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Day Off

Roger Rabbit woke up early in the morning to go to work. Well, he would of except his wife; Jessica had her head on his chest while her arms were wrapped around his waist. He cocked his head to the side as a smile spread on his face. "Jessica darling you have to let me go to work", he softly whispered in her ear. Jessica let out a soft groan for she was not a morning person but she let her husband get up to get ready for work. So, he hopped in the bathroom brushing his red hair and white fur. Making sure his teeth was sparkling and while he was getting ready Jessica was lost in thought. Since she had the day off she did not want her honey bunny to go to work. Ever since the whole Judge Doom episode Roger and she had barely any time for each other. Either she worked late nights or he had to get up early in the morning it just seemed like they barely got to see one another and Jessica hated it. Then a sly smile formed on her face and a very sneaky plan formed in her head once Roger hopped out of the bathroom ready for work. He noticed Jessica was awake so he said very quietly: Don't worry love cups I'll take a cab to work you just go back to sleep and I love you".

Jessica smiled and replied," Love you too Roger darling". Same old Roger always worried about others never himself. Roger was about to hop on downstairs when Jessica called out", What no good-bye kiss?' as a pout formed on her lips.

Frowning Roger hopped over to her saying: I'm so sorry Jessica I don't know where my head is today". He leaned down to give her a quick peck on the cheek but Jessica had other ideas. She placed her hand on his head while the other wrapped itself around Roger's waist pulling him onto the bed. Then Jessica got on top of him still holding him in her arms as she kissed him. Roger's eyes formed little hearts as his actually heart shot out. Jessica laughed as she tousled his hair and covered him in kisses. Roger managed to pull away and said", Now Jessica I have to go to work ".

"Oh why can't you have the day off honey bunny?" Jessica purred in his ear.

Taking a deep breath Roger replied", you know I go to work to pay bills and to make people laugh".

A sly smile appears on her face as Jessica replies", Why don't I make you laugh for a change?" then she began to tickle him.

Roger squirmed as her tried to get away but Jessica was much stronger than he was. "Come on Jessica knock it off!" he squealed as he tried again to get away.

"Ah but why Roger darling I like to hear you laugh?" Jessica said slyly as she continued to tickle him.

"Please stop! he shouted.

"Only on one condition", Jessica told him.

"What I'll do anything!" Roger cried out.

"I'll stop if stay home", Jessica told him.

"Okay, okay, you win I'll stay home", Roger said.

Jessica stopped tickling him and soon covered his entire face with kisses as she smiled at him. Shaking his head in disbelief he said: You never quit do you Jessie?"

"Not when I truly want something now come here so I can cuddle you", Jessica told him. So, for the first time in a long time Roger Rabbit took a day off and spent it with his wife. And Jessica got her honey bunny all to herself and everything was right with the world.

The end

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