Title: I Can Be Your Hero: Draco and Harry

Author: Snitch Me

Rating: M+

Pairings: DOMINANT/SUBMISSIVE Draco/Harry, Blaise/Neville, Theo/Hermione, Ron/Pansy, Dean/Seamus, Fred/George

Warnings: Course Language, Heavy relationship abuse, Child abuse, anal, M/M, M/F, Rimming, Oral Sex, Sexual in situations (uncomfortable settings included), Drug use, incest, rape (underage and sex with a minor), heavy use of alcohol, character death(s), Slightly insane babble, Eating Disorders and Cutting. You have been warned. Complete AU Magical

Disclaimers: I don't own these characters, the Series they belong to or the names 'Hogwarts', 'Hogs Head' or 'The Three Broomsticks'. I do, however, take full credit for this story.

Summary: Slytherins and Gryffindors are finally becoming friends, much to the chargin of one Severus Snape and one Minerva McGonagall, but to the delight of Albus Dumbledore and the rest of the staff. But do they really know all the details? And do they know the situations that are forcing this to happen?


This story is dedicated to HaileyMarieWeary just because she's awesome like that ^_^ She has boosted my confidence in my writing and I'm happy to give her more to read. Here's a little bit of a sneak peak at what's to come, Hailey!

Prologue: Just a bit of info before the story starts.

Draco comes across Harry in the Astronomy tower one night on his Prefect rounds. He's shocked to see the raven holding a scapel to his wrist, with a series of deep cuts marking his forearm. Harry pleads with the blonde not to tell anyone, and Draco agrees only if Harry tells him what's wrong. He never expects to hear that Harry's Uncle and Cousin rape him on a daily basis every summer.

Blaise walks into Neville in Hogsmeade, and notices the Gryffindor looks like an Inferi. In his haste, he doesn't pay close enough attention and shrugs off his personal concerns. Later that day back at Hogwarts, the Slytherin walks into the second floor boys bathroom to find Neville puking. Like Harry and Draco, they reach an agreement, and Blaise finds out Neville is suffering from Anorexia, the eating disorder, and that not only does he look like living death, that's practically what he is!

Hermione, out of concern for her best friends who have been acting strange lately, goes to the library to research. Theo finds her there crying over a book and, despite being a Slytherin, he admits to having a crush on the muggleborn and coaxes the girl into telling him whats wrong. He decides to help, and the pair set to work. Pretty soon, their friendship flares into something else and they don't know how to handle it.

Ron literally runs into a pair of Ravenclaw boys beating Pansy up out of spite, and jumps in. Not only is he a Gryffindor and leader of the school, he's Harry Potter's best mate. They leave the duo alone, shaking and slightly bloodied. It starts a tentative relationship between the two, but Pansy's insistant nobody can know, so Ron agrees.

Dean and Seamus aren't out in the open yet with their relationship, but the tension from their house is breaking their resolve. They don't think anyone's watching one night when they get ready to leave through the entrance to the common room for a night at the RoR, only to find Harry and Draco standing outside, the blonde pleading with a stubborn Saviour. As their passing, Draco does something a little too shocking and the pair gape as Harry responds.

Fred and George are happy running their shop when they're called back to Hogwarts to take over the Defense position. They happily share it. And everything else. So when their little brothers start acting odd, the twins get suspicious and go to Dumbledore. Only, the Headmaster denies everything (because he doesn't believe it; he sees everything's normal and believes THAT), and they decide to watch the two and Hermione closely. They don't find anything till the last minute, when Harry's rushed to St Mungos for an Emergency Magical Surgery with Draco at his side.


A/N: Here's a little extra spice!

Remus and Sirius have moved to Hogsmeade and are happy planning a wedding for their adopted son's seventh year. Only, Harry doesn't know. When they're called to St Mungos, Sirius faints because of the stress he's been under, and they find out their pregnant. It only gets worse when Death Eaters attack and manage to kidnap Harry from his heavily guarded ward room, and the Minister for Magic doesn't express any interest in getting Harry back.

Update will be sometime soon :D

Hope you like this, Hailey.

Snitch Me