Chapter 1: forget it!


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Title: never mind

Author: dewdrop

Summary: just the classic lucy-gets-replaced-by-lisanna incident, but again, who knows what could happen to this blonde? Run away? Of course. Train to get stronger? Everyone says she's weak, so she will show her she's not. Fall in love? With whom? Meet a dragon? The choice is all hers to make. But can she ever let go of the past, without her best friend by her side?

Disclaimer: fairy tail is not mine, of course

Lucy's POV

It was just another peaceful day at the guild. A very peaceful one.

I sighed inwardly. I have no clue what kind of day it was at the guild anyway, I'm not even there, or do i even want to be anymore. All because of a certain incident (in addition of a slut to spice things up *gags*). An incident that brought me down, maybe for good.

it all happened in that one night...


3rd person's POV

Lisanna's back

And of course, everyone was celebrating. Everyone who knew her before, of course. The guild was filled with joy, mira and elfman cried happy tears non-stop until lisanna was saved(?) from the two bone-crushing hugs she were in. She was soon in another crowd of curious guild mates. She sighed. Her eyes were on a two people that night. You can guess the first.

Yes, it was the pink-air-headed idiot, salamander. Who was currently fighting with gray over god knows what. Natsu wanted to glomp on the youngest take over mage as soon as he brought her to the guild but mira and elfman got ahead of him. Lisanna giggled. At least she knew natsu missed her.

Her other attention was on a certain celestial mage. She looked at her a few times. Not recognizing her at first, she must have thought she's a new member. But when she turned around (yes, she was glued to the bar table with her arms over her head) she immediately thought of her blonde sadistic dominatrix of a


That's Lucy!

And as soon as she recognized the delinquent's earthland counterpart, she glanced back at natsu. she was not stupid. She knew lucy ashley had the thing for natsu draigon. She knew. But what about earthland-lucy? Does natsu feel anything for her?

She clenched her clammy fists. Natsu was the love of her life. And now she saw a girl in his life. Why did this never cross her mind before? If ashley and draigon have a special relationship...

So they too... have that relationship...

Lucy threw herself to the bar table tiredly wobbling like jelly. Ever since lisanna came back, it was hard to talk to Natsu (or anyone at that point). Every time she wanted to talk, Natsu was either with Lisanna or with Gray (fighting, don't get the wrong idea). Erza was keeping watch of all the fights in the guild, smacking heads once in a while.

Levy was busy intogerating Lisanna on how edolas looked like and how did it feel to get sucked into another world, and she written all of it down with shimmering eyes full of enthusiasm. Gajeel was, of course, following her around. Juvia wandered around the guild at where the ice mage was, not having any idea who lisanna is. Cana was busy drinking, and don't even try to ask about the Strauss siblings.

She sighed again. Not even wendy even cared enough to ask her what was going on, since charle insisted that she goes back to fairy hills immediately before the guild gets filled with drunken idiots. Lucy blinked. She was right, what the heck was she doing here anyway?

Right then, natsu and lisanna approached her. Seeing natsu's toothy grin mustered on his toned, childish face, lucy smiled. It quickly turned into a grimace as soon as she saw lisanna looping her arm through his. She honestly didn't hate lisanna, and she knew she couldn't help it but why does her heart ache so much?

"yo lucy!" he grinned, planting his arm on her shoulder. "This is lisanna, my childhood friend."

She shoved off his hand, all of her senses guarded. "i know that natsu, i was there when pantherlily found her."

"oh yeah i forgot" he rubbed the back of his head. Lucy's face fell.

Did you forgot about it, or did your forget about me?

"You're lucy right?" Lisanna said. "Lucy ashley's counterpart... Ne?"

"Mmhm" she lazily replied. Lisanna smiled. Too bright... For a ghost- or most better described 'zombie' like her at least.

"Well its a pleasure to meet you lucy... Um..."

"Heartfilia" she scowled, fortunately for her the erratic idiot and the undead didn't realize it. She almost wanted them to, though.

"Lucy heartfilia" she giggled weirdly. "So have I been right to trust natsu in your capable hands?"

Instead of blushing at that statement, Lucy shot up and glared at her, ready to scoff back any damn word she says about her natsu.

"And what was that supposed to mean?"

"Thanks for taking care of him while I'm gone!" She grinned which seemed like an evil grin from lucy's view. What lucy heard was "thanks for stealing him from me while I'm gone! And now I'm gonna take him back for myself!"

However, an exhausted blond chose to play it safe. Lucy truly wanted to slap her but her body won't seem to let her do anything but slumping on to the bar table and grit her teeth. So instead, she burried her head inside her arms and muttered something that sounded like "bepwumi" while supressing her anger, clenching her fists.

"Lucy, are you alright?" Erza—who was currently eating cake three seats from where she's sitting—asked.

Lucy nodded weakly. "Iie, daijoubu erza, I'm just tired"

"Natsu, hurry up and do it" lisanna pouted and pulled his sleeve childishly. "I wanna go see mira-nee"

"Okay okay, you were the one going bla-bla-bla with her" he said, pointlessly closing his ears and imitating lisanna's voice poorly. Lisanna glared at him and punched his stomach, not a soft punch at that. Natsu ow-edd and laughed. lisanna snapped, scolding natsu while pretending to be mad when she's actually about to burst out laughing. Lucy honestly wanted to puke at this scene, sick of them acting like a couple already, and in front of her out of all people.

"Anyway, lucy" he said, recovering instantly. "Now that lisanna's back, we wanna go back to our old team!"

Lucy widened her eyes in disbelief, forcing herself to ignore her crazy conclusion, desperately convincing herself that natsu meant something else. Despite her stubborness, her hands were sweating cold beads of water. No, she's part of natsu's team. She just wants to join it, no less! She gulped at her own stupid thought.

"oh.. what's the problem then? I'm fine with it" she beamed. "the more the merrier, right?"

Natsu's eyes sparkled. "Wow! I never thought it only took that to convince her!"

"Me too" lisanna said, not believing this is lucy. Then again, this petite blond in front of her is not the kogal she once knew, wasn't she?

Natsu's words made lucy scoff even more "what do you mean by that? I have no problem with her joining our—your team. It's 'team natsu' after all, and you're the one who's in charge

Natsu skeptically stared at her. "Lucy, you're weird"

"how am i weird?" Lucy scowled, losing her temper.

"What I meant was, you need to trade places with lisanna!" He explained. Lucy felt a punch in the gut, and gulped. Her sight became blurry, and it was so hard for her to talk.

"W-what do you mean?"Lucy sputtered, flashing her head to erza for help.

"That's a good idea natsu, that way we can see how much lisanna improved in edolas" she said. "And lucy can go on solo missions to improve her strength, ne, lucy?"

So you mean I'm weak?

"Oh sure! No problem- lisanna, be careful okay? I can't guarantee you'll get the pay though" she fake smiled. Erza laughed, taking her humor instead of the quiver in her voice.

"I think lisanna can handle natsu" erza said, burrying her fork in her cake.

So you mean I can't handle natsu?

"Hey! Whaddaya mean by that lucy?" Natsu yelled, just realizing what lucy was saying about the payment.

What I meant was...

Lisanna giggled along with erza at natsu's obliviousness. Lucy can't take it. He's not even calling her by her nickname anymore!

Never mind! Just forget it!

She stood up straight, storming to the door of the guild. She doesn't know why, but she doesn't feel like home. She felt anger and betrayal.

As soon as she barged out of the building, the tears in her eyes started to rain down her cheeks, blurring her view. She started speed walking, and running downhill. She ran and ran automatically, not even knowing her way or where she was going. What she knew was she needed to stay away. Away from them.

She somehow ended up in front of her apartment since she can hear the frequent "lucy-chan, be careful" gesture from the boatsmen. Which she ignored as usual. She harshly threw the door closed, and jumped on her bed, soaking her tears in her pillow.

end of the flashback

and know I don't know what do...

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