AN: Gentlemen...BEHOLD!

A couple of things to say. This thing was NOT easy to write and took me a year to actually put it together. This is my first attempt at an Animaniacs-themed fanfic so please kind to it. I will NOT tollerate any flaming. Other then that I hope you enjoy :)

Disclaimor: Animaniacs does not belong to me. It belongs to Warner Bros. Rem, Dr. Frankeninni, Omri, and Seth belong to me.

~Animaniacs: Nocturnus~

*Act I*

He worked silently and passionately on his new 'project' deep within his hidden lab. This was going to be his coup de grace. The studio would want to have these 'new toons' as part of their new animation roster. They would be so great, that they would have no choice BUT to acquire them, lest a competing rival studio get their hands on them. Perhaps maybe Disney. Instead of wasting unwanted material, He decided to keep the prototypes as hired help. They certainly were useful when they were originally thought to be worthless.

"This time," the mad doctor rasped from his dry throat. "it shall be a success! This one will turn out more superior than the others I have created!"

"How will that be sir?" His assistant asked in a monotone-like voice, expressing his curiosity.

"Simple. I've lacked personality to the previous toons I have created and it shows since you cannot feel any emotion at all."

The assistant continued to stare at his creator with a deadpan expression.

"Therefore, I'm going to add a little magic into this new one. But not anything like that Disney rubbish. I'm going to summon a soul from another world to inhabit the body. Then if this is successful-and it WILL be-I will make more of them! And then at last, I shall retain my former glory!"

Crackling laughter began to fill and echo in the cavern walls, disturbing the bats hanging there and causing them to flutter out into the night.