Plot:Astar is a hollow wolf pup of Adjuchas level, and was created by a secret organization bent on destroying the shinigami. He is a mistake, that just happened to be the perfect creation. The abilites he was given were fast evolution, he could become an Arrancar just by learning things, superstrength, near invincibility, he can blast a bombardment of Ceros at his enemies faster than a machine gun, and a few others. His job is to hunt and kill shinigami, but he doesn't want to. Somehow, during his imprisonment an Arrancar girl, Ryuukin Tsuki, with high morals helped him understand what it's like to have a good conscience. Ryuukin and Astar get along because they were both betrayed by people they trusted and understand what that's like. One night the dou escape and are on the run from "trackers", other Adjuchas hollows who were desinged for hunting. They are soon seperated by the trackers and Astar is accidentally saved by Hanataro.

Warnings: Violence, blood, some language, and random stupidity




Astar's mind link with friends

Ryuukin's sister

Let's begin, shall we?

"Astar! They're gaining!" Said a frantic girl with knee-length blue hair and an odd, gold fragment of her shattered hollow mask with gleaming horns curved back. Beside her ran a small hollow covered in black fur caked with dry blood. The trackers were close behind and he had to think quickly to save his friend."Astar, they're not very can escape if you use duplicate."

Are you mad? They'll KILL you! I refuse! The small wolf huffed and shook his masked face. He was NOT going to lose someone else! Especially them!

"Please Astar! If you won't duplicate yourself then run ahead...I-I don't want you to die! P-please...PLEASE!" She sounded close to tears, and he never wanted to see her cry. Besides if I leave I can regain my strength and come back for her! Astar thought, and with a heavy heart and a sigh he agreed. How ironic, my chest feels heavy were my heart should be, but I'm not supposed to have a heart...

He watched as his only friend, the dragon Arrancar Ryuukin, skidded to a stop and turned to fight the trackers. The last thing he remembered was hearing her cry of "Dracos Infernious" and the imense amount of reitsu as he used Sonido to get away.

Why he was here, he had no idea. When he was told that he had a mission in Karakura Town, he was excited. When they said he had to investigate the stories of a shinigami-hunting superhollow...well...not so much. So now here he was, wandering the streets at night, a nervous wreck, and praying that the superhollow was just a really strong one that Ichigo had already taken care of. He stopped for a second, there had been a very powerful reitsu nearby, one that could have rivaled Kenpachi and Yamamoto. The world seemed to get brighter and he glaced upward. A little ways off, a gleaming gold reitsu had almost manifested itself into a gigantic dragon. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground, there was something on him, holding him down and a large hollow limping his way.

The mask was slightly cracked and looked alot like a cat, although it had a long serpent-like tail, and a bulky body with festering wounds all along it's body. The amount of blood pouring from each wound was a disgusting sight, and the stench of fresh coppery blood was so strong one could taste it. It growled. Whatever knocked him down, he held onto tightly. It moved forward. He ran. It was easy to gain distance from the injured monster, but it was also hard because he knew if he stopped, it would surely catch and kill him.

He didn't know how long he had been running, but Lady Luck must have some kind of grudge against him because when he glanced over his shoulder, he ran right into a street light. For a minute, he lay on the ground, holding his throbbing head. The first thing he noticed was that the weight was gone, he guessed whatever it was must've fled. The next thing he noticed was the smell of blood heavy in the air. The hollow. He slowly opened his eyes and instantly wished he hadn't. It stood over him, grinning devilishly and lashed out, grabbing him before he could even move. Not that he could have. The scent alone weighed him down as well as the horrifying realization that, even if he tried to run, it would catch him.

The hollow tightened it's grip, and he hissed in pain. Great, I've always wanted to be crushed to death. He thought bitterly. It's grip tightened again, and he gasped for breath. To his suprise it's grip loosened, but then it raised him to it's mouth and grinned again. It then laughed and spoke in a voice, deep and raspy, and said,"Little fortunate you are to die by my hand. SSSSSo many of my brotherssssss would have killed you by now. I, though, am an artissssst and will enjoy your misssery." And with that he was dropped to the ground by the beast. He tried to run, but it forced him down to the ground with one clawed foot, which dug painfully into his back, making him cry out.

"Ah...sssssuch an amazing sssssound. Now...I believe I will ssssstart by breaking all of your limbsssss."It said reaching out with a clawed hand to grab his arm between it's thumb and index finger. In one swift movement, the bone was snapped in two and protruding from the skin. He whimpered, but refused to cry, it would love that after all. The hollow then grabbed the bone and twisted it. He couldn't stop the tears then, as he screamed calling for help, finally grasping the severity of the situation. "P-Please! Someone! Any one! P-please help me!"

Will you help me?A strange voice asked. He was startled by the voice, but that was replaced by pain as his other arm was broken. "Y-Yes! Just h-help!" He called, sobbing. There was a flash of light and the hollow was gone. He looked up and was meet with the sight of a small black wolf with a skeletal face shooting Cero after Cero over his head. Finally the bombardment ended, with the dying shriek of his tormentor. The other Hollow walked up to him and he froze. "P-please...don't kill me..." He sobbed. He would have wiped away his tears but his arms wouldn't work. The Hollow gently grabbed his arm in his teeth and pulled and twisted it until he heard it click back into place. It then repeated the proccess with his other arm.

What is your name? It asked. There was a pause then an answer."...H-Hanataro Y-Yamada..." The Hollow nodded. Will you keep your promise to help me? That suprised Hanataro, he had expected to die, not be saved. If he helped this hollow someone might think he was betraying the Soul Society, like Aizen. Still...this hollow saved his life, and seemed to really need some help. "O-okay...but can you tell me your name?" There was a pause, and the hollow looked up at him. Then grinned.