He loved moments like this.

He fumbled to get the keys in the door. She was kissing him hard, distracting him from getting in the house. When he got the door open, she nearly dragged him inside. He shut the door with his leg and they fell to the couch. She felt hot; their kisses were sloppy and their bodies grinding did nothing but excite their hormones. They kicked off their shoes and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

'She's never usually like this,' he thought. He was the one that pounced on her in bed; but Katniss loved to be in control, she wanted to call the shots.

She tried to flip him over, but Peeta kept her pinned to the couch. He nearly tore her shirt off in his haste. With his own shirt off, the contact from their skin did nothing but add to the excitement. Katniss felt a lone hand caress her breast. She arched in pleasure and moaned. As she opened her mouth, Peeta slipped his tongue deeper into her cavern. She tasted of flowers; fresh roses. She had a sweet taste that only made him want her more.

Suddenly, he lifted her off the couch. He carried her up the stairs into his bedroom. He tossed her onto his bed and with ferocity dove onto her. Katniss knew Peeta thought she liked it when she was in control, but she loved it when he took control, when he just flat out fucked her.

He slipped her pants off with ease and they returned to their kissing. She grinded her hips into his crotch, she could feel his hardness from his jeans.

Her breath suddenly hitched as she felt a finger slip inside of her panties. He teased her, never going inside of her. She loved that. He kissed the nape of her neck and lifted her up to unhook her bra. He laid kisses on her from her breasts to her navel, all the way down to her sex. She squirmed within a pool of ecstasy.

"Pleaseā€¦" she said.

It was more than enough for him.

He slipped off his jeans and boxers, revealing his length to her. He positioned himself at her entrance, and without warning slipped inside.

She couldn't hold it back, she half-screamed, half-moaned.

"Shh, you're going to wake up my brothers," he whispered in her ear.

"Like they don't already know you fuck me senseless."

It was a good enough reason for him to continue. He moved slowly, kissing her earlobe and moving down to her neck. He bit into her neck; not enough to hurt, but to leave a mark, so that she would remember that she belonged to him.

He moved faster and she moaned louder. They were both close. Her face began to turn red from a lack of exhaling because she knew if she let that breath go, she would scream.

With a soft groan, he came within her and she couldn't stand it anymore. She grabbed at the covers and let out a scream that he silenced by sealing their lips.

When they parted, his blue eyes locked with her deep chocolate eyes and he said,

"You are mine."