This chapter begins to give a back story on Mallara and Pipit's father's relationship. Warning: OC within- there's no canon Pipit-dad that I'm aware of.

Robin dove from the downy back of his yellow-feathered steed, opening a worn sailcloth and softly enjoying the soft breeze as dusk settled below and above the land. Clad in gray, he almost melded into the color of dusk's icy mist. The homes on island Fern of Skyloft towered above their counterparts in Rose, whose dusty ramshackle buildings only reached the ceiling of the first level. Black-booted, nimble feet deftly landed on the sloping, slanted roof of a lightly peach-colored home, slipping into a suspiciously open sheer-pink curtained-window.

Robin's well-worn grays contrasted the pink, faint tones of the room. The floor was a light oak wood, marred by plush rugs and elegantly carved furniture. A crystalline chandelier dominated the room from the center of the ceiling. The room was littered with trinkets lining the walls and floors. Joining them lay items: a few dainty figurines here and there, carefully painted unmatched tea-sets, bits of scrap fabric, knitting needles jammed into puffs of yarn, and a variety. To the immediate left of the window, a nook containing spools of thread and cloth, doll-like mannequins, and a humming girl clad in a soft rose-tinged gown sat in an ornate chair- across from a burning lamp- adjusting the hem of long, deep purple purple skirt. The gray-dressed boy removed his pointed cap, stretched, and ran his left hand through his mussed chestnut hair, rumpling it in the process. The girl peacefully glanced from her labors, finished a stitch and set the item down on her sewing table. She stood rapidly and ran to hug the haggard youth. He returned he soft embrace gently. "I secured a place," he murmured into the top of her soft earth-colored hair. She looked up at him and beamed.

Resounding footsteps emanated from the wooden stairs adjacent to the pink haven- the deep sound of a heaviness ascending on the strong wooden stairs one by one. The gray boy's and the pink girl's lips briefly collided, as quick hands retrieved a peaked hat and disappeared through the window.

The solid door opened easily under influence from Grebe's thick arm-hand apparatus, which joined seamlessly at a thick wrist. Her darkly gray tresses styled into a beehive, and a strand of struggling pearls collided with her greasy, dripping neck. Her wide, squishy body strained within the confines of a pastel blue gown. "Mallara, dear, great news!", her pinched, nasal voice exclaimed.

"Yes, Mama?", the pink-enveloped girl responded as her heart pounded out of her chest, and she took a seat on her barely pale-rose bed.

"I just arrived from an impromptu after-dinner tea with the sweet neighbors! I am under the impression that their esteemed son Cinero expressed interest in meeting you for tea tomorrow!", rattled her mother. Mallara's feigned interest in her mother's words waned. The Robin-bestowed tinge of pink in her face drained.

"Mama, ...I don't want tea with Cinero tomorrow..."

"You must socialize, dear! Sitting in your room day and night, sewing, knitting, hemming. It's a waste of your natural genetic beauty! Cinero is a fine young man, one tea meeting won't bring harm! It's getting darker outdoors, dear. Close up your window, the wind is chilly!", her mother shivered, as her entire body quivered in cold. "Tomorrow after dinner your father will escort you! You can wear the new sky-blue dress I found for you at the market last week! I'll send Elm up with warm milk and lotion for your delicate hands. Goodnight dear!", her mother exclaimed as she made her slow exit. Sounds of a struggle to descend signaled Robin, who clung to the decorative leaf-sheathed wrought-iron decoration outside the window, turning blue from cold.

He quickly swung inside, shivering to himself as Mallara closed the heavy bedroom door and silently locked it. Robin made his way to her bed and tore the comforter off, quickly covering himself with it as he waited for his shivers to fade. He watched her stare at the closed door: "What's wrong?". She turned, with tears cascading down her face.

"I'm tired of this, Robin... I don't want to suffer through my parents' suggestions anymore..." falteringly, she said.

"I'll reintroduce myself right before your tea-date. It'll be okay; I've graduated now.". A smile slowly dotted her face- hope emanated from his words.

"Thank you," she said as she bent before him and pecked him quickly on the nose. Elm's urgent knock broke the moment, and before she could say "good luck" or he, "good night", he'd escaped through the window and she'd unlocked her door to receive the middle-aged lady's offerings.

As Robin made his way to the nearest edge, he glanced at the imposing home beside Mallara's. Shaking his head, he dove off the side of the floating frigid island, and as icy wind scraped at his face, he whistled. Bright sunflower-tinged feathers caught him and carted him off toward Knight Academy Island.

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