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I Will Make Him Love Me!

The wind was blowing, it was cold outside and the sky opened up and let the rain fall. Ella McBride sat alone in her apartment staring at the walls which were covered with the card art that she created. Her book had done fairly well and with what she made from it she could buy a nice piece of property that would suit her needs. She opened her laptop and started looking for suitable warehouse properties that had an apartment loft with it. She wanted it to be empty, away from traffic and people, quiet and private. As she flipped through the pages she thought of Mac Taylor and how she loved him…but more importantly, how she would have him. She fantasized of kissing him and what his lips would feel like on hers. She yearned for the day that she would make love to him.

"Snap out of it Ella," she mumbled to herself. "If you don't stop day dreaming, it will never happen." She continued to flip through the pages until she came across an old warehouse that was way out off the Shore Parkway. It was

perfect. According to the description there were several offices on the second floor, warehouses on the first floor with large overhead doors for trucks to move in and out of. The best part was the loft apartment on the third floor. It spanned the length of the warehouse and could only be reached by an elevator with no other way in or out. She would definitely call tomorrow and set up an appointment to look at it. She saved the page, closed the lid on her laptop and decided to go to bed.

"I need to hear his voice before I go to sleep," she said to herself. She picked up the disposable phone she had bought just for these occasions and pulled his card out of her nightstand drawer and traced her finger over his name and then keyed in the number. It started to ring...

"Taylor," she heard on the other end, "Hello? Who is this?" she heard him ask. "I can hear you breathing, do you need help?" he continued to question.

Ella smiled and reluctantly ended the call. "I need you," she whispered. With that she put the phone and the card back in her drawer and pulled the covers up close to her and then closed her eyes and smiled… she would be dreaming of him tonight.

. . . . . . . .

Mac hung up the phone and slipped it back in his pocket. He did not know who it was or what they wanted. It was probably just a wrong number. He did not give it a second thought. He wanted to finish up his paper work and head home. It was cold and raining and the wind was really starting to pick up out there. He was really hoping he did not get called out tonight. This was one night he wanted to go home and get into his warm bed, pull the covers over his head and sleep. He reached for the file on his desk, opened it up and began skimming over it.

"Hey," Jo said as she suddenly stood in the doorway of his office.

"Jo, I thought you left already," Mac said, a little startled.

"I was just finishing up some paper work myself, I hear that reporter was here today. Something going on between you two?" She was hoping the answer to that was a resounding "No".

"No Jo, nothing is going on. She's just looking for a scoop. I'm not giving her one."

Jo was relieved to hear that but she also knew that if she was gonna make a move on him, she better do it soon. He was not going to stay single forever. She sat down in the chair in front of his desk wanting to feel the waters as to how Mac felt about her. The case they had just finished would be the perfect way to start the conversation and find out

how he felt.

"You know," she began conversationally, "I can see why Jake did the things he did…love makes you do crazy things."

"Really? Has it made you do crazy things?"

"Sure, are you saying you've never done anything crazy for love?" she asked with a smirk crossing her face.

"Jo, really...I need to get back to these reports."

Mac was trying hard not to think about it. He had feelings for Jo, he was sure she had feelings for him also, but he did not know how starting a relationship between them would affect their work relationship. He did not want to complicate things.

"Oh, come on Mac, you're a charming, sexy man. Any woman would be lucky to have you."

Mac, embarrassed by that statement, rolled his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

" The word sexy just makes you nervous, doesn't it?" Jo asked, amused at his reaction. That reaction told her that he did have feelings for her and she was going to get him to act on them.

"Jo," Mac said as he turned back to look at her with that stern boss face.

"Ok...speaking of crazy love, I gotta go meet my kids for pizza." Jo stood up and headed for the door, she turned her head back over her shoulder and said, "I'll see you in the morning, Mac."

"Goodnight Jo," Mac replied and waved as she turned to walk down the hall.

Mac sat at his desk and chuckled to himself...she really was a strong, beautiful, smart, and dare he think, a sexy woman? That Russ was an idiot for letting her get away. Later, Mac looked at his watch and it was already past ten so he closed his file, grabbed his suit jacket and his black raincoat and headed for the door. He was gonna grab a sandwich and head home.