Astar's mind link with friends

Ryuukin's sister

Let me just say, I feel bad for torturing Hanataro...and making him run into a street out, readers, street lamps are everywhere.

Hanataro woke late in the night in the Uruhara Shop. He looked around blankly before noticing the white skull face a few feet away. Before he could scream, he felt himself knocked to the ground and two paws covered his mouth. Shh...It's just me. Astar.The pup moved his paws and Hanataro sat up. "What am I doing here? What happened?" He whispered. Astar chuckled, apparently it was funny to him.

You passed out from exaustion and blood loss. Carrot-top carried you here with his friends. They were scared shitless. Carrot-top was walking in circles while Pineapple-head was trying to calm down a black-haired girl. She seemed really worried. Pineapple-head stopped to tell Carrot-top to knock it off, but Carrot-top threw a book at him. They're still fighting. The black-haired girl and the girl with the huge boobs, the one that healed you, tried to calm them, but they gave up.Hanataro blinked, it took him a moment to place the nicknames. Were they really that worried?

"Stay here." Hanataro said, shakily standing. He found the group, and it was worse then what he was told. They moment he walked in everyone looked at him, and he was sure that they invented a new shade of red. Ichigo was kneeling over Renji and holding him down while Renji's foot was on Ichigo's face. Rukia and Orihime were sitting of to the side, drinking tea. Everyone looked at him.

"Hanataro!" Rukia and Orihime were the first to reach him, and almost crushed him with how tight they were holding him. "Hey, let him go guys." Ichigo said, prying away the two girls. "How do you feel?" Hanataro blinked. "Fine!" He smiled at his friends, although he was a little nervous. "What happened to you?"Rukia asked."It wasn't whatever made that reitsu, I hope."

He shook his head,"It was just a hollow. I think it's name was Merith...It was killed by another hollow." They just looked at him blankly, as if they didn't believe him, which they sort of didn't. "What?" They just stared at him with disbelief."So..." Renji stared,"Your saying you were attacked by a hollow that broke both of your arms and were saved by another hollow." "Exactly." He replied. "Right. And your still alive why?"Ichigo said, earning him a foot to the face, courtesy of Rukia.

"If your going to ask something think about it before you say it! Don't say it like you wanted him to die!" Then she turned to hanataro. "I'm sure you know he meant why didn't the other hollow try to kill you." Hanataro nodded. "Well, I guess it didn't notice me...or it didn't care...either way, at least I'm alive."

So... Where are we going now master? Astar said, bouncing along side Hanataro. "Master?" Hanataro looked at the pup."Um...okay, we're going back to where I found you. From there you can show me where your friend was." Really? Yay! the hollow did a back flip and ran a wide circle around Hanataro. "Calm down. We're almost there."

They soon passed the place where the torturous hollow had been killed by Astar. Hanataro had walked a little faster there, as if he thought Merith might come back to life and finish him off. Don't worry! I'll protect you master. Oh! We're here! Astar said stopping. In the center of the ground, right where he last saw his dear friend, was a deep crater. Hanataro climbed into the crater, and frowned there was nothing there. Just as he was about to climb out, he saw something sparkle. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was a necklace with a white skull on it.

He climbed out again and showed it to Astar, who took it, saying it was his friend's. He managed to get it over his head, and started to shake. Hanataro looked at him helplessly. He wanted to cheer him up, but he didn't know how. He sat next to the weeping pup and started to pet him. "Don't worry. She's probably fine. She could have escaped. We can search for her later." Astar looked up sadly. You promise? Astar asked.

Hanataro smiled kindly,"I already did." He this hollow saved his life, he figured the least he could do was help him find his missing friend. Of course that wouldn't be easy, especially if she was mobile. This was going to be one interesting adventure. And that was when he realized that he had to do it all on his own. He wasn't sure what he was going to do at all, he just knew that he couldn't tell Ichigo or the others.

They would kill Astar. He was sure of that.