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Title: never mind

Author: dewdrop

Summary: just the classic lucy-replaces-lisanna incident. But again, who knows what could happen to this blonde? Run away? Of course. Train to get stronger? Everyone says she's weak, she'll show her she's not. Fall in love? With whom? Meet a dragon? The choice is all her to make.

Disclaimer: i just own the plot and not the series.

Chapter name: travelling.

"Are you sure you didn't forget anything, princess?" Loke asked to make sure. Lucy frowned.

"For the eleveth time, Loke! no i didn't! geez! and we're not even at the station yet!"

"You're only bringing a pair of shoes, you know." Loke sighed. "Don't use heels for combat training."

"Ah... i forgot." Lucy realized, but changed her mood instantly and grinned. "Who cares about shoes~ i can just buy them! besides, all of the shoes i have at home have heels, so bringing more won't really help."

"Of course. I expect nothing less from you, hime-sama~"Loke said almost sarcastically. Lucy blushed, getting the wrong idea.

"idiot!" she said and karate-chopped his head.

"Oh yeah, since you're the princess here, i should pay attention to you from head to toe." He teased.

"Don't make me hit you again." She grumbled, hiding a pink blush that's spreading across her face.

"Its the rule!" He said with a serious face, containing his laughter. "First, i have to notice if you change your hairstyle, so i should always examine you from your head," he flicks her forehead. "to the toe."

"ow!" Lucy pouted, rubbing her semi-red forehead.

"Second, I bow down really low whenever i see you." He said and bowed.

"You better not mean that in a perverted way." Lucy said and raised her fist.

"Third. For every word you say, or every selfish request you ask-"

"selfish? i'm not selfish!" She pouted.

"Shh, let me finish!, For every word you say, i shall only reply with a pretty concise response." He chuckled.

"As if!" She denied irediculously. "Concise response?You do all the talking here!"

"Most likely because i'm a smooth talker." Loke chuckled.

"Just tell me what you mean by 'concise response'"

"Yes, my princess."

"Err- so?"

"Yes, my princess."

"are you gonna tell me or what?"

"Yes, my princess."

"tell me!"

"Yes, my princess."

at this point, a vein popped on Lucy's head. "Loke!"

"Yes, my princess?"

"Are you even taking me seriously?!"

"Yes, my princess." Loke muttered again like a robot, stifling his laughter.

"Arrrgghh!Loke! i'm serious!" Lucy whined, tearing her hair out in frustation. "Fine! whatever!"

"Ah, princess," Loke said, realizing something. "I just realized."

"What now!" Lucy said, rubbing her temples. Suddenly she felt her right hand being enveloped by warmth. Then she felt a ticklish sensation from behind her neck.

"Your right hand feels empty, so forgive me for taking your hand." Loke whispered, making heat rush to Lucy's face.

"L-l-loke!" she sputtered. "Shut up! you're embarassing me!"

"oh, am i?" Loke chuckled. Sure enough, some people passing by were staring at them, some muttering 'What a lovely couple...' and some old people saying 'ah, young love...'.

"stop it, seriously!" Lucy groaned. "Do you want me to slap you in public?!"

"Well, if that is what you'd like..." Loke backed away. "I shall go with every bit of your selfish desire."

"I am not being selfish!" She pouted.

"I don't really think you're selfish." He said and laughed. "Look- we're here already."

"Eh? that was fast..." Lucy said, surprised. I guess all that weird stuff Loke did made the time pass faster... but its still embarrassing!

"We still have fifteen minutes." Loke said, looking at his wristwatch. "Should we get a little snack?"

"Come to think of it..." Lucy groaned when she heard her stomach growl. "I didn't have breakfast yet..."

"Neither did i. So, what do you want to eat, princess?" Loke asked.

"Quit it." Lucy grumbled, "hmmm... i'd like something sweet..."

"oh? is Erza rubbing off to you or something?" Loke said, but then he saw Lucy's grimace. "ah, i didn't mean it that way..."

Lucy winced at the mention of her name. She always thought Erza was dependable and loyal to her friends. She is, but it turns out she wasn't that loyal to Lucy after all. Well, you can't blame her.

"Just get something with sugar.." Lucy said.

"Okay, princess." Loke said. "Stay here, okay?"

Lucy nodded and eyed the station. It was a weekday, so usually her team sets off for a mission. But knowing them, they won't be so early. She just hopes she doesn't bump into them or anything.

"So this is it, huh?" She said and stared blankly at her pink insignia. "I'm leaving, and nobody even cares- just maybe Levy, and Gray. Ah, i should thank them later."

She looked around and found a bench, so she sat on it and took out a thick, white book, and also a pen. Levy gave it to her just before she left.

If you're really leaving, lu-chan, could you do me a favor? Write about your adventures here- just think of this as a journal or something. I'd love to read it someday..

Those were the last words she heard from Levy- well, besides farewell.

She opened the blank book and wrote down all of her thoughts.

Well, it looks like i'm leaving, without any farewell. It's not like anybody cares.

Loke simply refused to budge and leave me alone. It was kind of annoying, but i somewhat enjoyed his company.

And he's probably right about my clothes. I'll buy some when i get there.

Oh, did i tell you where my destination is?

Somewhere far away from here... called Lacerto. It's three weeks from Fiore.

Yes, three weeks.

I'll somehow find a way to get rid of my boredom.

Lacerto is a kingdom, not as big as Fiore, but well-known for it's powerful wizards. Not well-known enough to reach my ears, though. It's on the other side of the world! No wonder only a few people know. I wouldn't have heard if loke didn't tell me about it.

We're headed to the capital, known as Scutum or scuti, which also means shield. I don't know much about it, only that most of the wizards there enjoy seeing stars, and have a wide knowledge for astronomy.

The odd thing is, they have no celestial wizards there. How strange.

Does that mean i get to be the first ever celestial wizard there? woohooo!

Anyhow, Loke said it would be the best location for me to train and be out of sight. I agree with him on that one.

I wonder what Loke bought... I don't know, i'm in the mood for waffles. mmm, that would be delicious!

I can't wait to set off on an adventure!


She smiled at the finished result of her first journal entry. It was short, but it still satisfied her.

"I'm back." Loke said, suddenly appearing beside Lucy, making her shreik. He then noticed the book on her lap, still opened, and peeked a few lines.

"Hee, so you doenjoy my company!" he teased and smirked, making Lucy blush.

"Idiot! Don't trespass my privacy!" she said and whacked his head with the book, earning an 'ack!' from Loke. Well, the book wasreally thick. Like 700 pages thick.

"It's written right there." He said and pointed at the book.

"i'll kill you." She grumbled. "What did you buy anyway?"

"Waffles." He said, making Lucy freeze. What a coincidence! How did Loke read her mind like that?

"Maybe it means we're meant for each other." He teased her again. Lucy's cheeks reddened in embarrassment. Did she say that out loud?

"I warned you!" she grumbled.

"Please punish me- Wait, you're making me sound like Virgo..."

"That's just because you're a pervert! i didn't mean it thatway!"

"You're saying Virgo's a pervert?"

"Shut up!" She growled and nommed on her chocolate-wrapped waffle. She softened when she felt the warm chocolate enter her mouth.

"Honestly Loke" She sighed. "do you enjoyteasing me?"

Loke put a hand on his chin and thought. "Aside from my own satisfication, Yes. I like seeing you mad. That means you're in high spirits. Besides, It's better than seeing you cry."

"Really...?" Lucy was stunned. She never thought it that way. So its Loke's method of cheering someone up?

She smiled faintly.

"Well, thank you then." She said. "It seems to be working, somehow"She added.

"My pleasure."




"You really ARE an idiot!" she pouted.

Loke nursed his head, then smiled when he saw her pout.

I will always be by your side, so please keep smiling. But its okay to cry sometimes. Don't bottle things up until you have no way out.

Well, i'm hardly the one to talk...

"Tell me if i have a mistake, alright?" Loke said out of the blue. Lucy just stared at him.

"A fault? You have many!"

"Such as?"

"You're a perverted idiot."


"Well, how about me?"

"You're a worrywart, you're clumsy, you always think about how others are and never pay attention to yourself, you're forgetful sometimes, you're careless, overly demanding, i never had a day where you say nothing,you never really listen to me-"

"There's more?" She groaned.

"However, that innocent smile and sweet voice you use when you call me, i can't hate that!" Loke stated straightfowardly, earning yet another blush.

"is that true?"

Loke nodded. "But you should really try listen to me, ya' know? well, i don't expect less from the worlds number one princess."


"Yup!" Loke said and offered his hand. Lucy stared at it, held out her own, but hesitated.

"Am i not enough for you?" Loke frowned and turned around. Lucy was stunned. Did she do something wrong?

Then she heard a faint chuckle from Loke.

"I'm just joking, you know-"

He sweatdropped when he saw Lucy's almost-crying-pouted-face.

"W-whoa! i'm just kiddi- Ack!"

And yet another smack from Lucy, this time, landed loke on the floor.

"You really don't get it, do you?" Lucy mumbled as Loke turned around and faced her, who had this playful grin. "I'm just kidding! really!"

Loke was the one who stared at Lucy's inviting arm this time. He took it and stood up.

After seconds of staring at each other, they broke into laughter for no reason.

"pppffftt- you idiot" Lucy said between her giggles.

The fits of laughter finally died down after a few minutes, with Lucy smiling like a sunfish (happy's remark!).

"Well, i think the train's almost here..."

"Yeah, we should get ready."


At someone's call on her name, Lucy froze. That voice was all too familiar to her ears.

She gulped and turned around.

"Althea, i think your pet is going nuts." A young blonde mage chirped.

"I noticed." Replied the redhead with a smirk.

"Hey! that's rude! Althea-sama, defend my honor!"

"You have one?" Althea stated almost sacrastically.

"Lostris, really! you're ruining the peaceful mood!" the blonde scolded.

"Right... peaceful." He rolled his eyes. "As if anything can be peaceful here, Lumi..."

"Well with you and Drew rampaging all the time, we're hopeless..."

"Hey! don't drag me into this, Lumi!" A blue-haired youth yelled from across the room.

"I-i like everything like this, t-though..." A quivered voice spoke with tearry eyes.

"There, there, charon.." 'Lumi' said and patted her head. "Oi Drew! you're making her cry!"

"T-that's not the case..." She explained.

"Whoops~ sorry charon!" Drew yelled again, then returned to... whatever he was doing.

"do it properly, dumbass!" Lumi scowled rather loudly, marched over to where drew was sitting, dragged him to the previous spot, and shoved him over to the pink-haired girl with a mischievous smirk.

Of course, Lumi payed no attention to the pose and what happened if a guy tumbles over a girl.

Both faces turned positively red (Charon redder, of course..) And both looked away shyly.

"I'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry..."

"no no no! i'm sorry! rather, you should be sorry, Lumi!" Drew growled at her, but 'she' just stuck her tongue up and hid behind Althea.

"Hey, hey, aru-chan~" She said, calling her with her nickname.


"Don't you think that new member- err- blake- is rather quiet?" She said, pointing to a white-haired young man sitting by the bar, not doing anything in particular.

"Ssh, don't bother him.." Althea reminded.

"Whaaat? that's no fun!" She pouted. "He's kind of cute though.."

Blake, pretending he didn't hear her remark, shifted and stared at the door.

"Lucy... please come quick.."

Sure enough, Lucy spotted the last group of people she wanted to see. Loke shifted closer to her protectively.

"I think we should get going.." He whispered. Lucy nodded faintly.

"Oi, Lucy!" The pink-haired screamed again, this time, all of the team members looked her way.

Too late.

"Lucy? where are you going?" Lisanna asked innocently.

"She's going solo, remember?" Erza said. "But why are you bringing so much luggage?"

They took a step closer to her.

Her hands started sweating and she stepped backwards.

"Wait, don't tell me..." Gray realized, seeing loke by her side. Loke only glared at them.

Lucy took a step back and turned around, running away quick.

"lucy!" Loke tsk-ed and followed her. He stopped briefly and turned around, looking at Gray.

"Lucy said thanks and goodbye to you,gray."

And flew by them like the wind.

"Wait... what just happened." Lisanna asked again.

"Lu...cy..." Gray muttered, then snapped back into reality.

"She's calling Loke with her? smart choice.." Erza stated.

"See ya, Lucy!" Natsu yelled, but then got punched to the ground by Gray.

"Natsu!" Lisanna went over to natsu.

"Gray! why did you do t-"

"Can't you people see?!" Gray yelled loud enough for everyone at the station to hear. "LUCY'S LEAVING AND SHE'S NOT COMING BACK! AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT !"

"She's... what?" Natsu muttered.

"Don't be stupid, Gray, she's just doing a re-"

"Erza! you're the most level-headed person i know, you should have been able to tell that she's leaving! She's HURT!"

"Is that true?" Lisanna said in grief. "Oh no..."

"Its my fault..."


"Are you okay?" Loke asked as they got into the train. Good thing they were in different trains.

Lucy nodded and sighed, putting on a frown.

"Then smile!"

"I can't! i'm mad! why do i have to meet themnow?!"

"Well, you're not gonna meet them again anytime soon, i guarantee that." Loke chuckled. At Least Lucy's not crying, but gray's realization killed him.

They were silent for fifteen minutes.

"Hey, Lucy." Loke said. Lucy, who had her hand on her chin and was staring out to the window, didn't budge. But loke knew she was listening.

"Are you sure you won't regret this? I kind of feel sorry for Gray.."

She finally decided to say something.

"The only thing i regret, is not being able to beat the crap out of them when i had the chance too." Okay, she was clearly mad. "Besides, i'm helping Juvia in a way, am i?"

Loke chuckled.

"i see.."

"Why are you laughing?"

"Nothing important, myprincess."




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