Far Away: Revenge

Kaidan let out a low guttural moan and, hearing how loud it was, tried to stifle his cries by biting the pillow he currently clutched unto, as if it was the only thing that anchored him to reality.

"No," John whispered tenderly to him and the sentinel groaned when his lover kissed him at the base of his neck, where his implant was located. "Let me hear you, please."

"...nnhh...but...EDI..." Kaidan's protests were weak underneath the onslaught of John's kisses. He swore the other man was smiling smugly at him, the lips moving rasply against his skin. Another shiver as something wet brushed over that area and Kaidan couldn't hold in his high-pitched moan, like a woman caught in her throes of passion.

"EDI has cut off all audio and video connections. It's just us two. You and me." John's voice was devastatingly gentle, so at odds with the forceful personality of the Commander that Kaidan knows.

"I...ahhh...John..." Kaidan was still unsure about being vocal in bed, especially with an AI possibly watching and recording all of this. However, he was through with not trusting John and the last vestige of control waned, earning a satisfied sigh from his lover.

John, pleased at how relaxed Kaidan became, made sure to let Kaidan know of his appreciation by trailing open-mouthed kisses along his spine. Large, calloused hands brushed and stroked the man's body, the thick fingers often pinching a nipple or two and earning a low groan from the man squirming beneath him.

Ever since his resurrection, his senses were more attuned with the surroundings and John emitted a low growl at the deep rumble felt within his lover's chest and then an uncontrolled tremble because of a light caress against his dripping erection. His lover's smell reminded him of the thunderstorms that would rage night and day back on Earth, the distinct scent of ozone drifting into his olfactory senses.

As he traveled further down the muscled back, the smell became muskier and more masculine. It seemed most concentrated at the swell of his ass and John smirked at the memory of their first night together, before Ilos. Back then, he made sure to worship every inch of Kaidan's body and told him how he loved his ass. Now wasn't much different except they were perhaps freer in their indulgences as the threat of fraternization no longer held sway above the pair.

Without further ado, John coaxed Kaidan to lift his hips and the beginning of a question was lost on John's ears as his thumbs spread Kaidan's cheeks apart, to reveal the puckered entrance. It was clean, seeing as how they showered right before stumbling unto the bed, and his own erection pulsed at the sounds Kaidan was going to be making soon.

He teased Kaidan by lightly licking right above and around the entrance. The other man let out a surprise cry of 'John!' before biting the pillow again. His tongue trailed down the path, along the sensitive perineum until it licked the smooth globes that hung between Kaidan's legs before traveling up again but never touching the one place John ached to enter.

Soon, all that could be heard in the Captain's Cabin were desperate whimpers and the soft rustling of the bedsheets being moved around. Kaidan's legs were quivering in response to the Commander's attention and the Major moved back, trying to get the man to touch him there.

John wanted to prolong the teasing but seeing and feeling Kaidan's biotic field changed his mind. Not wanting to be outdone with biotcs, the Commander focused on his own biotics and he almost came himself at a sudden passionate yelp. Ah yes, he forgot how well attuned their biotics were with each other and bringing each other off with the use of their powers occurred quite frequently in their coupling.

Kaidan thrashed around wildly at the tingling sensation near his aperture and his hands gripped the bed tightly when he was suddenly penetrated without warning. His mind was on fire when John's tongue slithered inside him as well as licking over him. His face grew beet red at the feeling of saliva dripping down to his member even and he released numerous cries and pleas for John to stop teasing him and finally enter him properly.

"Soon, love," John whispered to him and Kaidan moaned in frustration, tears forming in his eyes as the Commander brought him to the apex of climax only to have his climax be held back by the sharp clenching at the base of his member.

"...p-please!..." Kaidan begged and his own hand moved down to grip at the metal ring that clasped tightly around his erection. He almost undid the latch when all of a sudden his hand couldn't move. Ah fuck. Kaidan knew that he should never have taught the Commander the mechanics of a stasis field.

"Not yet," came the furiating response and Kaidan became desperate in trying to find release.

John was quite pleased with himself when he saw Kaidan attempting to be sneaky and take off the ring. However, this night was supposed to be for Kaidan. Quietly lamenting on being denied the opportunity to delay their steamy session, John sighed and gave a last, open-mouthed kiss against his lover's entrance before withdrawing completely from his lover.

Kaidan's head languidly turned over his shoulder but the dark-haired sentinel didn't have to wait long until John appeared behind him again. Kaidan felt hands grip him tightly around the hipbones and he braced himself for the initial agony of being penetrated. He gasped in pain upon the first few seconds when John's member pushed itself slowly into him and held his breath until John completely bottomed out. It was only thanks to their usual coupling and experimenting with a variety of toys in John's absence that Kaidan got used to the fullness quickly and he nodded his head, to signal John that he could move.

The Commander did and at the first thrust, Kaidan let out a hoarse shout. John was accurate in everything, from the battlefield to this, and pretty soon, all the sentinel could do now was moan and whimper in pleasure.

They settled into a comfortable rhythm of give and take, thrust and push, until Kaidan's climax threatened to overwhelm the both of them. Gentle digits played with his erection, the light caresses so at odds with John's hard thrusts, and the ring became painfully tight now, his member filling up but denied its release.

Tender kisses rained down on one side of his neck and Kaidan begged for release, not caring anymore if he sounded like a paid whore. His pleas, this time, did not go on deaf ears and whiteness blanketed his vision once the ring was unlatched. His screams of 'John!' were echoed by hoarse shouts of his own name and Kaidan finally felt himself tumble over into the welcoming abyss of orgasm.

The dark-haired biotic had no idea how long he laid there, boneless and pliant on the queen-size bed. One thing he did know with absolute certainty was that John was heavy for a human and he let out a grunt of discomfort. It wasn't romantic by any means but it got his point through as John slowly rolled off to the side, until they were facing each other.

John appeared smug if somewhat tired from their exertions and if Kaidan weren't so tired, he most definitely would have crawled atop the Commander and return the favor. Now, though, he was just content in gazing at John's face, loving the way the biotics just bring out the intense shade of azure in the Commander's eyes. His hand trailed along the high cheekbone and the strong jawline. God, how many times did he get a chance to do this, to just lay there with John and find comfort in his presence? Not enough times it seemed if Kaidan was still awed by this moment of just being together, with no Reapers, no otherworldy issues pressing down on their shoulders, on John's shoulders.

"...Kaidan..." John hummed out his name and he inched closer for another kiss, this one softer and unhurried.

"Ssshh," Kaidan replied, "I know, John. I know."

Pleased to hear that, John kissed him again before wrapping his arms around the slightly larger frame and snuggling against his warm body. He tucked his head underneath Kaidan's neck and Kaidan watched at how easily John relaxed into a much needed rest. Not wanting to disturb John's slumber, Kaidan willed the blankets to cover them and the pair dreamt of each other, in another world, free of the Reapers.


The next morning came too quickly for the biotics and it was EDI's insistent calls for John that woke them up.

"Shepard, we have an urgent message coming through. You are needed in the War room." Her distinct metallic voice tinged with what Kaidan thought it would be amusement rang out in the otherwise silent cabin.

A hushed curse of Ais having bad timing brought a smile to Kaidan's face but duty called and the biotic sentinel gently shook the slumbering form of John.

The Commander mumbled again but he eventually did get up, with Kaidan aiding him in dressing in his clothes. It didn't help when John would plant kisses on Kaidan's cheeks and groping his ass as well. Once John was fully dressed, Kaidan literally pushed him out the door but not without bestowing a kiss and a promise that he'll see him later.

The way Kaidan looked at him, with smouldering brown eyes and a wicked grin on his face that promised retribution for last night's session still lingered on John's mind as he went to the War Room. The image of someone he knew very well and wanted to forget as well immediately put a halt to any fantasies of Kaidan in various positions.

"Finch," Shepard growled at the hologram of his former gangmate.

Finch, for his part, did not look particular happy to see him either. The thirty-six year old man glared back at him, his arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed. Shepard couldn't tell where Finch was for the hologram only showed the person. However, he did notice the shape Finch was in. Tattered clothes and black marks decorated his torn rags. An assault weapon was strapped to his right shoulder, along with a rather strange looking pistol that hung at his right side. The steam coming off the weapons suggested recent use and Shepard safely assumed that wherever Finch was, it was in an area of hostility. Whether the hostiles were the Reaper themselves or other gangs fighting to keep their territory and supplies remain to be seen.

"Believe me, Shepard," Finch said gruffly, "the feeling is mutual. But this is too important to pass up."

"I'm waiting."

"You remember Remy? The First Man's third in command when you were there?"

All Finch received as a response was a terse nod and the other man continued his message, one which worried the Commander immensely.

"He plans on kidnapping your fuck toy."

"He's not my fuck toy as you so crudely put it. And why are you telling me this? I thought I told you to never cross paths with me again, especially after that favor on the Citadel."

"That is precisely why I'm telling you. Details will be told at a more secure location. Come and see me at this nav point if you don't want to risk losing him."

Before Shepard could grill him with more questions, the connection was cut, leaving the Commander to his thoughts.

"EDI, find the navpoint and trace that call."

"Yes, Shepard," EDI spoke over the comm. While EDI traced the call and updated the Commander's omni-tool, John paced the comm room, his thoughts in disarray initially before being organized.

The name 'Remy' brought very bad memories to the Commander. He remembered that sadistic bastard all too well and he was the reason why his biotics were activated in the first place.

The event occurred more than a decade ago but the memory remained as fresh as ever. The 10th Street Reds were holding their territory against the encrouching Black Suns, a new gang that had risen to power through the means of kidnapping and murdering of important officials in all sectors. The First Man, having recently been 'promoted' to his new commanding position, ordered Shepard and his ten-man team to stop their opponents from stealing their supplies. It would have been a successful mission if Remy hadn't gotten greedy and careless. The scoundrel had stolen more than he could carry and he involved innocent bystanders. To prevent them from informing Alliance scouts nearby, he killed all of them, even the children. However, he tortured the parents first and it was the screams, the sight of broken bodies, that set Shepard off. He almost killed Remy himself but had enough self-control to knock him out and save the others.

To hear that Remy was still alive and even planning on doing something remotely stupid like kidnapping his loved one made Shepard almost want to laugh. It didn't. The idea of Remy putting his greasy paws on Kaidan pissed him off but Shepard needed to think. Remy was a smart scoundrel, always working at an angle.

"Commander, the nav point is in an abandoned Cerberus facility in the Horsehead Nebula."

"Cerberus? Great. For all I know, Finch could be working for them and just luring us there."

"I also traced the call as well. It apparently wasn't a QEC, however, thus the quickness in my tracing. The call originated from Omega."

"Omega? What the hell is he doing there? Omega's been captured by Cerberus."

"Precisely. I recommend caution when going there," EDI advised and Commander Shepard agreed with her.

"Got it, EDI. Meet me at the shuttle. I want you on this."

"Yes, Commander."

Commander Shepard headed out of the War room and down to the shuttle, only to bump into the one person he truly wanted to stay behind.

"Shepard," came that unmistakable gravely voice, smooth as that whiskey they drank not long ago. Kaidan was attired in his blue armor with white stripes lining down the sides of his body. The design made him look slender, almost feminine in frame. Yet, it was deceptive and John initimately knew the power that thrummed dangerously underneath its neoprene platings.

"I don't suppose there's no way I can convince you to stay on the Normandy?" John had to ask, despite knowing the answer to that question.

Kaidan chuckled and shook his head in answer. "Nope. You're stuck with me."

"Wouldn't want it any other way, Major," John smiled back at his fellow Spectre. Besides, at least this way, Kaidan would be with him and EDI. Nothing can deceive an AI.


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