My first Big Bang Theory story ever! …And no matter what it's still slash. Just my style; I guess.

I don't own the Big Bang Theory. Sadly. Oh, very, very sadly…

When he awoke, he knew he needed him. His body yearned, his eyes searched desperately; tear drops leaving streaks down his face like Angel Falls in the middle of autumn…

He didn't care what he looked like; clothes the same as yesterday, messy brown hair, large blotchy hazel eyes; it wasn't like he would honestly care.

He didn't need the Indian man in a physical way, no, he needed comfort, and his awkward best friend was the only one who could provide that comfort for him. Sheldon, Leonard, and especially Penny could help him right now.

He needed to get out, and he needed that with Raj.

Grabbing his cell phone off his mahogany bedside table in blind shakiness; he pressed two and waited as the phone rang twice. A deep voice with an Indian accent picked up, sounding groggy.

"Howard? Why are you calling at like two in the morning?" Raj muttered, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, not even bothering to sit up in his deep green bed.

"I-I-I, I need you, and I need you to get me out, and I need you now," Howard murmured, his voice shaking in his panic ridden state, his eyes still darting around the pitch black room.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Raj was already out of his bed, covers littering the floor, and picking up the keys to his motorcycle; his eyes hardened and determined.

"I'll be there in a minute, I'm going to bring you back to my house, and in the mean time; grab a stuffed animal and a blanket, and go sit out on your front porch. Do not do anything to harm your self while I'm coming. When I get there, you better be on the porch, alright, Howard? I'll be there in a minute, and it'll all be okay," Raj said, started up his motorcycle.

Raj kicked off, speeding towards Howard's house. "Wait for me, Howard."

With that, and a feeble, "I will…" on the other end, he clicked his cell phone off.

Grabbing a fluffy blanket, his cell, and his favorite stuffed animal, he yanked on some shoes, almost walking out his room, which he had turned the lamp on in.

His eyes rested on the razor blade on his dresser drawer top. Reaching out a shaking, pale hand towards it, he stopped, shaking his head valiantly, and ran out of his house of memories. He thought of Raj. He wanted to cut, but he'd endure his pain, only for Raj. Only for Raj.

The mass majority would say Howard loves Raj. The minority say they're just really close best friends, who would do anything for each other.

As Raj put his motorcycle on its stand at two fifteen in the morning, picked Howard up gently, giving him the only helmet, setting him behind him on the motorcycle, he smiled as he started it up, feeling Howard's embrace from behind, a soft apology, a soft gratitude remark on his neck, and Howard bury his face into Raj's neck, kissing it softly.

They'd never admit it, but they believe majority, yet only because it's the truth.

They love each other.

These late night panic attacks just keep bringing them closer.

Well, there you have it. It's really short, but that's my first Big Bang Theory fanfic, a Roward. (Raj/Howard)

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