Prologue: She must be mine, and mine alone

Drakath watched from his hideout two heroes fight in Darkovian forest. One was a male, a mage in fire elementalist armor with flaming staff. Drakath couldn't have cared less about the male. No, his attention was set on the heroine. The female warrior with the gray and silver elementalist robe and the blue crystal sword in hand. Her robe that showed every delicate curve in her body and the slits showing off her long feminine legs. Her long reddish brown hair hidden under her purple hood. Her purple white tasseled cape flapped as the heroine spun with grace and skill. Her sword flashed brilliant blue as she hacked and sliced down the monsters in the forest. Drakath moaned softly. She would make an excellent Lord of Chaos, or better yet, his queen. The champion of Chaos grinned with determination. He would make the young heroine his, and his alone.

A/N: Hiyas! This was the AQ worlds fanfic I was saying I would post, Hee hee ^-^

Now, I will have two heroes in this story and this may turn out to be an AdventurerxDrakath, It MAY turn out like that. I make Drakath sound like a creeper in this first part XD Oh well. He does watch you in the game, so I thought it would make sense. You are introduced to the heroes in the next chapter, see you then!