Okay, I'm a little distracted with bunch of ideas and wanted to write this out. I'm juggling between a few stories, but right now in a writer's block. I've been with "Determination" for the past two months and addicted to it. So, here's something more "interesting" for you guys. This might be a short one, but I'll keep it in a good pace here. Enjoy~

Since last year where Junior year has gotten a little easier and I was sixteen when all of that happened. Clockwork showed up and insisted that he'd help me out with school and my life. He's been becoming more supporting in my needs since Jazz couldn't help out much. I would fight ghosts, come home late and deal with curfew, and head upstairs to deal with my homework. While I'm working on my homework, he would show up and freeze time to give me extra time to study, and do the work. It was always between him and me. My friends went along with it and Jazz was rather proud of me. I always had time to do some studying and sometimes, Clockwork would help out in a way. It was kind of him to do this each single day, maybe he wanted to have some company for more often, and something changed.

By the time I got to Senior year, he had me filling out a college and I couldn't read the college name since he blurred it all out. I wanted to know which ones I was attending to and if it was human college too. Clockwork stated that everything will reveal in time. So I went along with it and just applied to the one he insisted and no other college. I had no clue why, but I played along. I guess he wants my future on the right path.

I spent most of my time studying and enjoying life and dealing with bunch of ghosts that might try to take of my home. Lately, Vlad hasn't been around and I couldn't understand why he hasn't been up to something. It wasn't much of a subject to trust with Clockwork because it was more of let's not discuss this conversation.

Summer has been fun and less load to deal with. We graduated proudly and Jazz got to see me getting my diploma. She was the most proud one out of the entire family! The thing was…heading to college was getting closer than I thought. I began to pack, but it felt strange to do it anyway. It made me wonder so much and everything. What college was I attending? Would it be right for me? Well, somehow, I needed to trust Clockwork on that.

Jazz knocked on my doorway with a smile and I returned the smile for her as well. I gestured her in and she helped herself as she closed the door to join in.

"So when are you going to college? Which ones have you decided? Do you need any money?" Jazz was full of questions today.

I chuckled and sat down next to my suitcase on the bed, "I'm not sure yet. I only applied to one and already got accepted. I guess Clockwork has his own reasons to not let me know which ones I'm going to, but he says money is covered by scholarship through this school." I shrugged, "Beats me, I'm nervous." I rubbed my hair.

She sat down next to me and soothed my back, "He did a lot for you, Danny. I think Clockwork has a lot of faith in you. You can always call me," She kissed my forehead.

I blushed, "Thanks…but I don't know. How can I leave Amity Park if there's no one protecting the town?"

Jazz sighed and agreed on what I said. It was obvious because I was always fighting ghosts, except during the whole time freezing thing.

"I wouldn't worry too much, Young Phantom." Clockwork announced.

Jazz and I glanced up, saw Clockwork, and we were used to his company pretty much every day.

I sighed, "So there's someone taking my place besides mom and dad?"

Clockwork nodded and gestured over to someone behind him. A tall, raven hair, and blue eyes revealed a great familiar to me. The man his muscular chest and had my interests taste of clothes. He waved and winked at us cheerfully.

"Hiya me and sis." He said.

I scratched my head, "My future me?"

Clockwork nodded, "Yes, as you can see, both of you are switching time line. Since your parents hardly see you and busy on their invention. They will not notice much with your future-self. You have already grown close to the height and everything."

Jazz shuttered, "I-I uh…he's older than me. This isn't Danny's evil human side, is it?"

Clockwork chuckled, "No, he's still the same Danny we deal with every day. I shall explain why he is here."

"Yup," The older me said.

Jazz and I had no choice anyway, but we had to hear him out first before everything worked out and all.

"You see, I sent Danny in twenty three years ago and he attends to the same college as his parents went to. The purpose is mainly for Vlad. Your entire mission involves Vlad and being in his life has put a better path for everyone. As well, you are the one who taught Vlad how to control his ghost powers. Once I send you to that time, this Danny will take over for you and tricking your parents to think you are attending community college for free." Clockwork grinned.

I looked over at my older-self and he met my eyes…or ours…dammit! This was too confused. I crossed my arms and figured I turned out alright. It would save the trouble about who's taking care of Amity Park and everything.

"I guess I don't have a choice, do I?" I checked over to Clockwork.

"I'm afraid not. Are you ready to leave?"

I sighed, "Yeah, just let me throw a couple of pictures into my suitcases and stuff."

Clockwork nodded and my older-self hung back on the wall. Gosh, I looked really good looking when I get older. Twenty three years later? Damn, I'm old, but still look good? Who knows what I look like as Phantom! I quickly grabbed my pajamas and Jazz gathered the pictures into the suit cases. Once I got what I needed, I zipped up my suitcases and turned around to face Jazz.

"I'm going to miss you, Jazz." I smiled and prepared for her hug.

She hugged onto me, "Be smart, little brother…and avoid any evil doings." Jazz had to say that.

Of course, I agreed with her. We hugged each other for a total of one minute, but I won't be seeing her for so long or however long it could be for. I can't exactly work that out entirely.

"If you ever have problems, write them down in your journal. I left a few in your cases." Jazz pointed out.

I groaned lightly, "You and your psychologist field, don't know what I'd do without you, Jazz."

We broke apart from our hug and I gathered both of my suitcases. I nodded at Clockwork and he used his time traveling power to take us to a whole new time. Luckily for him, I knew my way around this campus because of dad. Dad was so excited when I was less than a year old of being Phantom, he practically gave us an entire campus tour. I never forgot what it was like going there, but I never thought of actually attending there.

"Here we are, this is your dorm. To warn you, the clothes you packed has changed to this generation fashion and that your last name is changed to Nefont." He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it over to me, "This is your schedule and key to your room. I trust you that you do well." He smiled.

I blinked and took both of the things he gave me, "Um, thanks. Nefont? Where did you come up with that?"

"I mixed up the letters of your last name. Otherwise it would be too obvious to find out your relation to your parents." Clockwork had to clear that one out obviously.

I nodded, but somehow, it was weird to even expect this. I was attending to college here and getting things to this time has felt like déjà vu almost. Only, I knew I was here when I was fourteen. What a welcome bite me in the ass. I turned and saw that Clockwork was no longer with me. Wh-what the! Dammit, now he starts leaving me hanging? Great timing he has.

My head shook and glanced down at my new schedule. Well, one step at a time one thing at a time, right? I shrugged and found my room number. So, I headed in and noticed how exciting everyone was really. It was a typical not to worry trend and dig deep about things. Maybe that's what I might need here, but what about the proto-portal? Would I blend in just fine? Gah, wait! My clothes I'm wearing isn't-

Right…he changed it already. Thanks, Clockwork, you're a frigging magician that's for sure. I headed upstairs and searched for my room. It was on the left side of the building and found room Seven-oh-six. I unlocked the door, wore my smile, and opened the door to greet my roommate.

The door swung open and saw the bedroom. It was totally emptied…no one was even in this room at all. I scratched my head and shrugged. I headed into the room with the suitcases while everyone else helped themselves to this place. I picked the bed closer to the window and started to work everything I wanted to have up, except for the pictures which would stay inside the suitcases with the journal for now. I got everything neaten up and got the bed fixed up too. It was much like my room, only the fact I have to share it. Once the bed and basic stuff were out of the way, I began to look at the clothes and noticed similar styles which weren't bad. I've gotten myself liking them and wondering who I would attract the most. So I hung them in my half of the closet. Once they were all up, the suitcases ended up under the bed of mine.

I breathed and smelled my new life now. Outside looked so beautiful and felt like it was wonderful to be outside. I sat down and listened to the people's conversation. It was pretty easy since I already knew the typical saying, but was it any different from this timeline versus mine? Tucker would probably hate it since there weren't many technologies. Even my iPod got changed over to tape player with head phone. There wasn't anything much I could do about it, but I had no idea what music…damn, I knew the music my parents. So I have to keep some in mind and hopefully, it won't be a total issue. I have to stop by at the music store and deal with it from then.

A turning clicking sound has caught my attention and I hopped off the bed as I pretended to fix up the bed well. The footsteps walked in and I smiled at the roommate who had a long black hair with that dark shade of blue-

In side of me screamed at the horrid nightmare, VLAD? IS MY ROOMMATE? Seriously? I need to kick Clockwork's butt for this as well, but he'd probably knew this was going to happen anyway. I kept smiling to keep it at a normal level as possible – if anything was ever normal around here. I waved and greeted him.

"Hi, I'm Daniel Nefont, but you can call me Danny." I chuckled.

Vlad nodded, "It's wonderful to meet you, Daniel. My name is Vlad Masters. It looks like we will be roommate for this year."

Of course, I knew his name, but something about him as a younger self has eased some of my tension. He doesn't know what would be happening to him and I know everything. Well, okay…not everything like his childhood life sort of a thing, but more of his future road. Vlad won't be my enemy and maybe I can change that. Maybe we weren't really enemies or were we? It was impossible to tell.

"Cool, man." I commented…hoping that was the right word, "I hope you don't mind me taking the closest to the window bed. I like to sleep with the moon." I rubbed the back of my neck.

Vlad nodded, "That is fine. I prefer to have the closest to the door bed. It's easier to be closer to the bed when we're finish with classes and so forth."

Wow, I got to give the growing up Vlad never changed. It amazed me how human he can be, but who knows why he chose to attend here. He's practically a genius here…or would that be after the incident? Somehow, I was more nervous dealing with all of this and my older-self did not give me any advice on anything! Ugh, great, just great.

Vlad distanced himself and made himself at home. We barely talked about anything, but what was I supposed to do? It's my mission and who knows how long I'd be gone for…what would I do for the summer or Christmas vacation? I can't help but wondered what to do…I'm stuck in this timeline until…twenty-three years? I'm following a deep and long path that's for sure. What about Danny Phantom? Would I be out of it for a long time?

Clockwork…I have no idea what you could be up to or what the time stores for me, but sure hell better be worth it!

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