Chapter 1

The Biological Clock

*SM Owns All*

Babies. Babies. Babies…everywhere.

Every time I come to this park it's always filled with small children. They laugh, they play, they run…to their mothers. What I wouldn't give to know the love of child, a child loving its mother. You know, that unconditional love that only a child can offer. That's what I crave. God I want a baby.

Now that my biological clock has been ticking for the past five years-and believe me you can sense that kind of shit -I am seriously feeling the funk.

My best friend, Alice, always tells me that babies are the key to lifelong happiness. She says the same thing about sex. Uh, yeah, we'll save that for another time. Because, lately, I'm not getting any. At all. Period. The end.

This is easy for Alice to say when she has a beautiful daughter, Dixie, that she dotes on, on a daily basis. Yeah, I dote on her too. I love that little girl to death. But damn it if I don't ant my own!

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Just a little drabble that was sitting collecting dust bunnies in my files. Hope you stick around for the crazy ride!