Chapter Two: Safiria

As Lyra and Lance walked though the Darkovia forest, they destroyed any monster that decided attacked them. Dire wolves were the ones that attacked them the most, and neither noticed then, they were attempting to attack Lance. Soon the forest opened to reveal a huge black castle by a lake of red bubbling liquid. A vampire in a high class, Victorian style suit with a red tie, buttons and lining on the inside of the collar.

"Ah! It'z ze heroes who zaved ze vempire family from oblivion!" Lance glanced at Lyra.

"Hello, Brysin." Lyra politely said.

"Are you here to see zhe Queen?"

"Oui."(1) Lance was startled when Lyra spoke French. He knew she was of French descent, but he didn't know she knew how to speak the language. Brysin looked impressed. He gestured up to the Gothic black stone castle that lay before them.

"Zhe Queen awaitz." Brysin spoke, nodding. Lyra and Lance nodded, knowing it was a invite to the Queen of the Vampires. Stealing a glance at both Brysin and Lance, Lyra and her companion walked into the depths of the castle, no sure if more vampires and their Queen awaited inside.

The castle entrance was just as Lyra remembered. A pair of ruby painted doors, passed the doors and up one of the staircases. Lyra knocked loudly on the door and a smooth voice called from within.

"Enter!" Lyra nodded at Lance. Together, they pushed open the large doors. Standing by the Victorian chair was Safiria, The Queen of the Vampires. She still looked as Lyra remembered. Her black hair was swept to one side with thin braids within the mass. Her eyes were the same golden amber, and her dress was the same rich ruby red in heavy layers.

"I see that you two heroes have returned." Safiria stated as Lance and Lyra bowed.

"Yes we have, Queen Safiria." Lance nodded.

"Your Majesty, We have come on a matter of great importance." Lyra said and Safiria nodded.

"Wolfwing has returned."

"WHAT?" She screeched. Both of the heroes flinched at the sudden volume of her voice. She started to glow blood red, threating her vampire side to appear.

"How is this true?" Safiria demanded. Lance and Lyra glanced at each other, silently telling one other to explain. Since Lyra was better at dirty looks, Lance timidly explained.

"After Shadowslayer Z shot Wolfwing with the silver arrow, the Mystic Wolf Moon must have appeared again and revived Wolfwing's ashes."(2)

"Or Drakath brought him back." Lyra mused. Safiria calmed and watched the two heroes.

"Safiria, if you wish to lose Darkovia to Wolfwing, again, then the vampires need to join us." Safiria nodded once.

"The Werewolf King and I are willing to make peace once again, until Wolfwing is defeated."

"Thank you Safiria." The two heroes nodded. Then they left, bowing to the queen.

Wolfwing's purple bat-like wings sliced though the air as he searched for his targets. Soon, he was flying over the gate that separated the Wolflands from Vampire territory. He spotted the man and woman entering the Wolflands. Wolfwing grinned as he spotted the purple hood the woman was wearing. This was going to be easy.

(1): Yes in french, I couldn't resist. I thought it would be neat to put that in there

(2):SPOILER! That is how Wolfwing dies in the Darkovia. I know because I finished it.

A/N: This is update! Sorry for the spoiler, but this is AFTER Darkovia. Next is the Werewolf and a surprise =O MWHAHAHAHAH! Hopefully see you then!