Razor Sand and a golden friendship

I was standing outside the gate with Snowflake hoping that the shadow would let us in when I suddenly felt extremely dizzy. I fell to the ground with a hard thud and passed out. The next thing I knew I woke up in some dark place, the air was humid and sticky. I didn't know where I was or how I could be standing upright without any help. Even the pain in my leg seemed to almost be gone. Amidst all my confused thoughts I heard a familiar voice call out to me.

"Cynder, I am resting in peace here with Ignitus, but I will always love you and always be with you. Be strong Cynder and maybe one day we will meet each other again. Bye for now."

I woke up sweating and breathing hard. Someone was standing by me.

"Cy…r b…" Someone said to me with some desperation, but it was just a blur.

"Huh? Where am I, Spyro, is that you?" I answered, rolling onto my side. I opened my eyes and shot upwards from a bed. I fell to the hard wooden floor.

"Oh, I'm so sorry for scaring you like that, Cynder! I really didn't mean to do it, but you see its breakfast and I thought you were hungry," Snowflake quickly explained.

"Huh? Oh, you didn't scare me at all," I answered laying on the floor.

"Well, okay, then let me help you up and see what you want for breakfast." Snowflake helped me up from my awkward position on the ground.

"I have some dried meet and I think I have some fruits...I am not sure let me check." Snowflake walked around the room opening some drawers and peering into them.

"Well I take whatever that is on the menu I am starving!" I grinned leaning against the bed, my stomach growling as if agreeing with me. Snowflake slammed the drawer shut and glanced around the room.

"Oh, wait," She said looking at me, her white cheeks burning red as she blushed, "I ate it all myself when you fell asleep." Snowflake bit into her claw and looked around the room.

"Just wait here and I will get us something to eat, anything special that you like?" She asked picking up a coarse, brown, leather bag.

"Food just get something that is eatable and I am happy!" I smirked.

"Okay just…" The dragoness paused and stared at me, "Cynder, you are standing without any help! Are you sure you shouldn't lay in the bed and let me heal your wound?" Snowflakes voice was laced with concern.

"Actually, right now I don't feel any pain in my leg and I would love to see your town," I eagerly told her.

"Are you sure you can walk as far as that?" She questioned, her eyes scanning me.

"Yup, and I think you will know if it hurts," I chuckled as I gazed down at my leg, knowing full well I would make a lot of drama if it suddenly did pain me. When we walked outside her house my mouth hung ajar as I stared at the millions of building, fountains, parks, trees, roads.

"Wow." That was all I managed to whisper I was so awe struck, this was a town almost as big as Warfang.

"Welcome to Razor Sand. Let's go to the market district now," Snowflake said, motioning left toward another part of the city.

"Sure!" I excited turned around and headed in that direction. Suddenly a thought struck me, this dragoness was my only friend I had. I glanced at her, surely there was something I could do to show how much her friendship meant to me.

"Snowflake, I want you to have this," I commented as I unlocked the metal bracelet from around my foreleg and handed it to her.

"But, Cynder, why...why should I have this bracelet its one of your…" She tried to continue but I interrupted her.

"Shh, take it, it is a sign of our friendship." I pressed it into her paws, and smiled sweetly.

"I—I don't know what to say!" I saw the tears starting to flow out of her eyes.

"Oh, no! Don't cry, please, don't cry!" I gasped, wondering what on earth I had just done wrong. I quickly looked around for something to change the subject.

"Can we go to the market now, um, before something else happens, friend?" I said as I patted her encouragingly on the back.

"Okay," Snowflake sniffed, "I mean sure!" She rubbed her eyes and smiled. I returned the expression and walked toward the market, my stomach demanding that I hurry up.