Chapter four: Drakath's request

Lyra struggled to get herself free from Wolfwing's claws, but her efforts didn't do much of anything but annoy him. Lyra growled and looked up at the Werepire.

"What the hell do you want with me anyway?!" She called over the wind and Wolfwing looked down at her.

"I'm not the one that will deal with you girl." Lyra snarled at the Wereirpe and was quiet for a little bit. Lyra's hood had been thrown off her head and she didn't bother to try and put it back on her head. Soon, the two left Darkovia. Lyra noticed this and looked up at her capturer again.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked and Wolfwing didn't answer. There was a flash of lighting and a royal purple portal appeared and the two went though. A powerful wind ripped though Lyra's hair and she shielded her face. When the wind stopped, Lyra opened her eyes to see she was in a different realm.

"What the hell?" She wondered, looking around in confusion. Purple tinted chucks of stone levitated in random directions all over and on the largest chuck of land was a gate with two of the runes along the edge glowing purple.

"The chaos gate." Lyra breathed, her heart sinking in fear. What made her heart sink even lower was the figure leaning against the gate with bat wings folded on his back. Wolfwing landed on the rock and bowed.

"Lord Drakath." Lyra swallowed as Drakath looked at her.

"Good Wolfwing, you have brought me what I wanted. Since I am a man of my word, I'll grant your wish." His palm was engulfed by purple flames and he sent the fires at Wolfwing. His fur was licked by the fire and Lyra backed away as Wolfwing screamed in agony. Then the fire subsided and standing in Wolfwing's place, stood a new monster. It was Wolfwing, but plates of purple and silver were on his back and he was even bigger then he was before.

"Patrol around Darkovia and the area around the portal for that hero, if he tries anything to interfere, kill him." Lyra sharply inhaled and Wolfwing nodded then took off back to the portal. Drakath watched him go and turned to Lyra.

"Well hero, I don't think that there is any point in introductions." Lyra looked at Drakath with an angry glare.

"What do you want from me, Drakath?"

Drakath stepped into the light and the shadow clouding his face disappeared, revealing his face and dark green eyes. Lyra felt unnerved by his eyes. They remained her of Lance's eyes, the only difference was Drakath's eyes were harder and cold.

"Well, I thought that you would make an excellent Queen of Chaos." He said casually and Lyra scowled.

"I would rather die then help you destroy Lore. I would never be your queen." Lyra reached for her sword, when she didn't feel anything there, she gritted her teeth. She must've dropped it when Wolfwing grabbed her. Drakath chuckled and Lyra growled.

"Seems that you're missing your sword, huh Lyra?" Lyra took off her backpack and drew a green and gold scythe.

"Just because, I'm missing one weapon, doesn't mean that I don't have others, Drakath." She took a swing at the Chaos Champion and Drakath opened his wings and took to the air. Lyra watched him with dark eyes. Drakath landed on a rock high above Lyra's head. Drakath crossed his arms.

"Give it up noble hero, you don't stand a chance against me." Lyra gritted her teeth as Drakath dropped down.

"I'll make you a bargain, mhh? You become my Queen and help me conquer Lore, or your friend dies." Lyra gasped.

"You wouldn't...!"

"Try me." He smirked. Drakath turned from the young woman.

"Well Lyra, make your choice." Lyra looked down at her scythe. She had sworn to the side of Good, how could she betray her oath? And what about Lance?

'He'll be crushed.' Lyra thought as she looked at the Chaos Champion.

"I'll do it."

"And what is that hero?" Drakath ask with his back still turned. Lyra inhaled.

"I will become your queen, just as long as you don't harm Lance." Drakath smirked, though the heroine didn't see it because of the shadow over his face.

"Of course, my dear Lyra. Of course." He grinned. Lyra tossed aside her pack and scythe and knelt. Drakath's hand glowed purple as he allowed the powers of Chaos overtake her. Drakath smiled as the light subsided. Lyra was still standing there, only she was different. Her skin was paler and her hair was darker. Her silver and gray robe had changed to a longer dark purple robe with silver runes on the shoulders. A purple and silver hood covered most of her face. Drakath smiled.

"Lyra, you are now my Queen of Chaos." A smile curved her lips.

"That I am, Drakath."

Me: OH NOES! Lyra got corrupted by Chaos! D: Yes, I seriously just did that. ^-^ Will Lance get passed this stronger Wolfwing and save Lyra from her from the Chaocorruption? Find out next chapter! TTFN!