AN: Okay, so I realize that Act XI was kinda lukewarm and that's primarily because I rushed it. So here's what's gonna happen. First, I'm never rushing any of my material ever again because it turns out to be crap. Second, if I can after finals are over, I'll rewrite Act 11 so it'll be much better and more satisfying for me as a writer and of course the reader.

So without further ado, please enjoy Act XII :)

*Chapter 1: Jail Break!*

In the city limits of Burbank, California, stood a large correctional facility. Guards from sniper towers with watchful hawk-like eyes gazed across the gated yard of the prison where inmates dotted across it. Most of the facility's population was outdoors as per protocol. But there was one inmate that wished to be isolated and out of the sun's light.

Dr. Vlad Frankeninni had only spent a few weeks in the slammer and already he was planning to get back at the people responsible for him being there in the first place. Of course, one of a sensible mind would say that he had no one to blame for his predicament but himself. However, that wasn't going to happen as long as he was mentally deranged and his sanity being chipped away from the constant failures of his schemes and projects.'

The other inmates thought him an oddball and took no note of him most of the time. They may have made some mockery and snide remarks behind the director-turned-scientist's back, but he was far too focused on getting revenge to ever bother noticing. While not in his cell, Frankeninni huddled in a spot alone calculating plans and memorizing them. He needn't stay out there for long anyway. The final component of his plan for escape was falling into place.

"Yeeeesssss." he leered devilishly. "Tonight, I'll leave this wretched place."

Then a large bell rang out on the prison yard and guards came out from inside.

"Alright, kiddies." declared one guard. "Recess is over, back inside!"

The inmates grumbled and muttered insults at the guards under their breaths as they went back inside the dreary cell blocks single file. But Frankeninni was just itching to get inside. Because he had been such a model prisoner thus far, none of the security suspected him to be up to anything.


That night, while most of the prisoners were fast asleep in their bunks, the made doctor, with a clever use of items that he had been collecting since he arrived, escaped from his cell and dug his way out of the prison complex. He was so thorough with his work, that by the time a passing guard noticed him missing, Frankeninni was already miles away from the correctional facility. Nevertheless, sirens went off and search lights were lit on the area trying to spot the escaped convict. Though he was quite a ways from the complex, Frankeninni could still hear the alarm bells ringing.

"Oh bah!" he ranted.

The scientists picked up the pace just so he could get far from where the ensuing guards' dogs could pick his scent.

Under the pale moonlight, Frankeninni finally made it to his old lab. It was almost in shambles, with inches of dust and cobweb coating everything in sight. With the knowledge that the law enforcement would soon be out on the look for him, the mad doctor quickly came up with a plan of revenge that for once, was simple and to the point.

"I'll send that little brat back where she came from!"


The next morning was yet another busy one at the Warner Bros. Studio. After letting a few actors and employees through Gate 4 of the Lot, Ralph T. Guard trudged over to the hedge bushes with large clippers and began to trim them.

High above in the Water Tower, the front shield-shaped door was casually opened and out came Rem Roth with a folded up beach patio chair and her iDivine Comedy/i book. As she parked herself on the Tower's catwalk and began to read, Ralph failed to notice that she was there. He continued tending to the greenery around the Water Tower while Rem occasionally peeked out from the corner of her book. Finally, after watering the bushes, Ralph felt his stomach growl.

"Duuuuuh, donut time!" he said cheerfully to himself.

The teen watched him race towards the Commissary Building and disappeared inside it. That's when she dropped her usual concentrating expression and leaned towards her right.

"CLEAR!" Rem called out in a loud voice.

Then, the Tower door suddenly burst open and out came the Warners riding on a motorized scooter and clad in helmets after going up a small ramp on the catwalk railing. Just as the siblings went over, their arms stretched back and grabbed ahold of Rem, causing her to let out a slight yelp. They rode right out of the Lot going down a few blocks before coming to a complete and screeching halt. The siblings simply stepped off their vehicle while the teen nearly tripped over her feet.

"I'm curious, why do we have to make a, uh, 'dramatic' exit from the Tower?" Rem asked.

"We gotta have something to start this cartoon off." Dot quipped.

"It's also in the script." Yakko added, holding up a bound stack of paper.

"Oh yeah, I forgot..."

The quartet just barely began roaming around Burbank when they to come across a spot where a neighboring studio, 'Parahill' was shooting a movie. Then, a giant shopping cart filled with six young men, with three more hanging off of it. They zoomed past the quartet, covered in dirt, soot, and other debris, howling, laughing, and whooping.

"Hi, I'm Johnny Nashville and welcome to Numbskullz!" one of the guys shouted.

Then the cart crashed into two fruit and veggie stands, flipping the men over violently over into the stands making tomatoes, apples, and bell peppers flying into the air as they groaned in pain.

The Warners just stared at the scene, a bit perplexed at its purpose. Rem on the other hand, busted up laughing.

"I'm confused." Wakko said while scratching under his cap. "Was that supposed to be funny?"

"...Nah." Dot and Yakko said in unison.

"Rem, we gotta do something about your sense of humor." the elder Warner added.

"Meh, whatever." Rem replied with a shrug. Then she stopped. "Wait...what's wrong with my sense of humor pray tell?"

"Well for one thing, laughing at subject material we wouldn't even touch with a 40 foot pole." Dot pointed out.

"Beavis and Butt-Head marathon anybody?" Wakko quirked teasingly.

"Dude, I haven't seen that show in ages!" the teen protested. "I was lucky to even find it airing."

"Yep, uh-huh." Yakko replied while patting Rem's head.

Suddenly, the ground beneath their feet began to shake. Then a huge mecha that looked as if it quickly thrown together and patched up appeared. Piloting it, was none other than the mad Doctor Frankeninni.

"HA! I knew if I waited long enough, you would come out of your little Tower!" he declared crazily.

"...I thought you said this guy was in the slammer." Rem said.

"We must have missed the memo." Dot said crossing her arms.


"...You know what? I'm not gonna even bother because I just don't feel like it anymore." Rem sighed.

"Oh, I'm not looking for a fight, little girl. I'm getting rid of you once and for all!"

Before the teen could even think of answering back, three bodies suddenly got in front of her.

"You and what army, bub?" Yakko growled.

"Bah! Get out of my way, you little Warner brats!" the mad doctor ranted.

But instead, he got a giant mallet whack from Wakko. Rem blinked a few times.

"Um, so is this the part where we run like hell?" she asked.

"Yup." Dot replied.

They zipped away while Frankeninni recovered from his dizzy spell. Eventually, however he went after them again. He was absolutely fixated on getting his hands on the teen. He didn't care about anything else and he wasn't going to let anything or anyone get in his way. Least of all, the Warner siblings.

The chase went all the way into the park, where Slappy Squirrel's Tree House stood. She was watching her daily dose of television when the hallow walls of her home suddenly shook form the vibration of Frankeninni's machine stomping on the earth below it.

"Ahhh, if it's Walter Wolf, it better be good this time." she grumbled as she got out of her chair.

The elderly squirrel went to her front door and saw the Warner quartet being chased all over the place by the director-turned-scientist while they in turn, gave him raspberries.

"...Shoot me." Slappy muttered.

Meanwhile, Dr. Frankeninni was starting to lose his patience rather quickly. Anymore of this, and it wouldn't be long before Burbank finest men in blue would take notice of him. In spite of their toony and gravity-defying quickness, he was able to narrow down the quartets' movements into a form of pattern. Then he struck.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were seeing stars while Rem was knocked out cold. Frankeninni almost started dancing in mad delight.


He picked up the teen who hung from the metal claw like a rag doll and made his way back to his lab. By the time Slappy squirrel was able to get them, the mad scientist was already gone with Rem.

"Walter Pigeon is a dead man." Slappy ranted under her breath.

She took out a huge pale of water from her hammerspace and dumped it on the siblings. They each snapped out of their dizzy spell after the cold substance touched their faces.




Wakko and Dot shot their elder brother a blank glance.

"Yeah well, while you're playin' patty-cake, Frankenyutz made off with the kid." Slappy said.

"Alright, sibs it's time to bring out the big guns!" Yakko declared.

They took out extremely giant mallets, mallets that were twice as big as them, and marched off. Slappy let out a sigh and took out an unlit canon explosive.

"Ehhh, I better help."


...oh flipping head...

Rem's consciousness slowly to surface. Her head was pounding, making it hard to regain her bearings. When she finally did, the teen found herself in familiar surroundings. A clear glass tube. Looking through it, she saw Dr. Frankeninni frantically going about on his barely operating computers and machines. One thing she noticed was that there was a sheer lack of Drones around. In fact, there was none at all.

"Hey, what happened to-?"

"I've gotten rid of them." Dr. Frankeninni growled lowly. "They're useless to me. I'm surprised that you even bother to ask."

Rem made a face. She felt an injustice strike her on the Drone's behalf, but she probably wasn't the right person to say anything about it.

"If you're so hell-bent of getting rid of me, why did you even bother to bring me here in the first place?" she asked softly.

"Bah! I wanted to go down in history as the greatest and most powerful cartoon director in all Hollywood! But YOU ruined everything! You've been a thorn in my side ever since I brought you here. So now I will be rid of you."

"I see..."

The reserved and sort of resigned look on Rem's face made the mad doctor quite irritated. He expected her to fire back at him as she usually did, but she wasn't. The teen was in a pacifistic state and looking as if she were quietly meditating on her situation.

"AND THAT GLASS IS 5 INCHES THICK!" Frankeninni roared, in an effort to get a reaction out of the teen. "SO DON'T EVEN TRY TO GET OUT!"

Rem still wasn't fazed. She figured that soon enough, her peers would appear on the scene. And even if they didn't, Rem seemed to accept whatever would ever. This made the director even more irritated. The somewhat peaceful expression she had was practically mocking him.

I don't understand, by now, she would be hurling insults at me and attempting to escape. Bah! No matter, I'll soon be rid of her...


As Rem expected, the Warner siblings made their way through the caverns with mallets held high and ready to smash whatever obstacle got in their way. The caverns surroundings Dr. Frankeninni's lab looked fragile and unstable. Just one quake would be enough to make the whole cave collapse. Slappy was trailing behind them, barely keeping up.

"Will you kids slow down?! I'm old, these legs ain't what they used to be." Slappy ranted. She then pulled up some of her fur to show how scrawny her legs really were.

Yakko had suddenly halted in his steps after his eye caught a particular spot. It was mostly bare save for a small pile of rubble from a fallen stalactite from the ceiling of the cavern. He recognized it as the exact spot where Rem was knocked into a coma. A pit formed in his stomach.

"Hey, what's eatin' ya?" Slappy asked, snapping the elder Warner back to reality.

"Eeeeeeh, nothin'." he lowly replied.

"Hey! You coming or what?" Dot called out.


Yakko zipped forward with Slappy following as closely as she could.


Dr. Frankeninni just barely got his machinery working but it was practically on its last limb. The generator's power was almost all used up, and not only that, some of the wiring had gotten corroded from the lack of proper maintenance causing various sparks to fly.

"Urgh! Blasted scraps of metal!" the mad doctor ranted.

Rem could see that activating the computers and such was quickly becoming a massive fire hazard. The insane scientist would wind up killing them both while trying to achieve his goal.

5 inches of glass can bite me...

She pulled out her katanna and began slamming the hard end of her scabbard against the tube. It quickly caught Frankeninni's attention.

"HA! I knew you try something!" he cackled. "Well try all you like! I almost have this wretched working!"

Rem just ignored him and remained focused on her task. After six strikes against the tube, the teen finally got the glass to crack. Dr. Frankeninni growled and grinded his teeth, frantically trying to generate more power. Suddenly the rusted doors of his lab came crashing down, revealing Wakko on the other side.

"Heeeeere's Johnny!" he quipped.

"Didja miss us?" Dot said after suddenly appearing next to the director-turned-scientist.

Then the Warner Sister planted a smooch on him to which she revolted from.

"Eeew! Deeeegusting!" she exclaimed.

Rem continued to ram the hard end of her scabbard against the tube, making the crack in the glass bigger little by little. Until Wakko appeared.

"Need a hand?" he gallantly asked.

The teen backed up as the middle Warner lifted his giant mallet. After bringing it down however, it just made another small crack in the glass and made Wakko wobble like Jell-O.

"Um...I think you're gonna need more than that." Rem said.

That's when Yakko and Dot made their appearance.

"You rang?" Yakko quipped.

With three solid mallets coming down, the glass finally broke. Meanwhile, Slappy went over to Dr. Frankeninni who was still spitting after being kissed by Dot.

"So Frankenyutz, I hear there's a couple of guys in blue who'd love to see ya." the elderly squirrel quipped as she lit her explosive.


The mad doctor shoved the aging toon aside and powered the last switch. Suddenly, as Rem was being helped out of the tube, a wave-like electrical current enveloped her. It had that familiar burning sensation but it lacked the jabbing pain that she previously felt when it. The negative force blasted Dot and Wakko away, causing Rem to cry out while Yakko managed to cling to the tube. The teen was being sucked up in a current like a vacuum. Yakko forced himself into the tube in an attempt to grab Rem and pull her back down. He barely managed to get ahold of her ankle while still trying to hang onto the tube.

"Yakko, don't!" Rem exclaimed.

The current proved to be too strong and it swallowed both her and Yakko up. However, before Dr. Frankeninni could start celebrating his apparent victory, the computer controlling everything started to glitch out as it flared a bunch of sparks. Racing towards it, his face fell completely with rage after reading the data.

"No! This can't be!" he cried. "Instead of going back to her dimension, she's just going a little over two hours from here! CURSE THIS THING!"

Frankeninni tried to put in the correct coordinates again at the last minute, but the machinery could endure no more. The generator blew out, causing everything to power down and blowing out a few lights. Miraculously, the explosion wasn't strong enough to cause a cave in. After being zapped by live electricity, Frankeninni tried crawling away from his broken machine. All too soon, Wakko and Dot threateningly grabbed him.

"Alright, whadja do to Yakko and Rem, Frankenbutt?" Dot demanded.

"I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU BRATS ANYTHING!" the director-turned-scientist fired back.

"That's fine. We can always get professionals to fix this stuff up." Slappy said, referring to the now broken computer.


The aging toon bonked him on the head with her own mallet.

"Ehhhh, we'll share the reward money."