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Chapter Three: Heartbeat II

Draco woke first, and smiled down at the head of black hair that rested on his chest. He worked to extract himself from the iron grip Harry had on him, smiling as the other boy mewled softly in his sleep and curled around a pillow to preserve the warmth Draco's body had given off.

He bent to pick up his pants and shirt, dressing quietly so he wouldn't wake up the other boy. When he was done, he bent over to press his lips to the satin-like cheek and smiled, brushing back the fringe that covered Harry's scar. So precious, he thought, backing away to leave the room.

He closed the door gently, and went out to the kitchenette, noticing that Severus wasn't up yet. He shook his head and snorted softly, moving to the pantry where he pulled out some eggs and a few potatoes, glad that the pantry was doused heavily in preserving charms.

"Mippy!" he called softly, the elf appearing seconds later. "Can you get me a pan, please?"

"Oh yes Master Draco sir!" the thing squeaked. It obediently magicked a pan out of thin air and handed it to the blonde, bowed and the popped away. Draco began making the breakfast.

He was almost done with the sausages when the door to his and Harry's room opened and a dishevelled brunette stumbled out, tears falling down his cheeks. Draco looked over his shoulder and frowned, leaving the pan to collect the smaller male in his arms.

"What's wrong?" he gently nuzzled his face into the brunette's hair, keeping Harry close as possible.

"Nightmare." The young raven whispered, hugging him. Draco nodded, guiding Harry over to the table and pulling out a chair for him to sit down in. He returned to the stove, flipped the sausages and then made up three plates. One landed in front of Harry, the other was right next to him, and the third was across from Draco.

The blonde sat down and smiled at the raven just as Sev's door opened up and the impecibly dressed Potions Master walked out.

"Morning, Sev." Draco greeted, nudging Harry to speak.

"Morning, Professor." He mumbled softly.

"Good morning, boys."

Breakfast was a quiet affair, the three men sitting at the table and occasionally asking for the jam, butter, salt or pepper. When it was over, Draco stood up and held out his hand for the other boy, who shyly took it before he also stood up.

"See you later, Uncle Sev!" Draco called out as they headed back to the bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, the two were fully dressed and heading out to the lake.

They didn't expect to run into Weasley or Granger on the way there.

"Hey, Malfoy, Potter!" Weasley yelled. Draco turned, shielding the still-fragile Harry, to sneer at the red-head.

"What, Weasel-bee? Granger not enough for you now?"

"Shut up, Malfoy!" the red-head growled, his face rapidly becoming as red as his hair. Behind him, Harry squeaked.

"Oh, the best you can come up?"

"Malfoy, I'm warning you-"


"Yes, 'Mione dear?"

"Leave them alone and come study." Granger snapped, grabbing his arm and shoving him towards the castle. Grumbling, the red-head shot the blonde and his brunette a sneer before leaving. Granger gave a strained smile.

"Malfoy, Thanks." She peered around to look at Harry, or rather tried. Draco mirrored her movements, keeping her from laying gaze to Harry's form.

"I'll see you later, Harry." She said softly, shooting Draco a look before disappearing after her boyfriend.

The two sat down, forgetting everything to with Granger and Weasley. Draco had to admit he liked having Harry in his arms, back against his chest and curled up like a kitten. Since finding the brunette, Draco had seemingly become the boy's anchor, the one he trusted above all others.

Draco saw the pain and the insecurities written on Harry's face, and while he was jumping for joy on the inside for finally uprooting the Mudblood and the Blood-traitor, he was wishing it could have been under different circumstances.

Like their first year, when he originally offered his hand and friendship.

He sighed, after awhile, and looked down to see Harry's hand clutching a handful of his shirt tightly while wide green orbs looked up at him. He smiled, and without thinking, bent to gently press careful, cold lips against the warmth that was Harry James Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding World.



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Snitch Me

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1996, Summer Before Sixth Year (Draco's POV)

A blonde head rose from underneath a tower of pillows at the screeching giggles and manically active cheers from the down the hall. How he hated those noises! Two years before, when the Dark Lord returned, Draco Malfoy had watched his school Rival Harry Potter crumble.

Fifth year, he'd done nothing but taunt and tease the other boy, and now with his Demon inheritance coming through, it was getting harder and harder to think of Potter the way he also had. He just couldn't.

Sometime tugged him towards the other boy, and he was sure that his father wouldn't be pleased. After all, weren't Demons 'Dark' creatures? Unless Potter himself was a Dark creature.

He shrugged it off and frowned, gracefully rising from the bed. He needed to find his mate, soon. Merlin only knows if it would help save him. He didn't want to be branded as a Servant to a Monster.

A loud series of knocks on his door shook him from his thoughts and he hastily threw on a pure-white suit, specially tailored for when his wings would appear, before opening his door to greet his mother and father.

His mother was beautiful as always, with a gentle smile on her lips. His father was gorgeous, as always, but his face was grim. Like it always was lately.

"Mother, Father." He greeted softly, stepping out of the room and closing his door with a quiet 'snap'. Both elder blonds smiled, his father's smile tight and terse.

"Come, Draco. You will take the Mark today instead of after your seventeenth birthday." Lucius informed him. Draco's silver eyes flickered to his mother's face, and for once, saw the sorrow and the pain reflected there and on his father's face. Two halves a whole, with their son as the product being forced into this dismal situation.

There was nothing they could do, except hope Draco made it out alive.


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