Hello! This is just a fluffy series that I thought you all might enjoy I do have a facebook for this account Prince Ofluff if you would like to be posted on what other works are going on and ideas I'm having. Harry Potter and Mummy and Scorpion King do not belong to me. This takes place before The Mummy and ignores parts of the Mummy Returns and Scorpion King.

Dark eyes watched the earth below. Time seemed to float rather than pass. The Jackal headed God watched as time floated backwards and forwards. Seeing future events, seeing past events…seeing possibilities. His childe, his little Master of Death, the only thing on the mortal plain he truly had any personal interest in. He had placed his childe in the Wizarding World…but that had not turned out quite as he had planned. His childe had been taken advantage of, used to fight in a mortal's war….not to mention all of the distressing adventures he had encountered up to this point. No this would not do…he would have to find somewhere else to put his childe.

The images in front of him swirled in a dizzying fashion as he thought deeply. Where…where could he put him? He paused as an image pasted him. Interesting…That was certainly a thought. IF he had been a mortal he might have been tempted to rub at his temples. But he was above such things. So instead his eyes narrowed very slightly in thought. That could work… He reached into the world and plucked his child out of time and space. He held the shifting soul carefully in his hands as he looked down at the reflection before him. He had faith that he would not be disappointed.

Ardeth looked out over the expanse of desert that he protected. Few knew it, but he was a Demi God. He had been the leader of the Pharaoh's guardians who had imprisoned the beast in the beginning. He had lived through centuries leading his people and protecting the world. He closed his eyes and he took a deep breath. No matter how much time had passed, no matter how many things changed, the desert still smelled as it always had. As it always would. He stilled when he sensed a new presence near him. A very powerful presence.

He opened his eyes he made very sure he was staring straight ahead. Demi God though he may be he was not strong enough to look upon a God directly. He bowed his head, still keeping his gaze forward "My Lord Anubis…how may I serve you?"

Anubis watched the Demi God silently for a moment. He was wise, strong and very honorable. Events would come that would change many things and Demi God Ardeth was in the best position to deal with them. He was assured that he had made the right choice. Silently he laid the child before Ardeth and said only "Watch over him." Nothing more was needed.

Ardeth was confused but remained silent until he was certain that Anubis had departed. When he opened them he went completely still. Directly before him lay a child. Not just any child. One bearing the mark of Anubis. This was his childe. He knelt and gently picked up the boy, bright green eyes looked at him from beneath dark lashes. Riotous black hair sprang up from the child's hair; he brushed back the mass to look more closely at the mark on the child's forehead. It was small at the moment…but no childe of a God would be born with a mark that did not have any importance. It was the mark that Anubis protected this child. He would merely have to be content with that. He had been put in charge of this child's care. He would not fail this duty.

The God of Death watched as Ardeth gathered the child and began to take him to his people. Yes this guardian had been the right choice. His child would be safe. He glanced at the pictures that were streaming in front of him. They showed him many things. Interesting things. His childe would certainly be the cause of some fascinating events. He eyed one image in particular. It was not bad... He would merely have to watch and wait. This was the best choice. He would be content.

This is the prologue for now for my slightly dark but fluffy series. I'll post the first chapter sometime tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the preview!