Mass Effect Kink Meme Prompt: They have a huge argument and Kaidan says something in the heat of the moment that he instantly regrets. But Shepard doesn't give him the chance to apologize as he leaves the Normandy for a dangerous mission. During the mission Shepard's seriously wounded, Kaidan can be there when it happens or left on the Normandy waiting for his return. Cue Kaidan racing to the med bay and suffocating Shepard with kisses and making sweet, gentle love to him later on in his cabin.

Bonus points if Shepard was distracted thinking about what Kaidan said when he got hurt.

A/N: I found this prompt and decided to write it, obviously. Enjoy! I know I did! :D

Moments Like These: A Close Call

"Damn it, John!" Kaidan shouted angrily at John. The biotic soldier was pissed, no, he was furious at John's latest antics. "You can't just go into battle like that! You're an Adept, not a soldier!"

"I had to. You and James would have been overrun otherwise!"

"We had it under control!"

"No, you didn't and it was why I had to do something," John said in a very calm voice.

"Yeah? Like you had to work with Cerberus?"

John's face, already hardened by his lifestyle, became even more stoic and Kaidan knew that he should never have said that. He wasn't even thinking about saying it until his mouth opened and those unforgivable words spouted out, like he had no control over them.

Before he could apologize, Joker intervened, like always. "Uh, Commander, we're approaching that Cerberus lab Hackett was telling you about earlier. ETA in ten minutes."

"Acknowledged," John growled.

"John, I-" Kaidan began, stepping forward.

"Save it, Kaidan," John said softly, his voice barely audible over the thrum of the Normandy's mass effect fields. "If it bothers you so badly, perhaps you should stay here."

"No! John!" Kaidan briskly walked over to John, but it was too late. The Commander had already walked out of his cabin and the door closed on him. By the time it opened, Kaidan ran out, only to see that the elevator was already going to the cargo bay. John still had to get ready and so did the others, whoever was going with him.

The elevator seemed to take forever before it finally dinged and Kaidan sprinted into it. Unfortunately, as he got to the cargo bay, the shuttle was revving its engines and the biotic soldier watched helplessly as it departed. He could only hope now that his teammates would keep John safe and that his lover would forgive him, again.


Like you had to work for Cerberus…

Kaidan acted as if John had a choice in working for that terrorist organization. He acted as if that decision was made with no forethought behind it.

Shepard was so focused on his argument with Kaidan that he didn't hear his assailant drop down behind him. Only the sudden change in air pressure alerted him and he dropped his sniper rifle to favour the heavy pistol at his side. It was too late though. The swift assassin had already plunged her sword into his stomach, easily bypassing his light armor and piercing his internal organs.

A nauseous sensation welled into his being and he fell back into the rail, blood slicking up the floor and making him slip down. Grabbing unto his instincts, his hand automatically reached for the pistol that clattered, thankfully, right next to him.

Through blurred vision he saw the phantom jump back, perhaps afraid that her prey would have a trick up her sleeve. Then, seeing her chance to finish him off, she jumped at him, sword down and aimed for his aim this time.

Before she could land, however, a devastating gunshot echoed loudly and Shepard blearily thought that maybe he was quick enough to have shot her down. Then he saw that he didn't have anything in his hands. In fact, he just laid there, grasping for breath as agony ripped through him.

Footsteps thundered nearby and Shepard knew that he was fucked if it was an enemy. He tried very hard to lift his hand but found out that he couldn't. He couldn't move anything and this helplessness frustrated him more than anything else.

A friendly face swam into his field of vision and it was Garrus. His mandibles were moving but no sound came out. The sniper holstered his weapon and Shepard tried to scream at him, that there could be enemies nearby. All he got out was a garbled whimper and his injury flared up again. This time, it was too overwhelming and consciousness left him, drowned out by the agony of his wound and of his argument with Kaidan.


"Kaidan," EDI commed the still angry Major.


"You are wanted in Medbay. Shepard-"

EDI need not say any further for the Major was already in the elevator. He smashed his hand against the button, trying to speed up the elevator. His hand felt slick and he looked down at it. The redness of the liquid that stained the button horrified him for he innately knew that it was Shepard's blood covering it. Dear God…what if… As if sensing the Major's rising panic and frustration, EDI had already adjusted the speed of the elevator and in lesser time than usual, it arrived on third deck.

Kaidan rushed through still opening doors and shoved his way through several crewmembers, not even apologizing as he did so.

Ahead of him, Garrus and Liara were dragging a third person between them and Kaidan knew exactly who they were carrying. He hastened his steps and entered the Medbay just in time to see something that made his heart stop.

Liara and Garrus placed the unconscious Commander on one of the bed. Even from the entrance, he could see both sweat and blood slicking his lover's form.

"Damn it," he could hear Garrus cursing. If a Turian cursed, it was really bad. If it was Garrus cursing, then the situation was very dire.

"We need Kaidan here. I can hear his mind screaming for him," Liara suggested and Kaidan saw her eyes scrunched closed in pain, as if she was shot and not John.

"I'm here," came Kaidan's reply and he rushed to them.

God, John was a mess. His face, though clear of blood, was pale and Kaidan could see the full exhaustion of the man in the dark bags underneath closed eyes. His brows seemed to be in a permanent stasis of being furrowed. As Kaidan's eyes traveled further down John's body, his worry increased almost tenfold.

The man still wore his armor but it was demolished now. The big hole in the torso bore testament to that and Kaidan became anguished at how pale his lover looked. He should have gone with John, even if the latter didn't ask for him to be on his team. Damn it! That stupid argument he had with him probably distracted him and Kaidan clenched his fists, knowing that this was his fault. He distracted John with his petty fears.

"Kaidan! Now's not the time to be blaming yourself for this!" Liara shouted harshly to him. It shook him out of his self-pity and brought the reality of the situation to him. Yes, Liara's right. Now's the time to focus on John's needs, to make sure he stays alive.

He can't lose John now, not when he had a taste of him. Not when he discovered that being with this man made him feel human.

"K-Kai…" The body shifted underneath his hands and Kaidan found himself gazing at two unfocused blue orbs.

"Try to hold him down! He's in a lot of pain and won't take kindly to being given a sedative!" Another voice cried out and it was Dr. Chakwas running up to them. In her hand was a syringe filled to the top with a clear liquid.

"Nooo!" John shouted but it came out as a bare whisper. He still had his unnatural strength, born to him by the cybernetic implants embedded in his body. Lucky for them, his strength was no match for Liara's stasis, which formed around him in a protective bubble. It didn't' help matters any, however, and the fact that he was being restrained made him fight even harder and rip the wound in his stomach open even more.

Kaidan knew he had to do something. He couldn't bear his lover thrashing around and making his injuries worse. So, he decided to detonate the stasis field, much to Liara's objections, and took John's face in both hands.

"Look at me, John," the biotic soldier said in a firm but not unkind tone. He caressed John's cheeks, knowing that the motion would soothe John's nerves. "We're safe, I'm safe." John had told him before that the only reason he continues to fight is because of him. That if he died, then so would John. Thus, Kaidan used that revelation to his advantage and it worked. John's struggles ceased and soon, there was only the troubling wheezing. Then, another set of struggles began, this time more from his fight to survive rather than the sedative.

"He's going into seizures!" Dr. Chakwas proclaimed and she kicked everybody out, except for Kaidan. His previous experience with medical aid made him useful in emergencies like this and having him nearby calmed John down.

Kaidan was going to have a long talk with his lover and it was going to involve a lot of loving as well.


That long talk didn't come until a week later. John slept for a good few days when convalescing. Dr. Chakwas told him that it was a good sign of him recovering from his serious injury and this rest was perhaps the first in a while.

Kaidan had a hard time believing her, especially when he spent all day and night sitting at his side. All through his vigil, John stayed asleep or unconscious. The biotic warrior hoped for the former. A weak moan broke his musings and Kaidan hovered over his lover.

He watched those eyes fluttering open and saw awareness in those glazed but still beautiful blue eyes.

"K-Kaidan?" John croaked.

"I'm here, John," Kaidan soothed him and he thumbed the man's cheek.

"You're here…" There was disbelief in his voice and it saddened Kaidan. Maybe John thought this was a dream. Maybe he thought Kaidan had left him after that awful argument.

"I'm always here, John. Always."

"Good…" John sighed and Kaidan felt relieved at the way his lover said that word. It was in a forgiving tone and then Kaidan wasn't as afraid of the anticipated talk as he thought.

The next day or two, John was now recovering in his personal cabin. The man was insufferable as a patient, according to Dr. Chakwas, and only Kaidan had the capability to keep him calm.

They still hadn't talked about their altercation from the days before but neither really felt the need to bring it up again. The timing was bad and Kaidan didn't want that to distract John any more than necessary. The distraction was what got John injured in the first place.

"Kaidan," John said and the warm body in his arms shifted until they were facing each other. "Biotics for your thoughts?"

A slight tingling sensation could be felt traveling along Kaidan's skin and the biotic sentinel moaned from the pleasurable shock.

"I love you, John," Kaidan said firmly before kissing him. It was supposed to be a light, chaste kiss but it became passionate. The close call made John yearn for Kaidan's incredible support and for his warmth. Even injured, John tried to control the circumstances by rolling unto him but Kaidan knew what he was up to.

"No," Kaidan murmured between kisses. "Let me dictate this. I'll take care of you, John."

Kaidan didn't earn his promotions by sitting on his arse and John was pleasantly surprised to find that Kaidan had in fact become stronger over the course of three years. In fact, he was stronger than him now, though John would never willingly admit to that, at least not publicly.


"Hush, love," a sultry whisper in John's ear made him shiver at the heated promise it held.

Kaidan nipped and sucked at his throat, apparently his favourite spot now, wringing hapless little moans from John. If EDI had a showed him a recording of this, John's ears and face would be red with embarrassment. As it was now, the adept couldn't care less.

A warm mouth latched onto his nipple and he groaned when teeth tugged at it gently before a smooth tongue licked across it. His hands stroked the strong flanks before finally cupping those muscular buttocks. His actions caused Kaidan to chuckle and the vibrations shot through his nipple and into his spine.

"K-Kaidan!" Shepard gasped and his body arched forward, hoping that the biotic would get the idea.

Kaidan did and John felt the formation of a smirk against his skin. Bastard…

That was the only coherent thought John possessed before Kaidan proceeded to shatter his very sense of reality. With tender kisses and devastating caresses, Shepard found himself grasping at Kaidan's head, especially when he felt the man spread his legs wide open.

He felt oddly vulnerable, with his body fully exposed to his lover's eyes. However, he fully trusted Kaidan, despite all the harsh words between them.

"Look at me, John," Kaidan whispered to him and John opened his eyes. Did he close them before? He couldn't remember…

Kaidan knew when John was thinking and tonight, he didn't want his lover to think at all. Ordering John to look at him as he took him in his mouth made Kaidan realize that John really did trust him. Having an intimate part in someone else's mouth was not exactly a tactical choice, especially when you could bleed to death if bitten down there.

Also, usually it was John swallowing him whole, bringing him to climax many times with his skilled mouth. Now, it was his turn to shatter John's senses, to have him come apart and let Kaidan put him back together.

It didn't take long before Shepard stiffened underneath and short, quick pants heralded his climax. He pulled away at the last second and soon, John spilled hotly into his hand. He would have swallowed his essence, just like what John would have done. However, he had a feeling that the lube was left in the showers from their previous tumble and he really didn't want to pause their intimate session for that. John's offering would suit just fine.

After several seconds of prepping him, finally getting him to relax enough at least, he lined himself and wrapped John's legs around his waist. He waited for John's cue, which was a warm smile, and then slowly started to push in.

Kaidan sighed into Shepard's neck, relishing in the tight warmth of his lover's body. The way Shepard fitted around him marveled him. They were meant to be together. Hell, even their amps tuned in harmony and both men groaned at how the biotics around them flared, heightening their pleasure even further.

A huff of hot breath blew softly into his ear and then a tantalizing whisper, "more." Kaidan smirked at the request and he pulled out slowly before pushing back in.

Shepard emitted a deep groan at the action and he clutched at Kaidan, his hands tightening on the hips and thus preventing Kaidan from moving too fast or too deep. His lover chuckled at that and he nuzzled at the bottom of Shepard's throat.

"I can't really move if you're holding onto me like that," Kaidan murmured quietly. "Here, put your hands on my shoulders."

The biotic soldier gently guided his lover's hands to the tops of his shoulders, near his own neck. John could only give a shaky nod and then Kaidan moved again, this time deeper than before. The deep thrust wrung a hapless groan from John's throat and the low pitch, along with John's tightly shut eyes, aroused Kaidan even more. If it were possible, he hardened even more.

"I-Kaidan…" John couldn't speak, too overwhelmed with the pleasurable shocks that tingled through him. His lover's heavy weight bore down on him in a comforting way, pressing him against the satin sheets. Little flares of biotics tingled his skin, further heightening his sensitivity to all other actions. "Nnghh!" A particularly strong one occurred along his shaft. Dear God, could Kaidan make his whole body thrum with power? Another shock and John cried out, arching his back and offering his chest, his throat to his lover. He loved how Kaidan made him lose control like this, no matter how rare it would occur.

Kaidan's eyes narrowed at John's quivering form and he had a sudden urge to bite his lover, to leave a mark on him. Those salacious sounds coming from John made him thrust deeper but never faster. He wanted to relish this moment, to feel that his lover was alive. Also, it drove John absolutely mad going at this slower pace.

"Damn it," John managed to curse between his breathless pants and gasps. "Move faster!"

There was a cheeky grin on Kaidan's face and John knew that he was in for one hell of a night.

"No," was the simple reply. The thrusts didn't change pace but they deepened until finally Kaidan's shaft hit his prostate head on, all pun intended.

John gave a wordless shout and blunt fingernails dug sharply into his neck, making Kaidan wince at the sting. It was worth it though and Kaidan laid his full length of his body against John, knowing that his lover could take it without any problems.

"Love you…" John gasped out amidst his litany of moans. The way he said it made Kaidan's heart ache, as if he doubted that Kaidan would ever be his, as if this was just a dream and John was dead or dying in space.

"I know," Kaidan replied and he sucked on an area right below his ear, knowing it to be an erogenous zone.

John's breath hitched when Kaidan chose that moment to go faster, not having the patience to drag it out like he planned too. The only thing John could do now was just hang on for the ride and he wrapped his arms around Kaidan's muscular form, reveling in the strength of his hard thrusts. Before he knew it, he was sobbing out Kaidan's name, crying out in orgasm.

His cries were echoed by Kaidan's own, when John clamped around him so tightly. Kaidan bit further down his lover's throat, where it could easily be covered. The biotic soldier gave a few more thrusts, weak in intensity, until finally Kaidan spilled deep inside his lover, deepening the connection between them. The biotic barrier flared violently around them until finally it burst apart, just like their souls, before coming back together into a solid layer that covered their bodies.

Kaidan became boneless against John, who marveled at the intensity of their coupling. Damn, maybe he should bottom more often. He laughed then, or tried to. It only came out as a low sound of something that prompted Kaidan to stop laying airy kisses on his neck. Kaidan really loved laving attention in that area…


John's eyes turned to their hazel counterparts and John knew that he would never get tired of gazing into them, even during an argument. Love shone from the deep brown orbs and John gifted his lover with a happy smile.

"I love you," John said.

Kaidan gifted him with a big smile of his own and it appeared as if Kaidan knew he was forgiven for the harsh words. His lover shifted to the side and curled around him protectively.

"I know, John," was all Kaidan said. "I know."