan." He teases his childhood friend lightheartedly. "Now you don't have to be too right." Her lips pout at his words but does not open to complain. "Pretty soon, you can admit you're wrong, then you can learn, and then you can laugh."

Medaka shoots him a mirthful smirk. "Trying to sound cool again, Zenkichi?"

His brow twitches at her knowing gaze.

"Kah! Fine!"

Medaka giggles and Zenkichi can say it is a chime he does not mind hearing more often, if he could.

"Alright. We both shoulder part of the blame." He grumbles, folding his arms.

She retracts her head from its resting spot against his warmth and looks on at him questioningly. "Do you know when your eyesight will give way?"

"No clue." He admits, and she can tell that it scares him.

"Hmmm…" she hums thoughtfully to herself before deciding. "Then it would be best to see everything you want to see until then, right?"

Zenkichi scratches his cheek, having honestly not thought of it. "I guess that's a good idea."

"Very well. As your childhood friend, I shall do everything in my power to let you see whatever you want to see!" She nods self-assuredly, and beats her fist against her sternum as she puffs her chest out. "Name it, Zenkichi, and I shall do my best to deliver!"

As he stares at her, an image flashes before his mind and he opens his mouth reflexively until his thoughts catch up with him, and his mouth closes with a snap. Medaka tilts her head to the side questioningly. "Zenkichi?"

"Then…Medaka-chan…" Zenkichi replies slowly and his lips dry in his struggle. "I…want to see you happy. In a field of flowers."

It is not the entirety of what he truly wants, but it is enough, because it is the dream he had always wanted to see when Medaka-chan spoke of hers in that late afternoon when she brought that first pot of sunflowers to decorate this very room.

Medaka stares into Zenkichi's eyes searchingly, because she can tell that his words are not the entirety of the truth. A coy smile finds itself on her lips and she stands up, "Very well." and takes those few steps until she was directly in front of him at the center of the room, surrounded by the flowers he took tender care of.

She glances around and comments, "Just from looking at this, I can tell, these flowers..." Her eyes are wistful. "...I can tell they all have something in common."

"Hrmm?" Zenkichi grunts questioningly.

"You, Zenkichi. You tend to them well."

She throws her hands to her sides,

Her clothing kisses the floor,

And Kurokami Medaka smiles at him, brilliantly.

She is happy, because it is her Zenkichi that sees her.

The flush on her bare skin painted an awe-inspiring sight that etched itself into his memories.

The woman he loves, in a field of flowers.

"Thank you, Zenkichi."

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