Hello! Yay another story from me! But I must warn you, it'll probably be bad. So like the summary said the characters will be OOC like Amu and Nagihiko. they might stay OOC or change. Rima on the other hand didn't really change that much I guess. Except that in this story I made her portray an ugly girl while in the anime she is rather beautiful. Okay so enough of my rambling. Read! Review.

Hidden in the outskirts of Japan lies a kingdom of dance. The citizens in the kingdom are all magnificent dancers. Except for one individual. Though she was born and raised in this kingdom, her dancing is quite ungraceful. Her steps are wrong, her rhythm is off, and she trips every few steps. She is the laughing stock at her academy. Soon the kingdom will have a new ruler. Since the king and queen don't have a child, they'll give the throne to their grandchild. That grandchild happens to be the one and only, Mashiro Rima. The girl who's dancing is not refined. Many of the citizens protested against Rima becoming the queen of he kingdom because her dancing is the worst there is in that kingdom, but the king and queen insist on their granddaughter becoming the queen after them. Rima refuses because she says a girl like her shouldn't be crowned ruler of a kingdom filled with dancers. To add to her dancing, her appearance isn't all that great either. She has big glasses, messy blonde hair, and her attire is not something worthy of the castle. But no matter how much she protested, she was going to become queen whether she liked it or not.

Rima's POV

This is so not happening. Me? Becoming the queen? This kingdom has a line of dancers who could be worthy of the throne. But why me? I'm the worst dancer in the whole kingdom. I can't rule a kingdom with a reputation of dancing when I'm no good at it. Everyone in school is badmouthing me because of the decision made by my grandparents. They're all saying things like,

"Mashiro-san becoming queen? That's impossible. Look at her! She can't dance and her looks don't help her. She doesn't act like a queen and she doesn't look like a queen."

See. This is all I hear down the halls and in the classrooms. It's everywhere! My life is a living hell thanks to this one girl in my class. And her name is Hinamori Amu. It pains me to say that name because her name is full of venom. Not really, but it would make sense if it was. She's a girl who dates almost every guy in the entire school. All the guys know that she dates anyone that appeals to her, but they don't care. They just want her body. Not Amu herself. The only person I know that hasn't fallen for her charisma is Fujisaki Nagihiko, the best dancer there is. Even so, he still makes fun of me and taunts me everyday because of my dancing. That's why I resent him the most. Sure everyone hates me and chooses to bully me, but he is worse. It was back in 5th grade when he did something to embarrass me in front of everyone.


"Okay everyone! Are you guys ready for your dance test?" the teacher said with enthusiasm.

"Yes!" The students yelled back in response. I, however, was dreading this day. Today was the day I had to do a Traditional Japanese dance in front of the entire class. Which sucks because Fujisaki over there specializes in Traditional Japanese dance and will probably be watching my every move. Making em more nervous by the minute.

"Okay class, I'll just randomly call you up here to perform. Is that clear?" the teacher asked in voice that sounded like she was talking the 1st graders rather than 5th graders.

"Yes!" The kids shouted.

"Okay then! First up is...Mashiro Rima."

Oh god. Out of all the 25 kids in the class,she just had to pick my name.

"Mashiro-san! It's time for you to preform!"

Reluctantly I stood up and walked to the center of the classroom. The teacher already put in the CD I brought and it started playing the song I had to dance to. Slowly I opened my fan and started to dance. It was going so well until Fujisaki walked over to "talk" To the teacher, and purposely stepped on my orange kimono. A ripping sound was heard in the dead silent classroom, and my kimono was ripped I half. My teacher quickly got a towel and wrapped it around me and told me to go change back into my uniform. While I was leaving, I saw Fujisaki give me a glare with a smug smirk.

~End Flashback~

Ever since that day I've never worn a kimono at school. Oh great! Speak of the devil. Here comes Fujisaki

"Why hello there Mashiro-san. Lovely day isn't it?" he said with a smirk place on his face. I would just love to slap that smirk right off his face.

"It was. Before you showed up." I retaliated while giving him a glare.

"Oh now that isn't very nice. This is why you couldn't become queen. You're rude to people and always give them smart remarks. You aren't fit to be a royal. I can't believe you're related to the king and queen, who actually know how to dance, were as you don't know how." He said. With that him and is "followers" walked to the back of the classroom and took their seats.

The bell rang and our homeroom teacher, Azuma-sensei walked into class and stated,

"Okay class I have an announcement. The neighboring kingdom of music, Pandora, decided to share their annual music festival with us this year. There obviously will be music and since our kingdom is going to be there, Dancing. There will also be a singing contest at the end of the festival where anyone can go up and sing and they'll announce the winner when everything is done. Is that clear?"


It was very clear to me. I wonder why I was born in the kingdom of Dance rather than the kingdom of Pandora. Class seemed to just pass by quickly and before I knew it, it was lunch time. As usual, I sat under a sakura tree out in the field. Ugh! Here comes the stupid purple-headed demon people call Fujisaki.

"Hey Mashiro-san, are you going to join the singing contest? If you do, I'll need to tell the rest of the students to bring earplugs." He laughed. His friends gave him high-fives while I just sat there.

Why don't I join the contest? I have an amazing voice.

"You know what Fujisaki, I will."

"You will?" He questioned. I'm not sure if this is true, but I think I saw the slightest bit of fear in his eyes when he heard me say that. I'm going to have fun with this.

" You heard me. I'll join and sing in front of the two kingdoms. Just you wait." before Fujisaki could say anything else, I walked off to go find another spot to finish eating my lunch in peace.

Just you wait Fujisaki. I'll show you. I'll show everyone that I'm not worthless. I'm not going to let Fujisaki have the satisfaction of winning this time. I'll make him regret ever embarrassing me.

So? How was it? It was probably bad right. Sorry about the spacing if it's weird to you, but the word seemed too close to me and I thought it would give people headaches if they read the story with words that close. Well I hope you like it so far. I'll post more chapters later. Bye for now!