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Avariella slept in my bed with me. She didn't exactly take comfort in the guest bedroom very much. So, she wanted to sleep in the same room which I didn't mind. I woke up about four hours before noon and she was still sleeping. I made sure she was in the middle of bed and I headed into my bathroom. I picked up my phone and called someone.

"Miss me, Daniel?" Vlad answered.

I chuckled, "Of course, I miss you, Vlad. Well, looks like everyone is all caught up." I licked my lips.

Vlad hummed, "Oh? Even your parents?"

I nodded, "Yeah, they know everything. I'm thinking of something of you and me time in our room before we have to show up for dinner today."

"I'm interested…dinner? Am I missing something?"

"Yeah, mom wanted us over for dinner. I could ask Jazz to babysit for Avariella so we could have time alone."

"Shall I cover her college to pay for all for her babysitting services?" Vlad wondered.

"You read my mind, fruitloop."

Vlad and I chuckled at the exciting idea. We hung up and I helped myself into a good shower. I forgot how I had my own shower in my room from time to time or anything else that I had in here. Of course, the last of shampoo and soaps were taken back in time. As long I cleaned up one way or another, it wasn't a problem really. It's not like I was going to live in this very house from now to fifteen years. Avariella likes her room better than living here, but I need to give her some exposure how people live their home due to different money.

I came out in my old clothes…which I should really get rid of them and move onto new clothes. Avariella was still asleep from what I've noticed and she must have been wiped out from meeting new people on and on. I headed over to Jazz's room who was always doing something in the morning. She typed into her computer and sent a few messages here and there in her emails.

"Hey Jazz," I smiled.

Jazz stopped typing and turned her head over to me, "Hey Danny, you're up early…sorry, force of habits." She chuckled.

I nodded, "It's okay. I haven't slept in until noon since college."

Jazz agreed, "College makes you feel like you don't want to miss anything." She sighed.

I chuckled, "Pretty much. Um, I was wondering if you'd babysit for your little niece while Vlad and I have some alone time?" I bit my lip and waited.

Jazz smiled, "Sure. Has Avariella been to the park before?"

My head shook, "No, but I think she'll love it there. I'm paying you by covering your college payment."

Jazz's jaw dropped instantly when she realized her college was already paid off by just babysitting her niece.

"D-da-Danny! That's like half a million! I-I can't ask for that much."

I chuckled, "Oh, trust me, our wedding will be three times the cost of your college at Harvard."

Her eyes widen, "You guys already paid for it all, didn't you?"

I chuckled, "Yup. I'll leave some cash with Avariella if you guys want ice cream or pizza or something."

"You're giving your little girl money?"

"She knows her math pretty good, actually." I nodded, "She's at the level of a third grader."

Jazz blinked and I laughed at her reaction.

"I-I don't know what to say, but I'll babysit her. When would be good to start?"

"Hm, in about an hour? I normally wake her up by now and get her dress and stuff. She's sort takes forever to get her into clothes." I chuckled nervously.

"So dealing with her isn't easy, have you taken parenting classes and helpful reading."

My head shook, "No, they don't include part ghost or ghost. There's time where I have to be ready for two hours ahead for her or I'd have to be really sneaky to put vegetables into her food."

"Oh, wow." Jazz couldn't believe her ears, "She does sound like she takes after you."

"Oh, no, she takes it after Vlad." My eyes rolled, "You know how Vlad used to be obsessed with Chinese food? It took a while to get him into eating my cooking and he finally got over it with the Chinese food and learned to like eating spinach or broccolis."

Jazz chuckled and couldn't believe what I had to do to get my daughter eating some vegetables or fruits, even. So, I went to wake up Avariella and started to get her to change into her today's clothes. To me, she would be running, dancing, floating, or flicking invisibility back and forth with each clothes I placed onto her. It would take a while, but she's a wild one once she wakes up. Her laughing and excitement has gotten her going more than ever in the morning, that would mean she always expect something to happen if she was up this early.

Vlad would do this mainly on Friday through Monday, I deal with her for the rest of the week. I mean, it's not really a problem or anything and we want her to enjoy her starting morning with happy energy. There would be time vacation comes and it's Vlad and me dealing with her at the same time to save half an hour time. I finally got her dressed up in a simple shirt with a dress and a pair of leggings because I know the park has slides and swings. Avariella loves to play on them the most.

I remembered I had to learn new things about girls' hair and spent time braiding her ponytails. Of course, she wanted a French braid and I was totally lost about that…got to ask Jazz to teach me that.

Once she was done with head to toe, I bent down and fixed up her dress to make sure she was wearing comfortably in. I could remember the first day when Vlad dressed her and how he couldn't handle it as he dashed out of the room.

"Mommy and daddy are going to spend time alone, Avariella. I want you to be on your best behavior with Aunt Jazz. Can I count on you with that?"

She smiled, "Is Aunt Jazz my babysitter?"

I nodded, "Yeah, but you can consider it as a quality time."

"I like her, mommy. She got books, toys, and pink room. I want a pink room too!"

I chuckled, "I'll talk to daddy about that and see what happens." I patted her head and kissed her forehead.

Avariella tried to push me away and I caught her into my hugs. I nuzzled my nose against her cheek and she giggled.

"Who's my special little girl?" I said playfully.

She giggled and shouted, "I am!"

I gathered her up as I stood up and carried her over to my sister's bedroom. Jazz was finishing up on her computer and stuff. She turned with a welcoming smile and Avariella waved happily.

"Aunt Jazz! Can I read you a book?" Avariella eagerly wanted to do.

I set her down and she ran up to Jazz with much excitement. I waved and headed out of the house knowing Jazz would be watching her. I morphed to Phantom and flew over to my mansion. I flew around happily and searched for the man.


I flew up straight with someone who held me trapped in his arms. I breathed and couldn't believe he played that on me!

"Sneak up on me, why don't you?" I chuckled and finally regulated my breathing.

Vlad chuckled, "That's because you always keep your guards down so much."

My eyes rolled, "Whatever, can we just skipped the banters and go straight to have sex? I'm starving!" I formed back to Fenton in his arms.

Vlad embraced my shivering transformation as if it's a breeze over the summer for him. He floated us over to our bed and I used my levitation to close the door and windows for such a lovely privacy. The room's lights were more reliable than anything else. Vlad's sneaky hand slipped under my shirt and slid through my entire abs chest and stomach. His fingers traced them down has caused me moaning for his name.

"V-vl-vlad." My voice hummed like a singer.

Somehow, our pants and shirts vanished instantly and his lips sucked down my bare neck's skin. I felt its pleasure and wanted it more each time. My hands danced on Vlad's back and felt his strong heat within him. Suddenly, he kissed me with his lips and I invited him in to swirl around with my tongue. His tongue dominated over mine like a natural thing to expect for a bottom partner, but I didn't care. He held my head like a baby being hold and lured me closer every second I could think of.

Vlad's fingers were already wet and prepared me down below. Vlad went deeper into my ass and made me sing at the top of my lungs. By the time he inserted the third fingers, I screamed my head off as if the pain was too much. Yet, I loved it. I needed it more than anything. He was someone to trust. Vlad stopped for a nanosecond and my brain tried to understand what he was doing this-

Oh shit! He's in roughly.

"Dammit, Vlad! You're huge!"

Vlad chuckled, "You have such a small and lovely ass, Daniel. You love my big dick anyway."

I groaned, "You better fucking lov-ugh! Love my ass!"

Vlad thrust his member through me slowly, but the groaning has sounded somewhat dried. Vlad bounced into me a hundred times and we became one naturally. I screamed and my fingers dug into his back's skin. The harder he hit me, the right place has always felt so right, and he never lost his touch. I knew that much.

"VLAD! Vl-vl…there! There! Yes! Fuck harder!" I demanded.

Vlad wouldn't have to say much, but everything he gave me was like a magical sensation. Everything I wanted was better than ever. I was so happy to give in his ways that everything in my life was for him, and how I'll never let him go.

I sang his name with the perfect hit until I felt him ejecting me twice. Vlad didn't stop from there and kept going more and more. We rarely get this opportunity as much because work and raising our daughter was a challenge. We refused to give in, but this was absolutely amazing.

My lips met his hot neck and drank his sweat. I pulled his ponytail out and released his silver hair to touch my face. He smelled so beautiful and I recognized his cinnamon scent anywhere I went.

Vlad thrust into me like a million times, felt the shiver through my spine, and how much I loved him. How I'd always love him over anyone on this seven billion people. He's my one in a billion and there wasn't anyone better than him to love me this way.

He gave me stars to feel. Vlad gave me a sense of life and love and care all in one. His hands still cradled my head, his lips met mine, and his big member thrusting in to meet my perfect spot to hit. He spurted into me again and it really felt so good!

"Vlaaaaad!" I gasped, "Yes!"

Vlad chuckled and removed himself. He left me shivering for a short moment and we tried to catch up on our breathing after such an amazing sex here. We ended up snuggling as we sat up and pulled the blanket onto each other. It was the best feeling that couldn't be described in any other ways.

"I," I breathed finally, "…love you, Vlad."

His hand held my face, "I love you too, Daniel."

We kissed passionately and felt like a huge firework at the above of our head. There's nothing to compare this kiss more than anything. His hand traveled down to my stomach with a smile.

"Feel anything, Daniel?" Vlad was already excited.

I shrugged and waited. We had sex within our choice, but for some reason. I was really, really, really, really happy.

"I don't know, but my hormone feels…higher. Is that one of the signs?" I looked over at him.

He chuckled, "Your emotions were overboard, which is normally overwhelms you more."

My eyes rolled, "Riiight."


"Come on! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Overwhelms me, bite my ass!" I grumbled furiously, "…Oh, my gosh! We're having a baby! I'm pregnant!" I hugged him tightly, "We should start on a name now because last time took us too long to think about it and everything. I want a good name this time too."

"How about consider Madeline?"

I frowned and pushed him out of bed, "No way, Vlad! Can't you just stop that with my mom's name? It's creepy and not right at all."

Vlad sighed, "Just a thought, you know?"

"Pick a different girl name, please? We already placed Elizabeth in for Avariella and all. We got the boy's name prepared." I began to weep.

Vlad joined up back on the bed and cradled me in his arms.

"You're moody again, you're beautiful, Daniel." He said.

I sniffled, "Really?"

"Of course, you're glowing beautiful and make me want to save this forever."

I blushed like crazy when he said that, "Awe, Vlad…does this mean I can buy your birthday presents without you peeking the bills this time?"

"And Christmas too, if it makes you happier."

I chuckled, "You're awesome, Vlad, you're awesome."

He tickled my chin and managed to get me giggling when he does that. He leaned in closer to my ear and whispered with his hot breath.

"How about a nice shower with just the two of us?"

My heart speed up, "Oh, you are so on, Vlad!" I squealed at the exciting plan.

Vlad groped my waists and carried me over to our large bathroom. My eyes widen at the sudden carrying through his arms.

"Whoa! I didn't know we're streaking over!" I laughed, which made no sense.

Vlad laughed along and we joined into the shower. We were really cleaning each other up and having some good time into it. We were aroused anywhere and definitely loving that entire fingertip touches everywhere. It was fun to wash each other's hair and seeing how silky felt he truly was.

I giggled, "We should do this every night."

Vlad hummed, "If it makes you happy, sure, my badger."

We were happy. We were going to be parents again. We spent the rest of our time cleaning each other up, drying each other up, brushing each other's hair, and dressed each other up. It was relaxing, but fun to be the least. I hugged Vlad from behind after getting his hair fixed up to a ponytail.

"I think the exciting news will lighten everyone's day during dinner." I giggled, "I'm pregnant again! Again! Could you believe that?"

Vlad smirked, "You've been planning on that lately, haven't you?"

"Hmmm, only a day and a half. I thought you like fucking me up and having a family? Didn't you mention something about having a big family three or four years ago?" I scratched my chin.

He held on arms and chortled, "Oh, you know I always wanted a big family, Daniel."

"Uh huh, but next time, you're going to get pregnant."

Vlad flustered like he used to in college and I adored him for it. I kissed his cheek and we were obviously in love. His lips met mine and we celebrated a little before getting so obvious for everyone else.

"You're glowing, Daniel. Someone will notice."

My eyes rolled, "Oh whatever, fruitloop. Avariella gets to be a big sister."

"Will you think about the name?" Vlad almost pouted, yet, smiling happily.

I patted his cheek, "You already gave the cat the name Maddie. It would confused them both if we ever did, but still. It'll hurt me anyway."

"Fine, but we could always keep the name separ-"

I kissed him and he was out of focus about the names.

"Say that again and I'll kick your ass." I warned him, "You know how pissy I get when I'm pregnant."

Vlad sighed in defeated and shook his head, "Fine, fine. I hope it's a girl."

I hummed, "Me too."

We matched our smile and gathered some extra things we might needed before leaving the house. Vlad wanted to drive, so I let him, and he drove one of those VW CC model for V-six Lux that have the state of the art technologies and it's in silver touch too. He picked it for safety issue requirement to keep Avariella and me safe. Now, it'll be another baby in the ride too. We might as well get another car seat too. Fun online shopping for everything to give a new born child will be something to look forward to again. I really hoped it's a girl that's for sure.

Vlad drove very well and no one bothered to eye out who's in the car. It's like one of the common cars, but Vlad wanted to have all the best. We had it for safety issue over anything, then again…we're half ghost! Ha! We don't have to worry stuff like this. My eyes rolled and leaned back in my seat. My cheeks felt warmer…or colder…ugh, ghost powers can be confusing.

"You're pink, Daniel. What are you thinking?"

I smiled and kept looking at the sun, "When Avariella was born, when we first met her, and everything I felt about her." I touched my stomach with much excitement and motherly.

Vlad smiled happily, "That day was special and so will this little one."

I nodded, "I know, I look forward to it."

Vlad finally arrived to the FENTON home, which was always well-known about. We went up to ring the doorbell, but I don't have my keys to the house anymore since I sort of took it and lost it in the explosion when that happened. Oh well. Mom answered the door happily. Dad was happy to see Vlad and discussed how now Vlad was their "son-in-law" anyway.

I went upstairs and knocked on the door to check on the girls.

"DON'T-" Jazz shouted.

It was a little late to tell me not to come in and I found myself in Jazz's room where both of them were a matching mess as much as the room was. My nose recognized its scent and I groaned.

"Jazz, I told you not let her have the play dough! There's a reason why!" I slapped my face, "Vlad is going to kill me."

Jazz sighed, "Sorry! It slipped through my mind and I didn't think it'd be this bad!"

Avariella frowned, "It's not Aunt Jazz's fault, mommy. I wanted to practice to be good as you!"

I breathed and nodded calmly, "I understand, but you shouldn't have used play dough." My eyes looked around.

Whenever Avariella used play dough or something similar to it, she somehow melts them to control its structure, and manipulates its shape to anything she wanted. She just has trouble with a solid-liquid material more than solid or liquid. Water, was easier. Metal was easier. But something in between was a stronger challenge for her. I lifted my hand and bought up my levitation power. It wasn't easy to get the sticky and melted and dried up play dough off of…well, everything in this very room.

"Oh…my…" Jazz awed at something new to her discovery.

All the things that got blasted in the way through Avariella's manipulation power, how it resemble little of her father. Vlad can manipulate people and computers, but Avariella can manipulate objects of anything really…just not anything of a living being. I finally got the entire room back to normal and filled up half the cup. I heard the door click opening and jerked my head.

"Daniel, Avariella, and Jasmine-" He saw the girls in a mess, "-what the? Avariella! You know you're not supposed to play with play dough! Jasmine, how could you let this happen? Daniel, didn't you warn her?" Vlad panicked and looked down at his little girl, "And on your favorite clothes too? Avariella, you should know better to play around with manipulation powers!" He scrolled at her.

I face palmed myself, "Vlad! Really! Stop jumping conclusion! Geesh!" My head shook, "I'm cleaning her up and Jazz did know, she just forgot. One mistake isn't a big deal!"

Vlad groaned, "You're taking it too lightly of this, Daniel. She needs to learn to not do things like this!"

Avariella hugged my leg, "Daddy, I didn't mean to! I want to practice to be good as mommy!"

My head shook at Vlad and I sighed.

"We'll be downstairs in a few, alright? No more arguments and discuss this later at home." I frowned at him.

Vlad crossed his arms, "Fine, but Avariella is not off the hook."

Vlad walked off and couldn't believe what just had happened here. I focused on getting Avariella removed of the dough so she could be clean again.

"Mommy, is daddy mad at me?"

I smiled, "No, sweetie. Daddy just forgets what it is like to have new powers, but just on a safe side. Can you only use that new power in the training room from now on?" I started to help Jazz get cleaned up.

She nodded, "Okay, mommy."

Jazz watched our conversation was like between us. Eventually, I got them both cleaned off from the play dough. I held Avariella's hand as we went down the stairs. Everyone was in the kitchen, but since there wasn't a high chair. I placed my daughter onto my lap which gave her some comfort and easier to reach her food. Everyone chatted here and there about our girl, a little about our when our Wedding would be coming, and Vlad announced my pregnancy. Avariella was so excited to be a big sister, of course, that was easy to tell. Mom and Jazz gasped at the exciting news. Dad admired something new. Vlad and I cherished our memories and pleased to share it with others for the first time.

Everyone started to ask bunch of questions about everything and how it all fell into places. Avariella didn't really understand much with pregnancy other than baby grows inside a body. Even though we didn't tell her how it was possible at all. Vlad and I wanted to guide her to the right path and show her the realistic idea instead of the "Stork" brings the baby. She wouldn't believe us anyway, after knowing the fact she's a half ghost.

Later on, my best friends found out and wanted to take me out to eat so they could ask about everything else. So, Vlad got to spend time with my family with Avariella. He has loosened up after the whole incident and decided to try my method for once. He didn't like it when I get emotionally upset, especially for a pregnant man. Tucker asked some questions about pregnancy since this stuff interested him more than Sam did. Honestly, I thought it would be the other way around instead.

When I found myself walking around Amity Park, Dash found me and wanted to beat me up literally. I caught his way of punching me and locked him up against the wall to teach him to stop messing with me. He tried to strike out his revenge after I walked away and I flipped him to the ground. Dash eventually backed off and avoided me at all cost. There was no way I wanted to risk my baby in any sense of harm. Well…in my human form that was.

Of course, once I got to the Nasty Burger, Paulina and Star were eager to go on a date with me, which had happened the last year of high school. They wouldn't move on and I couldn't care less. What did I do to finally to get them back off? I officially announced I was gay and already taken. They were shocked about it at first, but had to respect my sexual orientation. Well, not for long that was for sure. Valerie took my order and nodded in approval to just get away from the girls and their needs. However, I told her I was serious about what I said. She was shocked, but supported me anyway. She tried to find out who, but I couldn't let her know just yet.

Life has a major turned around for everyone lately. It wasn't easy to return to the way I used to think. Everything around me has a completely different view. It's strange, yet, new experience in life. Nothing was ever the same for me. Even the food I ate here was odd to believe. I found myself into good old fashion food and homemade food more than ever. One thing I was glad to hop back onto was the technologies. That was my major comfort in things and even going onto laptops or iPod or other things that most people get a big kick out of.

… … …

My pregnancy felt much bigger than the first I had with Avariella. I was screaming my head off back in bedroom and Vlad was still putting off with my head screaming at him.

"Dammit, Vlad! I fucking hate you!" I snapped.

My hands clenched onto my stomach, just begging the pain to go away, and thankfully, Avariella was with Jazz and my parents at the moment. My friends? They were here when I my water broke and it a startling moment for them. We just had to hang in the bedroom to play video games, didn't we? Sam raced to Vlad to alert the baby was on the way. Tucker and Sam hung in the hallway since this part was a little more personal anyway.

"You're still beautiful, Daniel. You're always are." He kissed my stomach.

I scowled at him, "I'm fat here and you're telling me I'm beautiful? I want the baby out of me! It's a big one that's for sure!"

Vlad chuckled, "You know you have to wait until its time."

"Time! IT'S NOW!" I growled.

Vlad shook his head and used his powers on me. It was so much to handle, so much unbearable pain growing up against my spine and pelvic, and how I grew to wonder why I suffer this twice alone. There was no doubt I'd get Vlad pregnant if we were to have a big family. I wasn't going to do all the work.

"It'll be almost over, Daniel. Breathe in and out."

I nodded and did follow his instruction. It was like everything was going so slow, but the time was slipping by so much. I thought this baby wouldn't come until June fifteenth! Apparently, this one came on the sixth of June a bit early!

I felt Vlad coming inside me to retrieve the baby and one little screaming baby was heard. I groaned and crouched a bit to more pain. It didn't make sense…our baby was…my eyes widen and gulped.

"Vlaaaaad…I think I've been carrying a twin." I mentioned, chuckling nervously.

Vlad jerked his head up at me and didn't believe what he heard. He quickly duplicates and did another round of gather a baby out of me. Another crying sound, I looked at the both babies in Vlad's arms. The duplicate Vlad came over and handed me the last one. The duplicate disappeared and I adored the one in my arms first.

"Oh, my…" Vlad commented, "A girl and then, a boy. Oh, Daniel, I'm so happy." Vlad came closer so I could see the beautiful babies we have.

"A girl and a boy! A twin!" I chuckled excitedly.

I sat right up and we started to clean their faces up. The girl had blue eyes and dark brunette hair. The boy had violet eyes with dark blond hair. They were almost identical, but beautiful. Vlad managed to wrap them in blankets and let me handle them while he retrieved my friends. Both of my friends were shocked to discover, but they even called in the others to let them know the babies were born. Honestly, mom and dad were grandparents again. Jazz was an aunt again. Avariella was twice a big sister. She was nervous meeting them, but her eyes widen at how small they truly were. They were much smaller than Avariella was, but they were healthy. It was all it mattered.

Vlad and I named our son, Kyson Lionel Masters. Afterward, we finally chose a girl name for our daughter, Savanna Anna Masters. We welcomed our little bundles of joy into our world and celebrated a great life to this very day. Today, we got to share it with my friends and families…no, our friends and families. There weren't any needs to hide from the world. Everyone knew I was capable of being pregnant, but they don't have much of a clue about our ghost half. Although, everything has always felt right and probably always will be. Sure, a few problems here and there, but Vlad and I were having a family and so far, we're in devotion every day. I don't think I could ask for more.

Sooo, did you guys expect twins? Or the names?

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