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Kurt's making tea when someone hooks their chin over his shoulder, pressing a kiss to his jaw and blowing a raspberry. He spins around to remind Santana about personal boundaries, but it's Adam who's smiling and trailing his hands down Kurt's sides. It tickles, but that's not why Kurt inhales sharply before saying, "I didn't hear you get out of the shower."

"I only just toweled off and grabbed some pajamas. That's okay, right?"

It is okay, really. Except out of all the sweatshirts Adam could have grabbed, he picked the Dalton hoodie that Kurt usually keeps tucked in the back of his dresser. It's silly, because Kurt was the one who bought and wore it until it got too tight in the shoulders, but he still thinks of it as Blaine's. Before leaving for New York, Kurt had given it to him, only to have it returned in one of the post-break up packages.

Honestly, Kurt forgot he even had it until now; sinking his hands into the pocket and pulling Adam in a little closer. Adam smells fresh and clean, so Kurt closes his eyes and kisses him on the mouth. Kissing Adam is always soft as if he's afraid that if he pushes to hard Kurt will fall to pieces or run away. So, bites the other man's lip, holding on to it for a few seconds before Adam pulls away with wide, blue eyes.

"It suits you," Kurt assures, then the kettle is whistling and he smiles before turning to fill their mugs.